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    Theses, dissertations, documentation. Free e-library - Technical.

  1. «International Forum of Teaching and Studies Vol. 12 No. 1. 2016 A Corpus-Based Study on High Frequency Verb Collocations in the Case of “HAVE” ...»
  2. «The authors conducted a sourcing study of stone adzes recently excavated from the Damaoshan site on Dongshan Island, Fujian province, China. They ...»
  3. «1. State of the art 1.1 Introduction Microorganisms can be responsible for the destruction of cultural heritage, together with several environmental ...»
  5. «7. Author(s) 8. Performing Organization Report No. Paul E. Krugler, Carlos M. Chang-Albitres, and Robert L. Robideau Report 0-4505-1 9. Performing ...»
  6. «Paper 012-2011 Tips and Techniques for Automating the SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office with Visual Basic for Applications Tim Beese, SAS Institute ...»
  7. «N. Beisert1 and B. Borasoy2 Physik-Department, Technische Universit¨t M¨ nchen a u D-85747 Garching, Germany Abstract An investigation of the ...»
  8. «OFFSHORE FINANCIAL CENTER PROGRAM A Progress Report Prepared by the Monetary and Exchange Affairs and Statistics Departments March 28, 2002 Contents ...»
  9. «The Chef as Designer: Classifying the Techniques that Chefs use in Creating Innovative Dishes   Barry Kudrowitz, University of Minnesota, USA Arthur ...»
  10. «1. OBJETO Y ALCANCE DEL PROYECTO 1.1. OBJETO DEL PROYECTO El objetivo principal del presente proyecto es la descripción de las instalaciones de una ...»
  11. «Transactions with Fellow Enterprises I. DIRECT INVESTMENT TECHNICAL EXPERT GROUP (DITEG) II. OUTCOME PAPER (DITEG) # 23 April 8, 2005 1. Topic: ...»
  12. «M. Berar , M. Desvignes , G. Bailly , Y. Payan 1Laboratoire des Images et des Signaux (LIS), 961 rue de la Houille Blanche, BP 46, 38402 St. Martin ...»
  14. «Long-Hours Working and Enterprise Bargaining Mark Wooden R ecent years have seen growing concern with the large number of hours many Australian ...»
  15. «Why New Hybrid Organizations are Formed: Historical Perspectives on Epistemic and Academic Drift Thomas Kaiserfeld Published online: 16 April 2013 Ó ...»
  16. «Distinguishing the Causes of Firing with the Membrane Potential Slope Achilleas Koutsou achilleas.k@cs.ucy.ac.cy Chris Christodoulou ...»
  17. «Pasta may be the unchallenged symbol of Italian food, yet no in-depth research has ever been done on its many shapes. Recent cookery texts are stuck ...»
  18. «Country situation report on POPs in Mexico Red de Acción sobre Plaguicidas y sus Alternativas en México (RAPAM) México April 2006 About the ...»
  19. «POWERS, DUTIES, AND FUNCTIONS The Department of Facility Maintenance (DFM) administers the City’s repair and maintenance programs for roads, ...»
  20. «Sir William Ramsay (1852 - 1916) Discussion and Techniques http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/chemistry/laureates/1904/ramsay-bio.html Distillation ...»
  21. «Noun compounds are quite common structures to befound in scientific and technical texts. Many ofthem, especially the most complex ones créate major ...»
  22. «9. Performing Organization Name and Address 10. Work Unit No. (TRAIS) Center for Transportation Research The University of Texas at Austin 11. ...»
  23. «-:;* COMPATIBILITY OF REFRACTORY MATERIALS FOR NUCLEAR REACTOR POISON CONTROL SYSTEMS by John H. Sinclair Lewis Research Center Cleveland, Ohio 44135 ...»
  25. «PROFESSIONAL PROFILE Cynthia C. Fry 14010 FM 182 Marital Status: Married (Joseph D. Fry) Clifton, Texas 76634 Children: Tom, Katelyn, and Alice ...»
  26. «Edited by Karyn Cooper and Sardar M. Anwaruddin OISE, University of Toronto, Canada A C.I.P. record for this book is available from the Library of ...»
