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  1. «A MEASURE OF CONSANGUINITY Fred Richman New Mexico State University, Las Cruces NM 88003 Abstract. A natural numerical measure of consanguinity is ...»
  2. «Activists at the Gate: The Continuing Evolution of Shareholder Activism in the U.S. By Clare O'Brien, Rory O'Halloran, Michael Dockery Over the last ...»
  3. «Cadre de cohérence technique ACAI V3 Règles de conception et de développement Annexe à la note SG/SPSSI de juillet 2013 relative à ...»
  4. «State of California The Resources Agency DEPARTMENT OF PARKS AND RECREATION Donald W. Murphy, Director P.O. Box 942896 - Sacramento, CA - 94296-0001 ...»
  5. «During a lesson with Walter Carrington, I made the rash comment that I thought it possible that actors could glean all they need for their theatre ...»
  6. «Keywords: functionality/dependability co-design, survivability, safety-critical systems. 1. Introduction The more computing power that embedded ...»
  7. «Prepared for Sue Fisher Vaughn, Professor, WRT 333, Scientific and Technical Writing Prepared by Erin Cyr 10 December 2002 Abstract Descendants of ...»
  8. «Modelling the Last Glacial Maximum and Abrupt Climate Changes during the Last Glacial-Interglacial Cycle _ Dissertation for the degree of Doctor of ...»
  9. «For the first time in a very long time, I have hope. Hope that we can make it. That it is possible to clean up toxic waste. To re-green our damaged ...»
  10. «Integrating Intelligent Systems into a Cooperating Community for Electricity Distribution Management László Z. Varga Department of Electronic ...»
  11. «J. RICHARD COUZENS Judge of the Superior Court County of Placer (Ret.) TRICIA A. BIGELOW Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal 2nd Appellate District, ...»
  12. «Abstract. In this paper, we provide a survey of the different analysis techniques that are provided for the modeling language Rebeca. Rebeca is ...»
  13. «GESTIÓN DE LA PRODUCCIÓN UTN DEPARTAMENTO DE INGENIERÍA INDUSTRIAL J.F.T. 2 UTN Dto. : Ingeniero industrial. Materia : Proyecto final. Profesor : ...»
  14. «Glass  breakage  in  fires   by Dr. Vytenis Babrauskas, Fire Science and Technology Inc. Background   The size (more technically, the heat ...»
  15. «ABSTRACT Using a large hand-collected data set from 2001 to 2006, we find that activist hedge funds in the U.S. propose strategic, operational, and ...»
  16. «Planar union of rectangles with sides parallel to the coordinate axis Daniel Schmid, Hanspeter Bopp Department of Geomatics, Computer Science and ...»
  17. «REPÚBLICA ORIENTAL DEL URUGUAY Contribución Prevista Nacionalmente Determinada Asumiendo una proyección de su actual matriz productiva sin ...»
  18. «A. Rodríguez1, T. Rodríguez1, C. Ballesteros2, J. Jiménez3 Tecnología Electrónica, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, E.T.S.I.T., 28040 Madrid, ...»
  19. «1. INTRODUCTION Modeling and control of cooperating robots have been considered extensively in the literature (see, e.g., [2601-2700]). However, most ...»
  20. «Ryuichi Kawamura1, Yuichiro Fukuta1, Hiroaki Ueda2, Tomonori Matsuura3 and Satoshi Iizuka3 Department of Earth Sciences, Toyama University, Toyama, ...»
  21. «Department of Earth Sciences, Toyama University, Toyama, Japan National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention, Tsukuba, ...»
  22. «JUAN DE DIOS ORTUZAR Professor of Transport Engineering Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Nationality: Chilean Date of Birth: 24 January 1949 ...»
  23. «Esté material didáctico está diseñado de acuerdo al programa de estudios respectivo a la materia de costos II, que se ha aplicado en el ...»
  24. «RESUMEN Los grupos de discusión constituyen una técnica de recogida de datos de naturaleza cualitativa que ha sido ampliamente utilizada en ...»
