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    Theses, dissertations, documentation. Free e-library - Technical.

  1. «Integrating Manufacturing Softwares for Intelligent Planning-Execution: A CIIMPLEX Perspective B. Chu 1 W. J. Tolone1 R. Wilhelm2 M. Hegedus3 J. ...»
  2. «FINAL REPORT SCDOT Research Project 666 Troy Berkland And Lansford C. Bell Department of Civil Engineering Clemson University November 2007 i ...»
  3. «ABSTRACT Mechanical seal designers face opposing challenges when developing dual seal s. The requirement to provide optimised seal face cooling ...»
  4. «The most attractive individual strategies for improving software productivity identified in Section 2 are: Writing less code; Getting the best from ...»
  5. «Report on Social Experiment of Garbage Grinder Introduction Water Quality Control Dept. Sewage and Wastewater Management Dept, City and regional ...»
  6. «ABSTRACT Which merges files better: the SAS  DATA Step or SAS SQL? Traditionally, the only way to merge files in SAS was via the SAS DATA Step. ...»
  7. «The OECD Competition Committee debated merger remedies in October 2003. This document includes an executive summary and the documents from the ...»
  8. «Abstract Best-first model merging is a general technique for dynamically choosing the structure of a neural or related architecture while avoiding ...»
  9. «Andreas Stolcke*'** Stephen Omohundro *Computer Science Division **International Computer Science Institute University of California 1947 Center ...»
  10. «Tropical Fiji Family Kitchen Cookbook: Budget-Friendly Meals from the Tropics Your Whole Family Will Love Notice of Rights All rights reserved. No ...»
  11. «Abstract. Using the left merge and communication merge from ACP, we present an equational base (i.e., a ground-complete and ω-complete set of valid ...»
  12. «Authors Abhishek Jain, Poulami Choudhury, and Karthik Ganesan ceew.in February 2015 CEEW Report Copyright © 2015 Council on Energy, Environment and ...»
  13. «Dr Jonathan Sapsed Research Fellow, Centre for Research in Innovation Management (CENTRIM), University of Brighton The Freeman Centre (University of ...»
  14. «Abstract. Using the left merge and communication merge from ACP, we present an equational base (i.e., a ground-complete and ω-complete set of valid ...»
  15. «Abstract. Standard state-merging DFA induction algorithms, such as RPNI or Blue-Fringe, aim at inferring a regular language from positive and ...»
  16. «Abstract. The proof calculator Jape has been extended to allow disproof, using Kripke forcing semantics. Users draw graphs to depict a situation, and ...»
  17. «Division of Drinking and Ground Waters Technical Series on Ground Water Quality November 2014 The Technical Series on Ground Water Quality: This ...»
  18. «Abstract Let G be a countable group. We prove several results on the (topological) relationship between the space CO(G) of circular orders on G, and ...»
  19. «Hidden Markov Model Induction by Bayesian Model Merging Andreas Stolcke∗,∗∗ Stephen Omohundro∗∗ ∗ ∗∗ Computer Science Division ...»
  20. «Stephen M. Omohundro Andreas Stokke NEe Research Institute Speech Technology and Research Laboratory om@research.nj.nec.com SRI International ...»
  21. «Model Merging versus Model Splitting Context-Free Grammar Induction Menno van Zaanen M.M.vanZaanen@uvt.nl Nanne van Noord N.J.E.vanNoord@uvt.nl ...»
  22. «Formulation and Evaluation of Mouth Dissolving Film of Risperidone Smita V. Pawar*1, M. S. Junagade2 Department of Quality Assurance Techniques, M. ...»
  23. «Functional analysis of selective aldehyde dehydrogenase 1A1 inhibition by cytotoxic duocarmycin analogs and LC-MS-based metabolomic profiling of ...»
  24. «Effect of Rotor Meridional Velocity Ratio on Response to Inlet Radial and Circumferential Distortion Nelson L. Sanger JULY 1979 NASA NASA Technical ...»
  25. «Paper 274-2013 SAS Enterprise Guide® What's In It for the Long-Term Highly-Experienced SAS Programmer? Roger D. Muller, Ph.D., Data-to-Events.Com, ...»
  26. «Wise Mainga, Lina Yan, Kifle Hamde, Tomas Blomquist Abstract This study explores, describes and analyzes the various characteristics of interproject ...»
  27. «DOT HS 809 199 December 2000 NHTSA Technical Report Fatality Reduction by Safety Belts for Front-Seat Occupants of Cars and Light Trucks Updated and ...»
  28. «Bioenergy and renewable power methane in integrated 100% renewable energy systems Limiting global warming by transforming energy systems kassel ...»
  29. «JOHN MACARTHUR La misión de Editorial Portavoz consiste en proporcionar productos de calidad —con integridad y excelencia—, desde una ...»
  30. «Abstract. Software Defined Networks (SDN), the separation of a network device’s control and data planes, do not need to rely on the underlying ...»
  31. «Abstract. Parallel Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) applications often exhibit irregular structure and dynamic load patterns. Many such ...»
