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    Theses, dissertations, documentation. Free e-library - Psychology.

  1. «A b s t r a c t . Traditionally, depictions and descriptions have been seen as complementary; depictions have been preferred to convey iconic or ...»
  2. «Running head: METAPHOR IN JDM Metaphor in Judgment and Decision Making Spike W. S. Lee Norbert Schwarz University of Toronto University of Michigan ...»
  3. «TUOMAS E. TAHKO (www.ttahko.net) Theoretical Philosophy, University of Helsinki In Penelope Rush (ed.), The Metaphysics of Logic: Logical Realism, ...»
  4. «DOCTORA L T H E S I S The Absorption of Laser Light by Rough Metal Surfaces David Bergström Luleå University of Technology Department of Applied ...»
  5. «Abstract: In order for the transitions in Europe to be sustainable developments the ongoing social and cultural changes need to be taken into ...»
  6. «170 East 94th Street Work School of Social Work Home Address: Silberman School of Social Work Address: Apartment 3A At Hunter College New York, NY ...»
  7. «Journal of Jungian Scholarly Studies Vol. 6, No. 2, 2010 Unconsciousness and Survival: Kafka’s Metamorphosis and Borowski’s This Way for the Gas, ...»
  8. «Copyright by: MICROS-FIDELIO GmbH Europadamm 2-6 D - 41460 Neuss Date: Juni 2010 Page 1 of 55 Copyright © 2015, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All ...»
  9. «Metaphysical Daring as a Posthuman Survival Strategy1 Pete Mandik, William Paterson University ABSTRACT: Believing that one can survive having ...»
  10. «THE BASIC STR UCTURE OF METAPHYSICAL THINKING IN ISLAM By Toshiko Izutsu What I am going to say might seem to have no direct connection with the main ...»
  11. «THE SOUL OF RECIPROCITY PART ONE: RECIPROCITY REFUSED JOHN MILBANK 1. From the Soul to the Subject Intersubjectivity poses itself both as a problem ...»
  12. «Introduction Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day defined a good society as one that makes it easy for you to be good. Correlatively, a free society is one ...»
  13. «Thomas Nadelhoffer, Department of Philosophy, College of Charleston Jennifer Cole Wright, Department of Psychology, College of Charleston1 Although ...»
  14. «The University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA22903, USA Merricks@virginia.edu References Armstrong, D. M. 1997. A World of States of Affairs. ...»
  15. «By SHASHIKALA NAIDU Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Political Science Mysore University Mysore, Karnataka Master of Arts in English Oklahoma State ...»
  16. «Tim Bayne University of Oxford and St. Catherine's College Manor Road Oxford OX1 3UJ United Kingdom tim.bayne@gmail.com Elisabeth Pacherie Institut ...»
  17. «Necessitism, Contingentism and Plural Quantification TIMOTHY WILLIAMSON Abstract: Necessitism is the view that necessarily everything is necessarily ...»
  18. «ABSTRACT. Introduction. Adults diagnosed with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) were treated with ...»
  19. «There is a principle, widely accepted and often taken for granted, that connects abilities and metaphysical possibilities. I call it the poss-ability ...»
  20. «The potential of the attractor: non-metaphorical transport between sciences and social theory Adrian Mackenzie Institute for Cultural Research, ...»
  21. «Abstract From the time immemorial, there has been a clash between two schools viz., Idealism and Realism in philosophy both East and the West. We ...»
  22. «Problems of Metaphysical Philosophy Chiedozie Okoro University of Lagos Introduction The word problem as used in this context is a noun and it could ...»
  23. «Sam Holmes A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the degree of Bachelor of Laws (Honours) at the University of Otago – Te Whare Wananga ...»
  24. «August 24, 2015 Deep Linking Configuration Guide Part Number: E64225-02 Copyright © 2015, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This ...»
  25. «British Journal of Clinical Psychology (2003), 42, 133–143 2003 The British Psychological Society www.bps.org.uk Outcomes of patients completing ...»
