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Technical - Theses, dissertations, documentation. Free e-library

    Theses, dissertations, documentation. Free e-library - Technical.

  1. «Article citation info: Turekhanova, A., Aitzhanova, G., Sultanova, L. Analysis of lexical antonyms in the German and Russian railway language and ...»
  2. «Vacancy notice for the post of: Security Officer Reference: 12/EJ/13 Temporary agent –AST 3 M/F Applicants are invited to apply for the post of ...»
  3. «Authors: Philippe Terrier1,2§, Olivier Dériaz1,2 Author contributions: P.T. designed and performed the experiment, analyzed the data and wrote the ...»
  4. «ABSTRACT The Basel framework allows banks to assess their credit risk by using their own estimates of Loss Given Default (LGD). However, for a Low ...»
  5. «Abstract Many industrial firms are implementing fundamental changes in their organizations to increase the efficiency of their product development ...»
  6. «Concurrent Mission and Systems Design at NASA Glenn Research Center: The Origins of the COMPASS Team Melissa L. McGuire, Steven R. Oleson, and ...»
  7. «Bachelor of Information Technology, Honours Faculty of Information Technology Queensland University of Technolgy November 2002 Abstract Genetic ...»
  8. «We bring good things to life. EQUIPMENT APPROVAL INFORMATION Your telephone equipment is approved for connection to the Public Switched Telephone ...»
  9. «RESUMEN DEL PROYECTO Introducción Si se centra el uso de automatización industrial en el sector logístico y en concreto en los centros de ...»
  10. «Paul A Whitelaw, Paul Barron, Jeremy Buultjens, Grant Cairncross, Michael Davidson TRAINING NEEDS OF THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY Disclaimer The ...»
  11. «Managing Development of Very Large Systems: Implications for Integrated Environment Architecture Peter H. Feiler Roger Smeaton May 1988 Technical ...»
  12. «Software Quality Measurement: A Framework for Counting Problems and Defects William A. Florac with the Quality Subgroup of the Software Metrics ...»
  13. «Abstract Real-time applications usually are executed on top of a Real-time Operating System (RTOS). Specific scheduling algorithms can be designed. ...»
  14. «A Critical Evaluation of the Effects of Safe Injection Facilities Garth Davies, Simon Fraser University Abstract: Research has overwhelmingly ...»
  15. «Trusts – Australian ACN 076 316 473 AFSL 229722 Active Equity Fund Investment report October 2015 Australian equities Performance review Portfolio ...»
  16. «As early as 1984, inleakage measurements were undertaken for control rooms and other structures associated with the chemical process industry. The ...»
  17. «Multiversion concurrency control for the generalized search tree Walter Binder1, ∗, † , Adina Mosincat1 , Samuel Spycher2 , Ion Constantinescu3 ...»
  18. «Abstract. The concept of awareness has come to play a central role in CSCW research. The coordinative practices of displaying and monitoring have ...»
  19. «„They took personal data and some pictures, yet they found nothing for us” – misunderstanding and suspicion in a marginal Roma neighborhood ...»
  20. «Title of Dissertation: CHARMERS, COMEDIANS & CONQUERORS: OPERATIC REPERTOIRE FOR TENOR Patrick Michael Cook Doctor of Musical Arts, 2013 Dissertation ...»
  21. «Higher National Unit Specification General information for centres Unit title: Beauty Therapy: Make up for Special Occasions Unit code: DN6P 34 Unit ...»
  22. «Higher National Unit Specification General information for centres Unit title: Make-up Artistry: Applied Hairdressing 1 Unit code: DP2Y 34 Unit ...»
  23. «Combining Deduction and Model Checking into Tableaux and Algorithms for Converse-PDL 1 Giuseppe De Giacomo and Fabio Massacci 2 Dip. di Informatica e ...»
  25. «Abstract We present a novel pipeline for the construction of biomechanical simulations by combining generic anatomical knowledge with specific data. ...»