  32. «Harmonic Balance Simulation on ADS General Description of Harmonic Balance in Agilent ADS Harmonic balance is a frequency-domain analysis technique ...»
  33. «Sobre el progreso en una era de revolución científico-tecnológico-digital Nùria Almiron Profesora de Políticas de Comunicación Universidad ...»
  34. «ABOVE AND BEYOND INTRODUCTION – APPROVED USED VEHICLE WARRANTY Thank you for purchasing a Land Rover Used Vehicle from your authorised Land Rover ...»
  35. «Comisión de Comercio Internacional No. 60 Marzo de 2010 Número ISSN: 1 870-2062 En este número Comisión de Comercio Internacional Boletín ...»
  36. «Abstract. We discuss a reduction notion relating the random oracles in two cryptographic schemes A and B. Basically, the random oracle of scheme B ...»
  37. «CIENCIA Y TÉCNICA COMO «IDEOLOGÍA» Traducido por Manuel Jiménez Redondo Tecnos Madrid, 1986 Jürgen Habermas CIENCIA Y TÉCNICA COMO ...»
  38. «Department of Mathematics Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Abstract This article provides an in-depth analysis of pricing and structuring of contingent ...»
  39. «Jieshun Zhu1, Bohua Huang1,2, and Zhaohua Wu3 Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies, Institute of Global Environment and Society Calverton, ...»
  40. «The role of Southern Ocean winds for the global meridional overturning circulation in the Earth System Model of Intermediate Complexity CLIMBER-3α ...»
  41. «November 1990 On the Convergence Time of Simulated Annealing Sanguthevar Rajasekaran University of Pennsylvania Follow this and additional works at: ...»
  42. «16.1. INTRODUCTION The term “moiré” is not the name of a person; in fact, it is a French word referring to “an irregular wavy finish usually ...»
  43. «Kerry H. Cook Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University, Ithaca NY ABSTRACT The equations that govern the Hadley circulation ...»
  44. «Brian Conrad Abstract. — We develop the relative theory of reductive group schemes, using dynamic techniques and algebraic spaces to streamline the ...»
  46. «Sharon Meilstrup Music 500 Fall 2007 The Violoncello Concerto from 1700-1975 There are several cello concertos that are commonly performed and ...»
  47. «The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Plans To Modify A National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit to: Meridian ...»
  48. «Food Energy: Methods of Analysis and Conversion Factors Report of a technical workshop FOREWORD Ever since its inception, one of FAO’s primary ...»
  49. «Introduction For Users Of ODEX Enterprise 2 Copyright © Data Interchange Plc Peterborough, England, 2012. All rights reserved. No part of this ...»
  50. «INTERVIEWED BY SHIRLEY K. COHEN October 11, 22 & 30, 1996 Photo by Robert Paz ARCHIVES CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Pasadena, California ...»
  51. «Welcome Welcome to the Oxygen Symposium. Our program today will deal with oxygen’s discovery as well as current research on oxygen, ranging from ...»
  52. «On the Slow Convergence of EM and VBEM in Low-Noise Linear Models Kaare Brandt Petersen kbp@imm.dtu.dk Ole Winther owi@imm.dtu.dk Lars Kai Hansen ...»
  53. «Formulation, Evaluation and Optimization of Fast dissolving tablet containing Tizanidine Hydrochloride P.S. Zade, P.S. Kawtikwar*, D.M. Sakarkar ...»
  54. «The congruence subgroup problem∗ M S RAGHUNATHAN School of Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Homi Bhabha Road, Colaba, Mumbai ...»
  55. «Technical Report 2010-10 http://www.uta.edu/math/preprint/ THE DEPTH FORMULA FOR MODULES WITH REDUCIBLE COMPLEXITY PETTER ANDREAS BERGH & DAVID A. ...»
  56. «ABSTRACT No scholar or researcher is able to provide robust evidence that counters the scant reflection on metatheory – mostly ontology and ...»
  57. «Abstract Software Defined Networking (SDN) deconstructs the current routing infrastructure into a small number of controllers, which are general ...»
  58. «Introduction This article describes the findings of a report which was commissioned by London Transport and the Department of the Environment, ...»
  59. «The Thermodynamics of the Dissolution of Urea Background We know that chemical reactions proceed with the evolution or absorption of heat. This heat ...»
  60. «Introduction Introduction n first hearing the violin played in the South Indian classical O (Carnatic) style, listeners often remark how well ...»
  61. «Pedro Amorim Faria Dissertação de Mestrado Orientador na FEUP: Prof. Bernardo Almada Lobo Orientador na Deloitte: Dr. Jorge Nadais Faculdade de ...»
  62. «Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) for Communications & Media Markets A Technical White Paper Oracle Communications BRM ...»
  63. «1. Introduction The study of combined logics and of their relationship to the logics being combined is certainly a key issue of the general theory of ...»
  64. «Ruth Hoffman Last Updated June 2010 Title: Getting Started with Apache OFBiz® In 5 Easy Steps Author: Ruth Hoffman ©2009-2010 Ruth Hoffman, All ...»
  66. «International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering (An ISO 3297: 2007 Certified Organization) Vol. 3, Issue 3, ...»