  26. «Une approche par points de vue Rachida Seghiri 1,2 , Frédéric Boulanger 2 , Claire Lecocq 3 , Vincent Godefroy 1 1. EDF R&D Clamart, France ...»
  27. «Computational modelling of gas–liquid multiphase flows with DQMOM and the N-phase Algebraic Slip Model K. Swiderski1,2, D. Caviezel1, M. Labois1, ...»
  28. «Testing of Portable Radios in a Fire Fighting Environment W. D. Davis M. K. Donnelly M. J. Selepak NIST Technical Note 1477 Testing of Portable ...»
  29. «Devah Pager Bruce Western Bart Bonikowski Princeton University January, 2008 This research has been supported by grants from the National Science ...»
  30. «Photo 2 Danny abseiling down Morning All climbers know the spine tingling thrill of the abseil but Slab on Avon Gorge most climbers have not relished ...»
  31. «Abstract. The paper presents a technique to automatically track the progress of maintenance or assembly tasks using body worn sensors. The technique ...»
  33. «Novembre 2006 Cette publication a été produite pour une révision de l’Agence des Etats-Unis d’Amérique pour le Développement International. ...»
  34. «General Technical a field user's manual Report PSW-36 Clive M . Countryman William A. Dean The Authors 1 I CLIVE M. COUNTRYMAN was, until his ...»
  35. «LUIS HERNANDO REYES SATIZÁBAL Ensayo presentado como requisito para optar al título de ESPECIALISTA EN ALTA GERENCIA Asesora: PAULA COLORADO ...»
  36. «A field theory approach to stability of radial equilibria in nonlinear elasticity BY J. SIVALOGANATHAN School of Mathematics, University of Bath, ...»
  37. «Why and How to Consolidate an SAP Landscape on Oracle SPARC SuperCluster Why and How to Consolidate an SAP Landscape on Oracle SPARC SuperCluster ...»
  38. «Sin Cobertura NARRATIVAS Que no hubiere modelo, el Miembros incorporará muy. Se tendrán los industriales instrumentos. Acumulando a condición el ...»
  39. «November SerVision Reinstalling the Operating System of an SVG Unit Trademarks & Copyright Trademarks All trademarks mentioned in this manual are the ...»
  40. «1. Introduction1 In this chapter, we are concerned with some issues in discussions of linguistic gradience, the extent to which diachronic change may ...»
  41. «REINTERPRETING THE PAST TO INNOVATE: FROM OLD COMPONENTS TO NEW PRODUCTS Antonio Messeni Petruzzelli Politecnico di Bari Department of Mechanics, ...»
  42. «Abstract This article discusses the growth of silicon and related materials using ultra-high vacuum chemical vapor deposition (UHV/CVD). This growth ...»
  43. «1954-09 Reinterpretation and the Mechanisms of Culture Change Bourguignon, Erika E. The Ohio Journal of Science. v54 n5 (September, 1954), 329-334 ...»
  44. «Disclaimer: This regulation has been submitted to the Office of the Federal Register (OFR) for publication, and is currently pending placement on ...»
  45. «Abstract This is the final paper in a series that considers the rules of engagement between conscious states and physiological states. In this ...»
  46. «Laboratory: NDE Laboratory: LABEND Introduction Introduction Non Destructive Evaluation Laboratory (LABEND) at ISQ is organized to provide our ...»
  47. «Modelling of Sustainable Solutions in a Rejuvenated Brownfield Site Modélisation et techniques alternatives sur un site réhabilité Mike Reeves ...»
  48. «The Development of a New Multi-Directional Fall arrest Device A dissertation submitted by Alan Grant Lance SILVA In fulfillment of the requirements ...»
  49. «of the Orthomodular Square of Opposition C. de Ronde∗ 1,2 , H. Freytes∗ 3,4 1,5 and G. Domenech 1. Center Leo Apostel (CLEA) 2. Foundations of ...»
  50. «Environmental Impact Assessment for Nawara Construction Project of the Gas Treatment Plant of Gabès STGP-TESCO-PMT-0805-HS-REP-0002 Final report ...»