  26. «Abstract. Metaphors are used to describe the Internet, comparing it to a ‘library’, a ‘highway’, a ‘web’, stating that it brings us ...»
  27. «PARADISE REGAINED: MIRACULOUS HEALING IN A N I S R A E L I P S Y C H I A T R I C C L I N I C ABSTRACT. The articulation of the experience of distress ...»
  28. «This chapter presents an opinionated account of how to understand the contributions of experience, especially with respect to the role of cognitive ...»
  29. «A New Way Salt May Metaphorically Serve as an Example of Natural Revelation in the Bible Carlos F. A. Pinkham Natural revelation is one way we can ...»
  30. «On the evening of 21 June 1977, while French President Giscard d’Estaing was toasting the General Secretary of the CPSU and State President of the ...»
  31. «From Porto to Portadown: Portuguese workers in Northern Ireland’s labour market Martin Eaton University of Ulster Abstract Keywords While ...»
  32. «Preparing Athletes for Competition Preparing Athletes for Competition Table of Contents Table of Contents Psychological Considerations Anxiety and ...»
  33. «Presentism and Physicalism1! ! Presentism is the view that only the present exists, which mates with the A-theory’s temporal motion and ...»
  34. «Chapter I “Introduction” Principles of Metaphysical Psychology “Keys to the (re)discovery of the Kingdom of Heaven that is within you” ...»
  35. «Mobile Fantasies on Film: Gathering Metaphoric Evidence of Mobile Symbiosis and the Mobile Imaginary ♣ Kathleen M. Cumiskey  ♣ Department of ...»
  36. «The Scots Philosophical Association and the University of St Andrews DEEP METAPHYSICAL INDETERMINACY B B S A recent ...»
  37. «To those of us who still retain an irreconcilable animus against war, it has been a bitter experience to see the unanimity with which the American ...»
  39. «Refutation of Forty-Four So-Called Objections Against the Ancient Sabbath AGAINST THE ANCIENT SABBATH; ALSO, CRITICAL AND PRACTICAL THOUGHTS ON THE ...»
  40. «The University of Chicago Press is collaborating with JSTOR to digitize, preserve and extend access to Critical Inquiry. http://www.jstor.org This ...»
  41. «School Refusal Behavior: From Terminology to Treatment Joe Viskochil University of Utah Author Note Joe Viskochil, Department of Education ...»
  42. «Sects and Cults Recommended Readings Our North American society is not only drifting to conservatism in search for answers, it is also returning to ...»
  43. «P300 Event-Related Potential Decrements in Well-Functioning University Students with Mild Head Injury Sidney J. Segalowitz, Daniel M. Bernstein, and ...»
  44. «Running head: METAPHORIC DESCRIPTION OF PERFORMANCE STATES Metaphoric Description and Individualized Emotion Profiling of Performance States in Top ...»
  45. «READER ON SHIKANTAZA ROSHI JOAN HALIFAX “All Buddhas and every Ancestor without exception arrive at this refuge where the three times cease and the ...»
  46. «The delegitimization of women’s claims of ingroup discrimination: Consequences for women who claim Kerry Spalding A dissertation submitted in ...»
  47. «Running Head: STRUCTURE OF HUMILITY The Psychological Structure of Humility Aaron C. Weidman1 Joey T. Cheng2 Jessica L. Tracy1 University of British ...»
  48. «THE ROLE OF METAPHORS IN DESCRIPTIONS OF EMOTIONS Andrew Ortony and Lynn Fainsilber University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Why do we use ...»
  49. «When Dogs Can Fly: Level of Abstraction as a Cue to Metaphorical Use of Verbs Lisa A. Torreano Department of Psychology Princeton University Cristina ...»
  50. «Cristina Günther Bel Máster Universitario en Psicología de la Salud y Psicoterapia FPCEE Blanquerna Universitat Ramon Llull Trabajo Final de ...»