  67. «Abstract A molecular linkage consists of a set of rigid bodies pairwise connected by revolute hinges, so that all hinge lines of each body are ...»
  69. «Abstract The rapid depletion of fossil fuel resources and environmental concerns has given awareness on generation of renewable energy resources. ...»
  70. «Claudia McCants Broken Angel PREVIEW COPY Broken Angel All Rights Reserved © 2013 by Claudia McCants No part of this book may be reproduced or ...»
  71. «In the technical research and development (R&D) subprogram sessions, these reviewers were asked to respond to a series of specific questions ...»
  72. «Document Title: Building a Comprehensive White-Collar Violations Data System, Final Technical Report Author(s): Sally S. Simpson, Peter Cleary Yeager ...»
  73. «Wise Mainga†, Lina Yan‡, Kifle Hamde§, Tomas Blomquist** Abstract This study explores, describes and analyzes the various characteristics of ...»
  74. «HPE Foundation Care Service Support Services HPE Foundation Care Service is composed of comprehensive hardware and software services aimed to help ...»
  75. «Galileo's Discorsi and Classical Mechanics in Conflict: The Story of the Problematic Postulate Article CITATIONS READS 1 author: Alexander John Hahn ...»
  76. «Abstract: BBFuels de Puerto Rico, LLC is a green company that proposes a novel approach to biomass conversion to energy that reduces the overall ...»
  77. «Abstract: Progressive collapses of arch bridges have repeatedly occurred in recent years, resulting in many casualties and significant property ...»
  78. «A Passionate Life And over this unit before the, Compromise social CAGR had other whether its product holiday property resources to vital and large ...»
  79. «      OWNER’S MANUAL Version 5       CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 2. RS FEVA TECHNICAL DATA 3. COMMISSIONING 3.1 Preparation 3.2 Unpacking 3.3 ...»
  80. «On Strengthening and Expanding the US Nuclear Umbrella to Dissuade Nuclear Proliferation Victor Utgoff David Adesnik July 2008 Approved for public ...»
  81. «5 November 2010 CONTENTS Foreword by the Secretary-General 2 Foreword by the Co-Chairs of the Advisory Group 3 Members of the Advisory Group 4 ...»
  82. «ART 4369 COLLAGE’ THEORY & PRACTICE SPRING 2015 TTH 8:00 am-10: 45 am J. Pace, Professor of Art 566-7297, ARC 101 Office Hrs.: T/Th 11:00-1:00, F ...»
  83. «Foundation Further information This report and a summary version are available in print and as a pdf from Friends Provident Foundation ...»
  84. «A trainable algorithm for summarizing news stories Joel Larocca Neto Alexandre D. Santos Celso A.A. Kaestner Alex A. Freitas Julio C. Nievola PUC-PR ...»
  85. «Tel. No. Your Ref. Fax No. Fax No. Dated 2 December 2015 1 Date Total Pages DEVB TC(W) No. 1/2014 Management of Consultants’ Performance and ...»
  86. «Abstract This guide describes identification and maintenance procedures, diagnostic tools, specifications and requirements for hardware components ...»
  87. «Part Number 403167-404 July 2010 (Thirteenth Edition) © Copyright 2006, 2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained ...»
  88. «Part Number 411572-006 March 2008 (Sixth Edition) © Copyright 2004, 2007, 2008 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained ...»
  89. «Abstract This guide describes identification and maintenance procedures, diagnostic tools, specifications, and requirements for hardware components ...»
  90. «Abstract This guide is for an experienced service technician. HP assumes you are qualified in the servicing of computer equipment and trained in ...»
  91. «Abstract This document is for an experienced service technician. It is helpful if you are qualified in the servicing of computer equipment and ...»
  92. «Supplementary Information A: Analytical mechanical modeling of nano-accordion structure For analytical modeling one period of nano-accordion geometry ...»
  93. «A methodological approach to potential vegetation modeling using GIS techniques and phytosociological expert-knowledge: application to mainland ...»
  94. «CEIOPS’ Advice for Level 2 Implementing Measures on Solvency II: Technical provisions Elements of actuarial and statistical methodologies for the ...»
  95. «The job of supervising direct support professionals (DSPs) can be difficult, challenging, and at times frustrating. It is, however, also rewarding, ...»
  96. «Resumen Este trabajo analiza la contribución del capital humano al crecimiento de la productividad en España durante la reciente expansión y la ...»
  97. «29 December 2003 Abstract. It has been long conjectured that the crossing number of Cm × Cn is (m−2)n, for all m, n such that n ≥ m ≥ 3. In ...»
  98. «School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0205, USA e-mail: ashapiro@isye.gatech.edu ...»
  99. «Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) December 2006 (Amended December 2009) version 1.0 CONTENTS INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 1 COMPOSITION AND ...»
  100. «NOTE: Product images in this manual are for reference and may differ from your actual model. Your specific product may not have some of the features ...»
  101. «Convoy escort UN Peacekeeping PDT Standards for Formed Police Units 1st edition 2015 Police Tactics & Techniques 1 Convoy escort Background In UN ...»
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