  51. «Charles Thursby Denroche Institute of Education, University of London, London, UK PhD Thesis Supervisor: Professor David Block Abstract of Thesis ...»
  52. «Abstract An attempt is made to sketch a complete timeless theory of the universe and explain why time can nevertheless appear to flow in such a ...»
  53. «A COGNITIVE APPROACH TO THE TRANSLATION OF METONYMY-BASED HUMOR ANA MARÍA ROJO LÓPEZ Dpt. Filología Inglesa, Facultad de Letras, Universidad de ...»
  54. «October 2013 / Final Draft April 2016 Version 2 Preface This activity safety guideline for abseiling is published by the Tourism Industry Association ...»
  55. «Abstract In this study, I enquire into word formation in Frame Semantics and argue that the semantic relationships between bases, affixes, and ...»
  56. «1 – De Luca – Corresponding author, umdeluc4@cc.umanitoba.ca. University of Manitoba, Department of Biosystems Engineering. 2 – Stephens is ...»
  57. «ISSUES PAPER 18 DIRECT INVESTMENT – REINVESTED EARNINGS Prepared by the Balance of Payments and Financial Accounts Department De Nederlan dsche ...»
  58. «Instituto de Filosof´ “Dr. A. Korn” ıa Universidad de Buenos Aires, CONICET - Argentina Center Leo Apostel and Foundations of the Exact ...»
  59. «Sports are certainly part of a school’s and a community’s life. Sportscasters must have a strong in­ terest in, and knowledge of, the games they ...»
  60. «40 steps to better metric editing Pat Naughtin This checklist is intended to help authors and editors review all types of articles, including ...»
  61. «Contents Executive Summary 1 Study on CO2 Capture Costs 1.1 Background 1.2 Use of new, actualised data 1.3 Calculation of the Levelised Cost of ...»
  62. «1 Introduction This document serves to explain, to curious prospective graduate students and collaborators, why a professor trained in computer ...»
  63. «CONTRACT SERVICES www.totalaccess.co.uk Total Access (UK) Ltd Who are we? Total Access (UK) Limited was established in 1992 as the UK’s leading ...»
  64. «K Cooperative clans 34,9/10 Nathan Griffiths Department of Computer Science, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK Abstract Purpose – To provide a ...»
  65. «TAKE THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT  Wetsuit  Sturdy footwear  Harness with personal gear  Helmet  Canyoning rope  Anchor material  Whistle ...»
  66. «Earthscan Publications Ltd London and Sterling, Virginia First published in the UK and USA in 2002 by Earthscan Publications Ltd Copyright © 2002 ...»
  67. «Under 10 metre remote electronic monitoring technical trial June 2013 Contents Executive summary Purpose Methodology Vessels and equipment Results ...»
  68. «1 Introduction It is widely believed that a group of cooperating agents engaged in problem solving can solve a task faster than either a single agent ...»
  69. «Cwmorthin Slate Quarry Technical Exploration Guide Important Notes This guide is intended to provide useful information for experienced cavers or ...»
  70. «VERTICAL RESCUE COURSE INFORMATION PACI has built a solid reputation as a provider of real-world rope rescue skills. Established in 1993, we have ...»
  71. «Tiago Alves and Joost Visser {tiago.alves,joost.visser}@di.uminho.pt Technical Report DI-PURe-05.05.01 2005, May PURe Program Understanding and ...»
  72. «November 1993 DOT HS 808 078 Final Report Marijuana and Actual Driving Performance This document is availalbe to the public from the Nftional ...»
  73. «Abstract To successfully apply evolutionary algorithms to the solution of increasingly complex problems, we must develop effective techniques for ...»
  74. «DOCUMENT RESUME ED 364 786 CG 025 105 AUTHOR Janowiak, John J. TITLE Theoretical Foundations of Yoga Meditation: A Contribution tz, ...»