  51. «More than any other Muslim thinker, Ibn ¡Arabi dedicated his teachings to clarifying the presence of the divine wisdom in all things and the human ...»
  52. «A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of Science in Applied Psychology at the University of ...»
  53. «TISHREI GUIDE – INTRODUCTION We are eagerly anticipating our Synagogue’s forthcoming programme of activities for the Yamim Tovim. You will ...»
  54. «The central point of Brogaard’s interesting essay is that temporalism, roughly, the thesis that there are propositions whose evaluation is ...»
  55. «ABSTRACT: This article critically discusses the scientific status of transpersonal psychology and its relation to so-called supernatural claims. In ...»
  56. «A CFN Interview with John Salza and Robert Siscoe Release date December 2015; 700 pages; taking orders in early December at www.trueorfalsepope.com ...»
  57. «by SARAH TURNER A thesis submitted to The University of Birmingham for the degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Department of English Language and Applied ...»
  58. «Gerri Kimber Villiers de L’Isle-Adam, (1838-89), impoverished literary aristocrat, friend to Baudelaire, Mallarmé and Wagner, is widely ...»
  59. «The Quiet Ego Scale: Measuring the Compassionate Self-Identity Heidi A. Wayment • Jack J. Bauer • Kateryna Sylaska Ó The Author(s) 2014. This ...»
  60. «By Liza Freedman Weisberg A Senior Honors Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honors ...»
  61. «Dr. Julia Whitcavitch-DeVoy Boston College LSOE, Campion Hall 201B Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-3813 E-mail Whitcavi@bc.edu (617) 552-1513 EDUCATION ...»
  62. «Twinkles White Rose, White Rose Office Park, Millshaw Park Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS11 0DL Telephone 0113 276 1723 Twinkles aim to provide your ...»
  63. «George Orwell and the Question of Humiliation in Nineteen EightyFour © Bertram Wyatt-Brown, 2010 George Orwell’s 1984 first appeared in 1949 ...»
  64. «In the last chapter we explored ways in which qualitative researchers might begin to sort and organize their data, and I gave some suggestions about ...»
  65. «Aristotle’s Metaphysics M3: realism and the philosophy of QUA Version 1.0 December 2006 Reviel Netz Stanford University Abstract: The article ...»
  66. «International Journal ofCon victedTherapy and Comparative Criminology 10.1177/0306624X05277662 Echeburúa et al. / Men Offender of Gender V iolence ...»
  67. «With the establishment of camps in the middle of Europe, for the single purpose of committing rape and sexual torture, violence against women has ...»
  68. «PART ONE (Part Two bound separately) Deborah Wilson August 2008 Submitted in part fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Clinical ...»
  69. «Paper 3492-2015 Alien Nation: Text Analysis of UFO Sightings in the U.S. Using SAS® Enterprise Miner™ 13.1 Pradeep Reddy Kalakota, FHLBank; ...»
  70. «Introduction The translated text as product is the focus of most research in Translation Studies today. However, the process leading to the ...»
  71. «Regrets and Well-being of Senior Citizens Sally I. Maximo1, Karen Nielzen B. Berlanga1, Angela Psyche F. Aquisay1, Madelaine Chrystene P. Valencia1, ...»
  72. «This document contains material and intellectual property rights, which are subject to restrictions on use and disclosure and may only be used for ...»
  73. «Vacuum System User Manual Abbess Basic Digital VCC Vacuum System User‘s Manual 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Safety Considerations – Read ...»
  74. «Abram Hoffer, MDF, PHD, FRCP(C) Rose, my wife, was convinced that things do not happen by chance, that they are “beshared”, meant to be. My good ...»
  75. «Analisis E Interpretacion De La Informacion Contable Despite you pay used at a presentation, a analysis is the mind with investors in pushy members ...»
  76. «REHABILITATING CRIMINAL JUSTICE POLICY AND PRACTICE D. A. Andrews James Bonta Carleton University Public Safety Canada For over 30 years, criminal ...»
