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    Theses, dissertations, documentation. Free e-library - Psychology.

  1. «by James Ducas A thesis submitted to the Department of Psychology In conformity with the requirements for the degree of Master of Science Queen’s ...»
  2. «Individualism±collectivism, life events, and self-esteem: a test of two trade-o€s ROMIN W. TAFARODI1* and PATRICIA WALTERS2 University of Toronto, ...»
  3. «IN PRESS AT JPSP Self-talk as a regulatory mechanism: How you do it matters Ethan Kross1, Emma Bruehlman-Senecal2, Jiyoung Park1, Aleah Burson1, ...»
  4. «Socialization of Dissonance Processes: Reports of Parenting Style Experienced during Childhood Moderate Dissonance Reactions Morgan E. Ellithorpe ...»
  5. «Ethan F. Kross CV 1 ETHAN F. KROSS Curriculum Vitae Last Updated 8/1/16 CONTACT Department of Psychology 3004 East Hall University of Michigan Ann ...»
  6. «Social inequality and the reduction of ideological dissonance on behalf of the system: evidence of enhanced system justification among the ...»
  7. «TARGET ARTICLE EXECUTIVE CONSULTING UNDER PRESSURE: A CASE STUDY Arthur M. Freedman World Institute for Action Learning James A. Perry Professional ...»
  8. «The complexity of listening – listening for complexity: Narrative consultancy work in organisations By Thilde Westmark, Lasse Offenberg, and Dorte ...»
  9. «INSIDE BLAMER SOFTENING: MAPS AND MISSTEPS BRENT BRADLEY, PH.D. University of Houston-Clear Lake JAMES FURROW, PH.D. Fuller Graduate School of ...»
  10. «The binding problem in perception deals with the question of how we achieve the experience of a coherent world of integrated objects, and avoid ...»
  11. «Dr. J.A. Francis-Smythe University College Worcester Henwick Grove Worcester WR2 6AJ Tel: 01905 855242; e-mail: j.francis-smythe@worc.ac.uk Prof. ...»
  12. «Threats and Aggression Directed at Soccer Referees: An Empirical Phenomenological Psychological Study Margareta Friman, Claes Nyberg, and Torsten ...»
  13. «Effects of a Self-Distancing Perspective on the Fundamental Attribution Error: An Attempt at De-Biasing by Alex Goldberg A Thesis Submitted in ...»
  15. «gustatory stimuli Oliver Grewe Hanover University of Music and Drama, Germany Björn Katzur Christian-Albrechts University Kiel, Germany Reinhard ...»
  16. «growing guide Making the Most of Your Raised Bed Garden Contents Part 1: Gardening with Growing Places Part 2: Plant & Pest Guide 1 Raised Bed ...»
  17. «Guidelines for Legal Practitioners with Suicidal Colleagues Dr. Heather Fiske, Psychologist One of the most difficult things that life can ask of ...»
  18. «PERSPECTIVES ON THE NARRATIVE CONSTRUCTION OF EMOTIONS Kirsi Hänninen INTRODUCTION In this article I will discuss some discursive and narrative ...»
  19. «Shopping to and fro: Ideomotor Compatibility of Arm Posture and Product Choice Mathias C. Streicher1*, and Zachary Estes2 Department of Strategic ...»
  20. «Congruity Effects in the Survival Processing Paradigm James S. Nairne Josefa N. S. Pandeirada Purdue University University of Aveiro Address all ...»
  22. «Language and the mind 1.1 First language acquisition 1.2 Definitions and distinctions 1.3 Conditions of acquisition 1.4 Stages of language ...»
  23. «by Jeffrey L. McClellan To understand significant soul truths and ourselves in relation to them, sometimes one must approach them indirectly. As ...»
  24. «The British Psychological British Journal of Psychology (2008), 99, 245–264 Society q 2008 The British Psychological Society www.bpsjournals.co.uk ...»
  25. «Emotional dissonance, emotional exhaustion and job satisfaction in call centre workers K. A. Lewig and M. F. Dollard Work & Stress Research Group, ...»
  26. «“Mother, a story told at the right time Is a looking-glass for the mind.” Froebel YESTERDAY’S CLASSICS CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA Cover and ...»
  27. «To Parcel or Not to Parcel: Exploring the Question, Weighing the Merits Todd D. Little, William A. Cunningham, and Golan Shahar Department of ...»
  28. «CONTENDING POLITICAL IDEOLOGIES IN ETHIOPIA AFTER 1991: THE ROLE OF INTELLECTUALS Kostas Loukeris Department of Political Science and International ...»
  29. «Udarbejdet af Malene Djursaa, revideret januar 2007 1 Indhold APA-modellen Hvordan opbygger man en korrekt litteraturliste til sit projekt? Hvornår ...»
  30. «By Craig Bailey, President & Lauren Weiss, Principal Customer Centricity, Inc. www.customercentricity.biz Managing the Enterprise Customer ...»
  31. «Self-Distancing and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Homework Exercises: A Longitudinal Study Examining the Completion of Daily Worry Logs in the Third ...»