  27. «Steam Reforming 6-inch Bench-Scale Design and Testing Project – Technical and Functional Requirements Description S. J. Losinski D. W. Marshall ...»
  28. «AUBURN UNIVERSITY JET AIRCRAFT CHARTER GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR Women’s Soccer Team Bid Auburn University is soliciting bids for jet aircraft ...»
  29. «Improving the Quality of Data and Impact-Evaluation Studies in Developing Countries Guy Stecklov Alex Weinreb Office of Strategic Planning and ...»
  31. «Replicating Data Mining Techniques for Development: A Case Study of Corruption Author: James Ransom Supervisor: Martin Andersson Abstract Data Mining ...»
  32. «Design of Fractionation Columns Hassan Al-Haj Ibrahim Additional information is available at the end of the chapter http://dx.doi.org/10.5772/57249 ...»
  33. «The Use of Talking Chips Technique in Improving Students’ Speaking Achievement Syafryadin Indonesia University of Education (Indonesia) ...»
  34. «Proyecto de Fin de Carrera Ingeniero Industrial Análisis y propuestas de mejora del proceso de planificación y producción para la optimización ...»
  35. «50-25 Landscaping and tree preservation. 50-25.1 Applicability. A. The landscaping provisions of secs. 50-25.2 through 25.4 and 25.7 shall apply to ...»
  36. «EDITORS Mr. Jigar Abhani Ms. Pooja Shukla Mr. Jaydeep Nimavat Ms. Anviksha Shukla Mr. Bhautik Limbani MENTORS Prof. S K. Bhagvan Dr. Rajendrakumar ...»
  37. «Scholars have assumed that Charles Chesnutt (1858-1932) employed a technique of interviewing African Americans for their folktales in order to ...»
  38. «Edited by James Kennell, Charles Bladen and Elizabeth Booth The Olympic Legacy People, Place, Enterprise Proceedings of the first annual conference ...»
  39. «Simulation and Evaluation of Autonomous and Annexed Sugarcane Distilleries Tassia L. Junqueiraa,b*, Marina O. S. Diasa,b, Charles D. F. Jesusa, Paulo ...»
  40. «Grounded theory methodology Learning objectives After reading this chapter, you will have an understanding of: the aims and objectives of grounded ...»
  41. «Michael Dallas, MA (Cantab), MICE, FIVM Blackwell Publishing Value and Risk Management Value and Risk Management A guide to best practice Michael ...»
  42. «SOCIAL EDUCATION OF THE INDUSTRIAL DEMOCRACY. Settlement Problems in Educational Work With Adults. LABOR MUSEUM AT HULL HOUSE. BY JANE ADDAMS. After ...»
  43. «AERATED LAGOON TECHNOLOGY by Linvil G. Rich Alumni Professor Emeritus Department of Environmental Engineering and Science Clemson University - ...»
  44. «IMPERIALISM OF OUR TIME AIJAZ AHMAD begin with the phrase ‘imperialism of our time’ as homage to Michal Kalecki I who wrote his seminal essay ...»
  45. «2006 JUDGING RESULTS Hilton Portland Hotel July 21, 2006 The American Cheese Society is an active, non-profit trade organization that encourages the ...»
  46. «NS is an International Co-operation Project led by: The Honourable Jocelyne Bourgon P.C., O.C. © Jocelyne Bourgon, 2015 Published by Public ...»
  47. «Unit SITHCCC006A Prepare appetisers and salads Student Resource Prepare appetisers and salads ©Culinary Solutions Australia Pty Ltd Version 2 march ...»
  48. «C.M. Kauffmann, revised by Susan Jenkins With contributions from Marjorie E. Wieseman in association with Paul Holberton publishing First published ...»
  50. «Summary. A parametric meshing technique is presented with special emphasis to singularities in the parametric mapping. Singularities are locations ...»
  51. «David R. White Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM. drwhite@sandia.gov Timothy J. Tautges Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM. ...»