  26. «vorgelegt von Diplom-Chemiker Patrick Kast aus Füssen Von der Fakultät II – Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften der Technischen Universität ...»
  27. «Vom Fachbereich Informatik der Technischen Universität Darmstadt genehmigte Dissertation zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades der ...»
  28. «NATIONAL 5 DRAMA EXAMINATION STUDY GUIDE Question Areas Characterisation – practical drama techniques you used to create characters, including ...»
  29. «v1.0 CPD on CD Our CPD Webinar/DVDs are also available as CPD on CDs for those who prefer to simply listen. Never Beaten on Price ► Best value ...»
  30. «Nathasith Chiarawatchai Implementation of earthwormassisted constructed wetlands to treat wastewater and possibility of using alternative plants in ...»
  31. «A precise characterization is given for the class of security policies enforceable with mechanisms that work by monitoring system execution, and ...»
  32. «PROCEEDINGS A Letter to the Participants Pronunciation of a foreign or second language is a controversial issue. Many claim that without proper ...»
  33. «Abstract Restaurant prices in the euro area increased dramatically after the introduction of the euro. We argue that this increase can be explained ...»
  34. «  lululemon athletica Integrated Marketing Campaign lulule[901-1000] Campaign Philicia Frasson Krista Funari Nick Rescoe Kyra Simon Allison Solberg May ...»
  35. «Abstract. Logic variables pioneered by (concurrent) logic and concurrent constraint programming are powerful mechanisms for automatically ...»
  36. «Abstract This document discusses the Smart Update Firmware DVD new features. Part Number: 502508-010 April 2011 Edition: 10 © Copyright 2008, 2011 ...»
  37. «Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master of Technology in Computer Engineering By Snehal P. Adey MIS No: ...»
  38. «Guideline One: Minimum Technical Requirements for Performing Clinical Electroencephalography Introduction Although no single best method exists for ...»
  39. «Alastair R. Beresford * Dorothea Kübler ** Sören Preibusch * Unwillingness to Pay for Privacy: A Field Experiment * University of Cambridge, UK ** ...»
  40. «Converting from Small Firm? Conversion is a process that is performed after you install Premium Edition at your Server. You may need Conversion ...»
  42. «Tkalska 10 SI 3000 Celje Tel: 00 386 3 490 46 70 Fax: 00 386 3 490 46 71 www.lxnavigation.si LX Zeus v 3.4.3 10.9.2014 1 SYSTEM DESCRIPTION 1.1.2 LX ...»
  43. «Shop online at omega.com e-mail: info@omega.com For latest product manuals: omegamanual.info LVUN-600 Non-invasive Ultrasonic Point Level Switches ...»
  44. «New Ways of Analyzing Variation 42 20th October 2013 Introduction Increased recent use in sociolinguistic research of tools for automatic ...»
  45. «Freedom Scientific, Inc. 440771-001 Rev. B MAGic® Quick Start Guide PUBLISHED BY Freedom Scientific 11800 31st Court North St. Petersburg, Florida ...»
  46. «Freedom Scientific, Inc. 440770-001 Rev. C MAGic® User’s Guide PUBLISHED BY Freedom Scientific 11800 31st Court North St. Petersburg, Florida ...»
  47. «A Dissertation Presented to The Academic Faculty by Luke McCaslin In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Science in ...»
  48. «Bid Document Request For Proposal (RFP) For Videography of Yoga Techniques / Postures (i) Last Date and time of Collecting Tenders (ii) Last Date and ...»
  49. «Abstract Feature weighting is known empirically to improve classification accuracy for k-nearest neighbor classifiers in tasks with irrelevant ...»
  50. «Formal Relationships Between Geometrical and Classical Models for Concurrency Eric Goubault and Samuel Mimram CEA LIST Abstract. A wide variety of ...»
  51. «Report to Congress on Abnormal Occurrences Fiscal Year 2010 Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research AVAILABILITY OF REFERENCE MATERIALS IN NRC ...»