  32. «Colour is one of the most conspicuous aspects of visual experiences. Together with shape it imparts objects their individual distinctiveness and is a ...»
  33. «Maximum Success Changing the Twelve Behavior Patterns That Keep You From Getting Ahead by James Waldroop and Timothy Butler Why do some talented ...»
  35. «1. Introduction This paper is divided into two main sections. The first articulates what I believe Strawson’s position to be. I first contrast ...»
  36. «Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche This teaching is excerpted from the complete teachings on the Ati Zabdön ngöndro, given by Jetsün Khandro ...»
  37. «THE TANNER LECTURES ON HUMAN VALUES Delivered at The University of Michigan October 7, 1988 TONI MORRISON was appointed the Robert F. Goheen ...»
  39. «Interpreting tone of voice: Musical pitch relationships convey agreement in dyadic conversation Brooke M. Okadaa) and Lorin Lachs Department of ...»
  40. «Esmée A. Bickel, BSc Marian A. J. van Dijk, MSc Prof. dr. Ellen Giebels Department Psychology of Conflict, Risk & Safety University of Twente March ...»
  41. «Math 676. Some basics concerning absolute values A remarkable unification of congruential and Euclidean-space methods in number theory is achieved ...»
  42. «Owe Gr 4 3 Shared Writing Card You are reliable words of report to period or aluminum unwillingness as subject Owe Gr 4-3 Shared Writing Card peoples ...»
  43. «Disclaimer UWE has obtained warranties from all depositors as to their title in the material deposited and as to their right to deposit such ...»
  44. «Pasion Vagabunda So, you will regain 300 politics for considered places mixing 2010-2012 seminars on in-depth people. Each realization has if your ...»
  45. «This paper provides an analysis of a teaching experiment designed to foster students' geometrical reasoning and verification in small group. The ...»
  46. «Meta-Cognitive Processes Model of Decentering RUNNING HEAD: Meta-Cognitive Processes Model of Decentering Decentering and Related Constructs: A ...»
  47. «Relative Distancing: A grounded theory of how learners negotiate the interprofessional. Journal of Interprofessional Care, 27: 34-42 Relative ...»
  48. «This program is made possible by The Trustees of Reservations http://www.thetrustees.org/ and Growing Places Garden Project ...»
  49. «C O R P O R AT I O N For more information on this publication, visit www.rand.org/t/rr949 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data ISBN: ...»
  50. «Over the last 20 years research has been done on the question of how egocentric distances, i.e., the subjectively reported distance from a human ...»
  51. «Retrieval Selectivity in the Processing of Self-referent Information: Testing the Boundaries of Self-protection JEFFREY D. GREEN Soka University, ...»
  52. «Kelly Wilz Department of Communication and Culture Indiana University Abstract In the Valley of Elah offers a model by which we might begin to ...»
  53. «          The impact of ‘likeability’ on advertising effectiveness: To what extent does liking an advert have a persuasive influence on ...»
  54. «You may speak of a chain, or if you please, a net. An analogy is of little aid. Each cause brings about future events. Without each the future would ...»
  55. «Evaluation of Employment Advisers in the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme by Terence Hogarth, Chris Hasluck, Lynn Gambin, Heike ...»
  56. «Order Number: A55454-003 http://support.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/chassis/sc5100 Disclaimer: Information in this document is provided in ...»
  57. «Order Number: A86510-003 Disclaimer: Information in this document is provided in connection with Intel® products. No license, express or implied, by ...»
  58. «http://support.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/chassis/sc5200 Disclaimer: Information in this document is provided in connection with Intel® ...»
  59. «A Guide for Technically Qualified Assemblers of Intel® Identified Subassemblies/Products Order Number: C28443-001 rev 2 ...»
  60. «Kolone Ruth Leilani Scanlan Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy under the Executive Committee ...»
  61. «Advances in Political Psychology, Vol. 35, Suppl. 1, 2014 doi: 10.1111/pops.12166 The Social and Political Implications of Moral Conviction Linda J. ...»
  62. «RELEASE VERSION 2.6 | NOVEMBER 2015 SourceIT User Notes – Specific Clauses IT Consultancy Services Contract 3 Introduction 3 1. Using these notes 3 ...»
  63. «The greatest truth we could hope to discover, in whatever field we discovered it, is that man’s truth is the final resolution of everything. — ...»
  64. «The Manner of Reception of Roman Catholic Converts into the Orthodox Church with Special Reference to the Decisions of the Synods of 1484 ...»
  65. «The British Psychological Society Reproduction in any form (including the internet) is prohibited without prior permission from the Society The ...»
  66. «Theory Paper – Cognitive Dissonance Candice H. Graham University of Tennessee CC1 540 Sec. 001 COGNITIVE DISSONANCE 2 Theory Paper – Cognitive ...»
  67. «How do college students, namely young adults between the ages 18 to 22, develop cognitively? What transformation occurs in the way students think and ...»
  68. «Title: Toward a Humanistic Positive Psychology: Why Can’t We Just Get Along? [This paper, with slight modifications, was presented at the American ...»
  69. «FDA White Oak Campus 10903 New Hampshire Ave. Bldg. 31, Conference Center Silver Spring, MD January 12, 2016 (buprenorphine hydrochloride subdermal ...»
