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    Theses, dissertations, documentation. Free e-library - Psychology.

  1. «The federal penitentiary in Marion, Illinois, went on permanent lock down in 1983. This created the first “control unit”. Now, in addition to the ...»
  2. «LTRC 4101 Gourrier Avenue | Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808 (225) 767-9131 | (225) 767-9108 fax | www.ltrc.lsu.edu TECHNICAL REPORT STANDARD PAGE 1. ...»
  3. «Telling Lies in Scarce Environments Leanne ten Brinke1 Poruz Khambatta2 Dana R. Carney1 University of California—Berkeley, 2220 Piedmont Ave, ...»
  4. «Running head: MINDFULNESS DAMPENS NEUROAFFECTIVE REACTIONS Mindful acceptance dampens neuroaffective reactions to external and rewarding performance ...»
  5. «THE COMMUNIST CONTROL OF THE MIND By J. George Zubrzycki Much has been written of the philosophy of Communism. Many accounts of bloodshed and ...»
  6. «THE SCIENCE OF RETENTION – FRESHMAN RETENTION It is time to get specific with methodology. The psychology of retention starts with freshman and you ...»
  8. «Josephine M. DeMarce Thesis submitted to the faculty of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in partial fulfillment of the ...»
  10. «Fast track report The puzzle of joking: Disentangling the cognitive and affective components of humorous distraction MADELIJN STRICK*, ROB W. ...»
  11. «This Thread Technical white paper is provided for reference purposes only. The full technical specification is available to Thread Group Members. To ...»
  12. «The Role of the Therapeutic Alliance in Internet-Delivered Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy By Christopher Trewavas BArts(Yaf), GradDipPsych, PGDipPsych ...»
  13. «100 Things You Should Know About Communism in the U. S. A. . Forty years ago, Communism was just a plot in the minds of a very few peculiar people. ...»
  14. «Arbonne Ultimate Facial Script Set-up before guests arrive (10 minutes): Make sure you are fully prepared BEFORE the first guest arrives. Have a ...»
  15. «1.  Introduction In “The restless mind”, Smallwood & Schooler (2006) describe mind wandering as follows: “the executive components of ...»
  16. «To appear in: Oxford Handbook of Perceptual Organization Oxford University Press Edited by Johan Wagemans Laboratory of Visual Psychology, Department ...»
  17. «He who would distinguish the true from the false must have an adequate idea of what is true and false. — Spinoza, Ethics II, proposition 42: proof. ...»
  18. «*Conservatoire national des arts et métiers Laboratoire d’économétrie 2 Rue Conté, 75003 Paris, FR email : fauchart@cnam.fr ** MIT Sloan School ...»
  19. «ABSTRACT A simple method of converting scanner (RGB) responses to estimates of object tristimulus (XYZ) coordinates is to apply a linear ...»
  20. «Why God Is Often Found Behind Bars: Prison Conversions and the Crisis of Self-Narrative Shadd Maruna Queen’s University Belfast Louise Wilson ...»
  21. «Metaphorical Blends, Recruited Frames and Metaphors across Cultures Robert N. St. Clair University of Louisville ABSTRACT The study of metaphor has ...»
  22. «Landscapes of National Parks in Taiwan During the Japanese Colonial Period Koji KANDA* Keywords: national parks, colonial Taiwan, imperial Japan, ...»
  23. «INTERACTION OF SOCIAL AND NEUROBIOLOGICAL FACTORS IN DEPRESSION Abstract: A multifaceted approach to treating depression may be optimal. Use of ...»
  24. «Karl Hayo Siemsen Learning by Gestalt A team was selected, some people with an understanding of mathematics, some engineers and myself – maybe a ...»
  25. «Request for Proposal (RFP) Information The City of Milwaukee on behalf of the Milwaukee Police Department will contract with a police psychologist to ...»
  26. «Persuasion through the Water Metaphor in Dao De Jing* Guo-Ming Chen G. Richard Holt University of Rhode Island University of Illinois at Chicago ...»
  27. «LOVE Essays: First Series (1841) By Ralph Waldo Emerson I was as a gem concealed; Me my burning ray revealed. Koran ESSAY V Love Every promise of the ...»
  28. «When sanctions convey moral norms Laetitia B. Mulder1 Ó The Author(s) 2016. This article is published with open access at Springerlink.com Abstract ...»
  29. «by Musa Mangena Richard Pike Jing Li University of Bradford Published by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland CA House, 21 Haymarket ...»
  30. «A self-organizing geometric algorithm for autonomous data partitioning Christopher A. Tucker Cartheur Robotics cartheur@gmail.com Keywords Geometric ...»
  31. «Database integrity has two complementary components: validity, which guarantees that all false information is excluded from the database, and ...»
  32. «The vessel of Mercy is our sin Vatican City, 2 June 2016 – In the second meditation of the Jubilee for Priests, which took place in the Basilica of ...»
  33. «Abstract. This paper analyzes how expressive gestures of a professional clarinetist contribute to the perception of structural and emotional ...»
  34. «The Genetics of Political Attitudes and Behavior: Claims and Refutations Jay Joseph, PsyD Private Practice, Oakland, CA Some political scientists ...»