  52. «Azure Planning & Integration Services: Discovery & Analysis Introduction Dell is pleased to provide the customer (“Customer” or “you”) with ...»
  53. «High Availability for MissionCritical Applications Protecting Applications with Veritas™ cluster server Eric Hennessey, Director Technical Product ...»
  54. «Reformulating Constraint Satisfaction Problems to Improve Scalability Kenneth M. Bayer1 , Martin Michalowski2 , Berthe Y. Choueiry1,2, Craig A. ...»
  55. «This paper may seem somewhat paradoxical in the context of the symposium, because it deals with a museum project that deliberately marginalized and ...»
  56. «Abstract. Virtual reality (VR) techniques have proved effective in distracting patients from perceived pain in a variety of studies. These results, ...»
  57. «1 Introduction In recent years, there has been growing interest in using description logic (DL) ontologies to query instance data. An important issue ...»
  58. «EUT EDIZIONI UNIVERSITÀ DI TRIESTE & INS ISRAEL NUMISMATIC SOCIETY All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a ...»
  59. «Stephan Schmidheiny Beautiful Legacy Stephan Schmidheiny has donated his Latin American companies to the Viva Trust. What the industrialist wants to ...»
  60. «Abstract The introduction of biofuels is one of the objectives of the European Union. For this reason, measures to promote the production and ...»
  61. «REPORT 3 Growing Up in Ireland National Longitudinal Study of Children INFLUENCES ON 9-YEAR-OLDS’ LEARNING: HOME, SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY Selina ...»
  62. «Community Service Awards Thomas MacLachlan – Brindabella Christian College Thomas was an inaugural member of the college’s technical support ...»
  63. «This message allows computer based MIDI devices to access files on a shared file system or network using a URL-style file specification. It allows ...»
  64. «OBSERVATION OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SODIUM LAYER AT 90 KM IN THE MESOSPHERE The Mesosphere is interested by important chemical and dynamic phenomena, so ...»
  65. «Catálogo General TECNICA DE FLUIDOS ALTA TECNOLOGÍA EN PROCESOS INDUSTRIALES Técnica de Fluidos es especialista en ofrecer las mejores soluciones ...»
  66. «Abstract This paper reports on research that uses computational techniques to assess whether or not various propositions that have been advanced as ...»
  67. «Avenue Léon Duguit - 33608 Pessac (France) - tél : 0556848539 - fax : 0556848534 larefi@u-bordeaux4.fr – lachaud@u-bordeaux4.fr ...»
  68. «Techniques for the generation of 3D Finite Element Meshes of human organs LOBOS, C.†, PAYAN, Y.†, and HITSCHFELD, N.‡ † TIMC-IMAG Laboratory, ...»
  69. «Introduction This chapter will take a systemic approach to the coaching relationship and task. The relevance of a systemic orientation, a framework ...»
  70. «Architectural Issues In the Andrew Message System Nathaniel S. Borenstein, Craig F. Everhart, Jonathan Rosenberg and Adam Stoller* Information ...»
  71. «Abstract A fully automatic mesher has been developed which is capable of generating both quadrilateral and triangular elements in 2-D and on surfaces ...»
  72. «THE COST OF MESSAGES Jim Gray March 1988 Tandem Technical Report 88.4 Abstract: Distributed systems can be modeled as processes communicating via ...»
  73. «Diffusion: Externe. Rédaction: Division du Contrôle des Semences et Plants/Service de contrôle des plants Examen: Révision: Approbation: Mr. A. ...»
  74. «Commonwealth Secretariat Commonwealth Secretariat Marlborough House Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5HX, United Kingdom © Commonwealth Secretariat, 2005 All ...»
  75. « ...»
  76. «1 Database theory: Query languages 1 Nicole Schweikardt1 , Thomas Schwentick2 , Luc Segoufin3 1 Goethe-Universit¨ t a Frankfurt am Main; 2 ...»
  77. «Simple and Fractional Distillation Recrystallization is used as a purifying technique for solids. The technique most commonly used for purifying ...»