  70. «The Use of Proximal Information Scent to Forage for Distal Content on the World Wide Web Peter Pirolli PARC To appear in Alex Kirlik (Ed.) Working ...»
  71. «Gestão de Ativos de Propriedade Intelectual: um Estudo sobre as Práticas da Braskem S.A. Managing Intellectual Property Assets: a Study on Braskem ...»
  72. «Optimism, said Candide, is a mania for maintaining that all is well when things are going badly. — Voltaire, Candide, ch. 19. Abstract An adequate ...»
  73. «Resumen En este trabajo intentamos realizar una aproximación de la percepción de riesgo en el contexto laboral. Para ello, hacemos una breve ...»
  74. «REPRODUCING UNEQUAL SECURITY: PERU AS A WELLBEING REGIME James Copestake and Geof Wood Copyright © James Copestake and Geof Wood August 2007 WeD - ...»
  75. «ENHANCING POVERTY-ABATEMENT PROGRAMMES: A SUBJECTIVE WELL-BEING CONTRIBUTION © Mariano Rojas December 2007 WeD - Wellbeing in Developing Countries ...»
  76. «inine An imaginary abjection BARBARA CREED I Mother’s not herself today. – Norman Bates, Psycho All human societies have a conception of the ...»
  77. «Order Number: A86510-002 http://support.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/chassis/sc5200 Disclaimer: Information in this document is provided in ...»
  78. «Nonverbal Phrases in Prose Bates L. Hoffer Trinity University* * While reading the literature of another culture, all sorts of descriptions of ...»
  79. «“The more the merrier”? Understanding the wellbeing of professional musicians in collaborative and solo work settings Sara Ascenso and Rosie ...»
  80. «Reflective Practice within Elite Consultancy: Diary Extracts and Further Discussion on a Personal and Elusive Process Zoe Knowles Liverpool John ...»
  81. «Idealism & perceptual variation For the last two weeks we have been discussing the strengths and weaknesses of two competing views of human beings ...»
  82. «1. Publications: 1.1. Published journal articles: Accredited Journals: 1.1.1. Colin F. Bipolar disorder. SAfrJPsychiatry 2013 August; 19(3): 164-171. ...»
  84. «Fierros, Luis Enrique; Rivera, Blanca Margarita; Piña, Julio Alfonso SEXUAL BEHAVIOR WITH CASUAL PARTNERS AMONG UNIVERSITY WOMEN Revista ...»
  85. «Taylor, Richard C. The Agent Intellect as form for us and Averroes's. Critique of al-Farabi Tópicos, Revista de Filosofía, núm. 29, 2005, pp. ...»
  86. «Orientalising India through Stereotypical Images: Edward Morgan Forster’s A Passage to India Saideh Naim Vafa1 and Bahman Zarrinjooee2* 1- MA ...»
  87. «F ixing your mind on how your professional practice has affected your students can enhance your wish for self-improvement and get you on the road to ...»
  88. «In discussing the entire issue of evil, it was suggested in the Preface of this book that what is not needed in the approach to understanding the ...»
  89. «Submitted by Brian L. Wilcox, PhD Dale Kunkel, PhD Joanne Cantor, PhD Peter Dowrick, PhD Susan Linn, EdD Edward Palmer, PhD February 20, 2004 For ...»
  90. «OPTIONS PAPER BACKGROUND Historical Development of the Immunity 1. When advocates’ immunity first arose for judicial consideration, the essence of ...»
  91. «by Carl Maerz on iti Co-founder, Rocket Referrals Ed ew N Table of Contents Notes for New Edition 1 Introduction 2 I don't want your satisfaction I ...»
  92. «APA Style Guide to Electronic References Site License For St. Clair College Copyright © 2012 by the American Psychological Association. All rights ...»
  93. «AIAA Manuscript Preparation Kit This kit is to serve as a partner document to the AIAA Papers Template, and includes a summary of formatting ...»
  94. «In the Special Issue on Multicultural Social Justice Leadership Development Guest Editor: Carlos P. Zalaquett, University of South Florida ...»
  95. «The Problem: Counterproductive Patterns In Default Reasoning On issue after issue, average Americans tend to overlook the situations that advocates ...»
  96. «In the Special Issue on Multicultural Social Justice Leadership Development Guest Editor: Carlos P. Zalaquett, University of South Florida ...»
  97. «By accessing and printing out this paper, you agree to be legally bound by International Copyright Law. Use this paper under the rules of Fair Use ...»
  98. «10-2-2009 Quantifying Social Justice Advocacy Competency: Development of the Social Justice Advocacy Scale Jennifer Kaye Dean Follow this and ...»
  99. «IONS Distant Healing Bibliography Barrington, M. (1982). Bean growth promotion pilot experiment. Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research, ...»
  100. «* This is a revised version of a manuscript that was circulated on the Semantics Archive on 8 Dec 2013 (see ...»
  101. «“Benevolent Global Hegemony”: William Kristol and the Politics of American Empire by Gary Dorrien Near themakers the Cold War a that instead of ...»
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