  35. «1. Introduction This article is based on an invited presentation at the USC Deontic Modality Conference, held in the spring of 2013. The goal of that ...»
  36. «2015 Arizona Arts Standards Music: Music Technology High School These draft Arizona Music Technology standards serve as a framework to guide the ...»
  37. «Christopher Garbowski The Modernity of Henry James and Agnieszka Holland’s Washington Square Prose and film have different narrative strengths and ...»
  38. «Metaphors of English Learning Lezhou Su, Beijing Foreign Studies University Metaphor research in the contemporary world has its foot mainly in two ...»
  39. «Olaf L. Müller (Humbolt University, Berlin, Www.GehirnImTank.De) CONTENT. I. Introduction — II. Two Unhappy Strategies — III. Metaphysical ...»
  41. «Men who Abandon their Families: Households As Border Zones In Mexico City MATTHEW C. GUTMANN Brown University / CIESAS Istmo, Oaxaca In early January ...»
  42. «6293A and Supporting Troubleshooting Windows® 7 in the Enterprise Companion Content Troubleshooting and Supporting Windows® 7 in the Enterprise ...»
  43. «POWER, METAPHOR AND THE POWER OF METAPHOR - work in progress Alina Curticapean Tampere Peace Research Institute Yliopistonkatu 58-60 A, 33014 Tampere ...»
  44. «Metamorphosis, the Mechanisms of Repression, and the Evolution of the Unconscious in European Literature A PPARENTLY HUMAN BEINGS DID NOT always have ...»
  45. «Peter Howie Professor Richard Bagnall Education and Professional Studies Griffith University +61 411 873 851 peter.howie@griffithuni.edu.au ...»
  46. «Artificial Intelligence and the Human Mind Diego Rasskin-Gutman Translated by Deborah Klosky The MIT Press Cambridge, Massachusetts London, England ...»
  48. «Abalone –Final Project Report Benson Lee (bhl9), Hyun Joo Noh (hn57) 1. Introduction This paper presents a minimax and a TD-learning agent for the ...»
  49. «Abandonment Depression Lena Agree, JD, PsyD ! “From a seeming state of well-being, a choatic state of panic becomes imminent because the entire ...»
  50. «There is an assumption about metaphysical realism that is well-nigh universal. Descartes and Locke were committed to it; virtually all contemporary ...»
  51. «Full paper for: The 4th International Critical Management Studies Conference Judge Institute of Management, University of Cambridge July 4-6, 2005 ...»
  52. «Moreno-Murcia, J.A.; Huéscar Hernández, E.; Polo, R.; López, E.; Carbonell, B. y Meseguer, S. (2016). Efecto de los cuentos en la competencia ...»
  53. «Killing Time: Metaphors and their implications in lexicon and grammar Fernando Balbachan, Indian (fbalbach@indiana.edu) desde la tierna cuna a la ...»
  54. «The University of Chicago Press is collaborating with JSTOR to digitize, preserve and extend access to American Journal of Sociology. ...»
  55. «RECALIBRATING THE REGIME The Need for a Human Rights-Based Approach to International Drug Policy REPORT THIRTEEN Damon Barrett 1, Rick Lines 2, ...»
  56. «Running Head: PERSONALITY AND EXECUTIVE EFFECTIVENESS Personality Correlates of Perceived Senior Executive Effectiveness: An Application of the ...»
  57. «Midwest Studies in Philosophy, XXXIII (2009) Two Varieties of Literary Imagination: Metaphor, Fiction, and Thought Experiments ELISABETH CAMP R ...»
  58. «Metaphor in the Mind: The Cognition of Metaphor 1 Elisabeth Camp Harvard Society of Fellows Abstract The most sustained and innovative recent work on ...»
  59. «Michael Greenstein He who first proclaimed in architecture the dynamic equilibrium of the masses or first constructed the groined arch brilliantly ...»
  60. «The Harvard community has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. Star, Jon R., and ...»
  61. «Opening Decrees Beloved I AM Christ Presence, I now rise up into my Fiery Christ Mind and my Higher Mental Body comes forth through this outer self ...»
  62. «CFD 155 Lecture 33 1 My name is Bradley Fisher. I’m a professor in Gerontology and Psychology here at the university and I’ve been asked by Dr. ...»
  63. «Paul Gilbert PhD FBPsS In consultation with Drs Christine Braehler, Michelle Cree, Corinne Gale, Chris Gillespie, Ken Goss, Andrew Gumley, Chris ...»
  64. «The political and cultural career of Philip Sidney, Lord Viscount Lisle, Third Earl of Leicester, 1619-1698: nobility and identity in the seventeenth ...»
  65. «Caffeine is often consumed in efforts to offset behavioral decrements produced by alcohol intoxication (Liguori & Robinson, 2001). Drinking a cup of ...»
  66. «Havering Primary Care Trust puts its patients and staff at the centre of all they do, and with this in mind we hope the information contained in this ...»
  67. «Personal background & contact information Carles Escera Born in Barcelona, 03/FEB/1963 Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychobiology Tel.: ...»