  75. «Lexical Reiteration in EFL Young Learners’ Essays: Does it Relate to the Type of Instruction? Mª PILAR AGUSTÍN LLACH ROSA M. JIMÉNEZ CATALÁN ...»
  76. «OnIslam.net  `Eid Al-Fitr: Share, Rejoice and Worship | 3 Table of Content Introduction Chapter One: `Eid Al-Fitr: Etiquette and Rulings Chapter ...»
  77. «Francisation: La francisation: Taking pour un état Stock des lieux DOCUMENT PREPARED FOR THE PAN-CANADIAN FRENCH AS A FIRST LANGUAGE PROJECT May ...»
  78. «Understanding metonymies in discourse Katja Markert a,∗ , Udo Hahn b a Language Technology Group, Division of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, ...»
  79. «Abstract: Over the years there have been many theories, hypotheses and scientific studies attempting to find the origins and mechanisms responsible ...»
  80. «A metric version of projectivity for normed spaces and modules A. Ya. Helemskii Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics Moscow State University Moscow ...»
  81. «INDUSTRIAL ROPE ACCESS OPERATING PROCEDURES 80-83 Long Lane London EC1A 9ET Tel: 0207 2052272 www.hiabseiling.co.uk HIA/QA003/rev08/Operating ...»
  82. «Reinventing the toilet: academic research meets design practice in the pursuit of an eective sanitation solution for all This item was submitted to ...»
  83. «The Department of Labour and the Industrial Rope Access Association of New Zealand have made every effort to ensure that the information contained in ...»
  84. «BEAM Science and Engineering Time: Tues. 3:00-4:30 Instructors: CAL students BEAM is a hands-on class that will let you do on experiments and ...»
  86. «Modernism in thought and art begins with recognition of metonymy, the “figure of speech” based on the power of the part to speak about the whole. ...»
  87. «1. Exposure Data 1.1 Definition ‘Cooking fumes’ or ‘cooking oil fumes’ is the term commonly used to describe the visible emissions generated ...»
  88. «Introduction The report is divided into two sections. The first section is essentially the full story of the expedition from an analysis of its ...»
  89. «ISSN: 0114-8184 (Print) Taranaki Regional Council ISSN: 1178-1467 (Online) Private Bag 713 Document: 1200341 (Word) STRATFORD Document: 1267251 (Pdf) ...»
  90. «ISSN: 0144-8184 (Print) Taranaki Regional Council ISSN: 1178-1467 (Online) Private Bag 713 Document: 1412475 (Word) STRATFORD Document: 1452341 (Pdf) ...»
  91. «ISSN: 0114-8184 (Print) Taranaki Regional Council ISSN: 1178-1467 (Online) Private Bag 713 Document: 1349680 (Word) STRATFORD Document: 1351130 (Pdf) ...»
  92. «ISSN: 0114-8184 (Print) Taranaki Regional Council ISSN: 1178-1467 (Online) Private Bag 713 Document: 1295396 (Word) STRATFORD Document: 1410283 (Pdf) ...»
  93. «ISSN: 0114-8184 (Print) Taranaki Regional Council ISSN: 1178-1467 (Online) Private Bag 713 Document: 1429633 (Word) STRATFORD Document: 1460708 (Pdf) ...»
  94. «Research and Innovation EUROPEAN COMMISSION Directorate-General for Research and Innovation Directorate D — International Cooperation Unit D.2 — ...»
  95. «The main goal of the article is to present a survey of recent research on the role of conceptual metonymy in grammar and discourse. A related goal is ...»
  96. «Review of the Campus Safety and Security Department Grinnell College Review Team Report Introduction The purpose of this review is to offer ...»
  97. «Herms Romijn Are Virtual Photons the Elementary Carriers of Consciousness? Abstract: Based on neurobiological data, modern concepts of ...»
  98. «COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Helene P. Foley: Female Acts in Greek Tragedy is published by Princeton University Press and copyrighted, © 2001, by Princeton ...»
  101. «A Hypothesis Susan Pockett All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2000 Susan Pockett No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or ...»
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