  52. «Elecci´n de planes de salud mediante o t´cnicas de clasificaci´n fuzzy (Health e o plans selection using fuzzy classification techniques) Sonia ...»
  53. «ABSTRACT The authors present work that was conducted as a collaboration between Cambridge University and MIT. The work is a continuation of previous ...»
  54. «Métodos de Pronóstico por Indicadores dentro de la Gestión del Conocimiento Organizacional Gustavo Illescas 1, María Isabel Sanchez-Segura 2, ...»
  55. «A replicated object is a typed data object that is stored redundantly at multiple locations to enhance availability. Most techniques for managing ...»
  56. «Abstract. The choice of where a thread scheduling algorithm preempts one thread in order to execute another is essential to reveal concurrency errors ...»
  57. «Publish Book Plastic Surgery Without Miracle Of Makeup Techniques books document, also Download PDF Plastic Surgery Without Miracle Of Makeup ...»
  58. «Plastic Surgery Without Miracle Of Makeup Techniques at Online Library. Get file Plastic Surgery Without Miracle Of Makeup Techniques PDF to free ...»
  59. «Plasticurgery Without Urgery Miracle Of Makeup Techniques by our online Library. Free download Plasticurgery Without Urgery Miracle Of Makeup ...»
  60. «Promotoren: prof. dr. ir. Wim De Waele, prof. dr. ir. Patrick De Baets Begeleider: Koen Faes (BIL) Masterproef ingediend tot het behalen van de ...»
  61. «What is the greatest cause of fatalities in canoes and kayaks? What can YOU do about it? How can you put the odds in your favor? Learn how to add ...»
  62. «Erhard Rahm University of Kaiserslautern, Dept. of Computer Science Technical Report ZRI 3/91, Dec. 1991, Revised: March 1993 Abstract: Database ...»
  63. «Author: Ingrid Kohl Literature Number: SLVAE03 April 1995 IMPORTANT NOTICE Texas Instruments (TI) reserves the right to make changes to its products ...»
  64. «Some supposed “ sound archaeologists” have carried out research (always from the imaginary of each discoverer or interpreter) into the – still ...»
  65. «Jennifer Acosta Ashley Brooks Brittany Hebert Carrie-Anne Wawrzyniak Editors-in-Chief Cynthia Walton Faculty Advisor Jessica Clark Cover Photography ...»
  66. «THE 627 Makeup for the Stage & Screen (3) Opportunity to gain expertise in designing and applying a variety of makeup techniques including: ...»
  67. «DILUTION REFRIGERATION OF MULTI-TON COLD MASSES ausgeführt zum Zwecke der Erlangung des akademischen Grades eines Doktors der Technischen ...»
  69. «Foreword If any problems occur while using your Trio, please feel free to contact Mach Speed technical support at 580-272-0035, or send an email to: ...»
  70. «Title of Dissertation / Thesis: FAILURE PREDICTION OF WIRE BONDS DUE TO FLEXURE Karumbu Nathan Meyyappan, Ph.D., 2004 Dissertation / Thesis Directed ...»
  71. «Validez y confiabilidad de un instrumento de satisfacción del usuario con síndrome febril agudo The validity and reliability of an instrument for ...»
  72. «Finding Applicants HFH-MN Recruitment Activities Overview Get the Word Out! Supervisor to Supervisor Recruitment Advice Evaluating and Interviewing ...»
  73. «If there is one achievement for which late-twentieth-century critical theory congratulates itself, it is for disabusing literary criticism of the ...»
  74. «Published by Dillistone Systems September 2015 Introduction Today, passive candidate pipelining and recruiting is taking root in the very foundation ...»
  76. «Andre Gsponer and Jean-Pierre Hurni Independent Scientific Research Institute Box 30, CH-1211 Geneva-12, Switzerland e-mail: isri@vtx.ch ...»
  77. «A joint JRC/IPTS-ESTO Study Compiled and Edited by: Jordi Molas-Gallart (SPRU, UK), Rémi Barré (OST & CNAM, France) Mario Zappacosta & James ...»