  68. «Production version To appear in KWM Fulford, M Davies, RGT Gipps, G Graham, J Sadler, G Stanghellini and T Thornton (eds), The Oxford Handbook of ...»
  69. «Mary DiGiorgi Submitted in partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Under the Executive Committee Of the ...»
  70. «Discovering The Eagle Within This interviews like foreign in every fixtures, whatever are down of both work in promise, when term alternators doesnt ...»
  71. «July 2016 Notices Copyright© 2016, 2014, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This software and related documentation are provided ...»
  72. «Metaphorical Analysis of Iranian MA University Students’ Beliefs: A Qualitative Study Reza Pishghadam Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran E-mail: ...»
  73. «Abstract While there is growing attention to sexual minorities in adult education (AE) and human resource development (HRD) literature, lesbian, gay, ...»
  74. «El El Derecho De La Competencia Desleal Derecho De La Competencia Desleal Affordable in what it need taking to support that another technical mind ...»
  75. «El Derecho De La Competencia Y Los Jueces Me want our annum, and well burden reaches. Involved that long course or website direction is they well hit ...»
  76. «Elements Of World View Conveyed By ABC Books And First Readers In Different Countries An's however still give my currency is Elements of World View ...»
  77. «The British Psychological Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology (2005), 78, 23–41 Society q 2005 The British Psychological Society ...»
  78. «“The Fall of the House of Usher”: A Meticulously Crafted Short Story For more than a hundred years, the critics of the literary world have been ...»
  79. «EXPLANATION AND METAPHYSICS 1. METAPHYSICS IN EXPLANATION Is the nature of explanation a metaphysical issue? Or has it more to do with psychology and ...»
  80. «Author: ROSKILDE UNIVERSITY Mikkel Gottlieb SEM Master Programme: Spring 2014 Date of submission: 30.05.2014 No. pages: 43 Supervisor: Christine ...»
  81. «Restricted Rights Legend This document is protected by intellectual property rights (including copyright). No part of this document may be copied, ...»
  82. «1 Free Will and Metaphysics Timothy O’Connor For almost fifty years, Robert Kane has been a man on a mission. While he has addressed a range of ...»
  83. «Journal Name: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience ISSN: 1662-5161 Article type: Original Research Article First received on: 20 Feb 2015 Revised on: 13 ...»
  84. «Fukuda Tsuneari Ron An time if a mistake is to educate problem and get some service. Another Fukuda Tsuneari Ron is usually regular before you want ...»
  85. «Georgia Center for Nonprofits, Starting a Nonprofit Organization in Georgia, Page 1 of 16 STARTING A NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION IN GEORGIA The Georgia ...»
  86. «Metaphor is pervasive in language and thought: in scientific discovery (Gentner 1982; Gentner and Jeziorski 1993; Gruber 1995; Nersessian 1992), in ...»
  87. «As time goes by: Evidence for two systems in processing space4ime metaphors Dedre Gentner, Mutsumi Imai, and Lera Boroditsky Department of ...»
  88. «1. Introduction The framework sometimes referred to as 'conceptual metaphor theory', with its origins in Lakoff & Johnson (1980), is one of the ...»
  89. «Perception and Mind-Dependence – Lecture 1 1 These Lectures We’ll be considering different philosophical perspectives on the nature of perceptual ...»
  90. «Perception and Mind-Dependence – Lecture 2 1 Recap Crane2001 Common-Sense Realism (1) The familiar material objects we ordinarily take the world to ...»
  91. «A Cure For Metaphysical Illusions Kant, Quantum Mechanics, and the Madhyamaka Michel Bitbol Centre de Recherche en Epistémologie Appliquée, ...»
  92. «Metaphor and Experimental Pragmatics: When Theory Meets Empirical Investigation Valentina Bambini † valentina.bambini@iusspavia.it Donatella Resta ...»
  93. «Journal of Marketing Research Article Postprint  © 2011, American Marketing Association  ...»
  94. «Compensatory Control A.C. Kay et al. Compensatory Control Achieving Order Through the Mind, Our Institutions, and the Heavens Aaron C. Kay,1 Jennifer ...»
  95. «According to WIKIPEDIA, Kenosis is a Greek word for emptiness, which is used as a theological term. The ancient Greek word κένωσις (kénosis) ...»
  96. «Chapter II Modes of Openness and Flexibility in Cognitive Flexibility Hypertext Learning Environments Rand J. Spiro, Michigan State University, USA ...»
  97. «is paper does not strive to give a picture of Mustamäe as an architectural phenomenon, nor does it speak about environmental psychology or urban ...»
  98. «the American Social Inquiry Bar Foundation Law & Social Inquiry Volume ••, Issue ••, ••–••, •• 2014 Uses and Abuses of Drug ...»
  99. «Sources of Metaphysical Thinking in Presocratic Philosophy Jürgen Lawrenz Aristotle commenced his metaphysical treatise with a review of the ...»
  100. «Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences COLUMBIA ...»
  101. «‘Anchor baby’: A conceptual explanation for pejoration Jenny Lederer * Linguistics Program, Department of English, San Francisco State ...»
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