  77. «Print Sources Note: Numbers in brackets refer to page and section numbers in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ...»
  78. «How to Rent an Apartment in Munich Inside-Munich.com Copyright Notice and Disclaimer This ebook is copyrighted, and is protected by copyright laws. ...»
  79. «The Metaphysics of Everyday Life Lynne Rudder Baker I hope that my title, “The Metaphysics of Everyday Life,” brings to mind the title of the ...»
  80. «Beekeeping For All Translated from the original French version of L'Apiculture Pour Tous (12th edition)1 by Patricia and David Heaf. Seventh ...»
  81. «JOHN H. BLUME, SHERI LYNN JOHNSON, AND SUSAN E. MILLOR Convicting Lennie: Mental Retardation, Wrongful Convictions, and the Right to a Fair Trial ...»
  82. «There's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip Anne Cutler Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics and Caroline G. Henton University of ...»
  83. «AT NEWTON-UPON-RAWCLIFFE, PICKERING YO18 8QF SATURDAY 9TH AUGUST 2014 HORSE CLASSES COMMENCING AT 11AM www.boonhillshow.co.uk By kind permission of ...»
  84. «The Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary Sister Teresa is a member of the Paulist Order. She taught at schools in Sunbury on Thames and in ...»
  85. «Reuben Hofshi Del Rey Avocado Company Fallbrook, California Mauricio Tapia Fairfield Farms Pauma Valley, California Mary Lu Arpaia University of ...»
  86. «The Matrix as Metaphysics 9/21/09 1:50 PM The Matrix as Metaphysics David J. Chalmers Department of Philosophy University of Arizona Tucson, AZ ...»
  87. «Cognition 87 (2003) B69–B77 B69 Cognition 87 (2003) B69–B77 www.elsevier.com/locate/cognit Brief article Infants learn phonotactic regularities ...»
  88. «Convivial Dickens Ce and Auction IRS THE throw already in the industry's specific distractions of apparent box, late ceiling and attractive team ...»
  89. «Cookery Gift Book A keywords have clearly the approaches of focus competitors courses using over website factors, difficult recruiter, request, end ...»
  90. «Course Bulletin 2012-2013 313 Wayne Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20910 http://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/schools/ssims/ Welcome/Bienvenidos Dear Parents ...»
  91. «This article describes the nature and importance of wrongful conviction as a criminal justice policy issue, the development of an innocence movement ...»
  92. «Dennis T. Lowry, Ph.D. October, 2012 Professor School of Journalism Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Carbondale, IL 62901-6601 Office: ...»
  93. «PRENDRE LE TEMPS : LE TEMPO DE LA PSYCHANALYSE Article paru sous le titre : ‘Taking time: the tempo of psychoanalysis’. Int J Psychoanal (2012) ...»
  94. «Abstract Recent advancements in the brain sciences have enabled researchers to determine, with increasing accuracy, patterns and locations of neural ...»
  95. «THE SECULAR RELEVANCE OF THE GOSPEL Louis C. Midgley Since Cumorah. By Hugh W. Nibley. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co. xx + 451 pp., $4.95. Louis C. ...»
  96. «City of Dreaming Spires: Barbara Pym and the Oxford Novel Eleonore Biber Paper presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Barbara Pym Society St ...»
  97. «November 2013 Notices Copyright ©2013, 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This software and related documentation are provided ...»
  98. «Metastability by Ashirwad Bahukhandi (Ashirwad Bahukhandi) bahukhan@usc.edu This is an overview of what metastability is, ways of interpreting it, ...»
  99. «QUALITIES AND ACTIONS OF EFFECTIVE THERAPISTS Research suggests that certain psychotherapist characteristics are key to successful treatment. By ...»
  100. «April 2006 PeopleSoft Proprietary and Confidential PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management 9.0 Installation PeopleBooks Contributors: Teams from ...»
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