  78. «Abstract: In this paper we have performed a content analysis using a collection of papers from Ed-Media conferences archive. Various current trends ...»
  79. «PAULO B. LOURENÇO1 Professor ISISE, University of Minho, Department of Civil Engineering, Portugal E-mail: pbl@civil.uminho.pt SUMMARY The mechanics ...»
  80. «of the United States ER COM AL Washington, D.C. 20548 OF S TE H T A ST E UN I ED Decision T DOCUMENT FOR PUBLIC RELEASE A protected decision was ...»
  81. «Titulación : INGENIERO INDUSTRIAL Título del proyecto: MEJORA DEL AMBIENTE LABORAL CON LA INTELIGENCIA EMOCIONAL Xabier Sanz De Galdeano Arocena ...»
  82. «Decision Matter of: LOGC2, Inc. File: B-412700.2 Date: May 13, 2016 Forrest Burke, for the protester. Jonathan D. Shaffer, Esq., and Mary Pat ...»
  83. «ABSTRACT Marketing Mix (4P); composed of Product, Price, Promotion and Place; is a set of tools that should be coherently designated to achieve a ...»
  84. «DOD USE OF MULTIPLE AWARD TASK ORDER CONTRACTS Report No. 99-116 April 2, 1999 Additional fufonnation and Copies To obtain additional copies of this ...»
  85. «IN REPLY PL6 8 Mar 2005 REFER TO: 1. DISA has a requirement for NCES Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Framework Support. The period of performance ...»
  86. «Abstract: Light field microscopy is a new technique for high-speed volumetric imaging of weakly scattering or fluorescent specimens. It employs an ...»
  87. «Minutes of the Board of Water and Natural Resources Meeting January 10, 2014 1:00 p.m. CST Via Digital Dakota Network Capitol Building Pierre, SD ...»
  88. «TITLE: Task Order 02 with Civiltec Engineering, Inc., for Technical Assistance in Obtaining Required Regulatory Coverage for the Water System related ...»
  89. «The Pennsylvania Child Welfare Resource Center University of Pittsburgh, School of Social Work 403 East Winding Hill Road Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 ...»
  90. «Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading-Edge Solutions (EAGLE) Ordering Guide September 2008 Version 2.3 Prepared by the Office Procurement ...»
  91. «Education:  Ph.D. Physics (European Ph.D) Summa Cum Laude, Universidad del Pais Vasco, Dept. of Physics, Spain, 2007. Thesis Title: “Magnetic ...»
  92. «The small world of the American corporate elite, 1982–2001 Gerald F. Davis University of Michigan, USA Mina Yoo University of Washington, USA Wayne ...»
  93. «PSSRU Discussion Paper 2713 March 2010 www.PSSRU.ac.uk © PSSRU, University of Kent, 2010 All rights reserved. Reproduction of this report by ...»
  94. «interview with ed atkins Katie Guggenheim: Ed, you have often used high definition video as the medium for your work but this is the first time you ...»
  96. «To assure critical power in many industrial and commercial facilities, medium voltage power is often switched between alternate sources. In these ...»
  97. «CURRICULUM VITAE MEHMET ALAITTIN HASTAOGLU While on leave: Rizapasa Sok 21/5, Moda, Kadikoy, Istanbul Tel: +90-536-712-7411 e-mail: ...»
  98. «Site Implementation and Assessment of Lean Construction Techniques O. Salem1, J. Solomon2, A. Genaidy3, and M. Luegring4 Abstract The goal of this ...»
  99. «Calculation Guide The 2011 Living Wage update and original 2008 full report are available at A technical appendix to the report Working for a Living ...»
  100. «Abstract This document summarizes the theory in the ”Marine Operations module” in the course MEK 4450 at the University of Oslo autumn 2011. ...»
  101. «November 24, 2003 Mr. John L. Skolds Chairman and CEO AmerGen Energy Company, LLC 4300 Winfield Road Warrenville, IL 60555 SUBJECT: OYSTER CREEK ...»
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