  78. «New South Wales, Australia, July 17, 2014 NS is an International Co-operation Project led by: The Honourable Jocelyne Bourgon P.C., O.C. © Jocelyne ...»
  79. «MULTI-EFFECT DISTILLATION (MED) Raphael Semiat Rabin Desalination Laboratory, Grand Water Research Institute, Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering ...»
  80. «Abstract We study mechanisms that can be modelled as coalitional games with transferable utilities, and apply ideas from mechanism design and game ...»
  81. «ELIMINATION OF MESHING NOISE IN STATISTICAL TCAD V. Axelrad, G. Long, P. Kuepper˚ PDF Solutions Inc., San Jose, USA ˚Siemens AG, Munich, Germany ...»
  82. «ADVANCED BOUNDARY CARTESIAN MESHING TECHNOLOGY IN SOLIDWORKS FLOW SIMULATION Overview SolidWorks® Flow Simulation is an intelligent, easy-to-use ...»
  83. «Helmut Pottmann · Philipp Grohs · Bernhard Blaschitz Edge offset meshes in Laguerre geometry Abstract A mesh M with planar faces is called an edge ...»
  84. «How to Become an Exceptional DBA Brad M McGehee Second Edition How to Become an Exceptional DBA 2 nd Edition by Brad M McGehee First published 2008 ...»
  85. «Exp. 9, Separation by Simple and Fractional Distillation And Analysis by Gas Chromatography LEARNING OUTCOMES: After performing this experiment the ...»
  86. «Translating Common English and Chinese Verb-Noun Pairs in Technical Documents with Collocational and Bilingual Information § Yi-Hsuan Chuang† ...»
  87. «The distortion of weak fronts by mesoscale orography M. Greensladea;∗ , J.C.R. Huntb , S. Mobbsc , I. Eamesd a Department of Applied Mathematics & ...»
  88. «EARLY DRAFT Final version to appear in Computer Graphics Forum Abstract We propose an algorithm for interactive ray-casting of algebraic surfaces of ...»
  89. «CONTEXT SENSITIVE SOLUTIONS (CSS) ONLINE TRAINING COURSE DEVELOPMENT Prepared By James P. Hall University of Illinois at Springfield Susan Stitt ...»
  90. «REGIONAL DATA ARCHIVING AND MANAGEMENT FOR NORTHEAST ILLINOIS Prepared By Sharan Dhanaraju Yanfeng Ouyang Umit Deniz Tursun University of Illinois at ...»
  91. «Sports Department Sports Rules’ Update Project Proposed Modifications Document Version 1.2 Sunday, 10 August 2014 F.I.S.T.F. - FEDERATION ...»
  92. «Flight Progress Messages Document Edition No. : 2.200 Edition Issue Date : 25 Jan 2016 Author : Hans Koolen ; Simon Smidt Reference : ...»
  93. «Course Description This course is designed to provide participants with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to meet the demands of the culinary ...»
  94. «These lecture notes cover two lectures from EECS 510, Algorithmic Mechanism Design, offered at Northwestern University in the Spring 2008 term. They ...»
  95. «SWOV Fact sheet Distraction in traffic Summary Many drivers, as well as cyclists and pedestrians, are occupied with all kinds of activities that can ...»
  96. «GABION MESH CORROSION Field Study of Test Panels and Full-scale Facilities by James A. Racin, P.E. and Thomas P. Hoover, P.E. Report No. ...»
  97. «I n the last chapter I argued that eighteenth-century English gardens, though declared sisters to painting as well as poetry, neither copied ...»
  98. «ABSTRACT The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) [1701-1800] defines a number of standards, both for data models and for online services, that has been widely ...»
  99. «Regarding the Entropy of Distinguishable Particles John F. Nagle1 Received August 9, 2003; accepted April 2, 2004 The conventional way of explaining ...»
  100. «Roberto Giobbi‘s Introduction to Card Magic © Copyright Notice Copyright © 2012 Roberto Giobbi. All rights reserved. For personal use only. No ...»
  101. «Abstract. An important reasoning task, in addition to the standard DL reasoning services, is conjunctive query answering. In this paper, we present a ...»
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