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    Theses, dissertations, documentation. Free e-library - Psychology.

  1. «CONGENITAL RUBELLA SYNDROME Neuropsychological functioning and implications illustrated by a case study By Jude Nicholas, Clinical Psychologist, ...»
  2. «J. Atieno Fisher Abstract: Argues that psychodrama and cognitive therapy are compatible – that they have both processes and theories in common and ...»
  3. «Feelings not Foregone: Underestimating Affective Reactions to What Does Not Happen Eduardo B. Andrade Leaf Van Boven University of California, ...»
  4. «Per Jensen Doctorate of Systemic Psychotherapy awarded by the University of East London in conjunction with the Tavistock Clinic, December 2007 ...»
  5. «Selective Activation and Disengagement of Moral Control Albert Bandura Stanford University Moral conduct is motivated and regulated mainly by the ...»
  6. «MECHANISMS OF MORAL DISENGAGEMENT IN TERRORISM Albert Bandura Stanford University (References not included) Bandura, A. (1990). Mechanisms of moral ...»
  7. «THE CRIMINAL-CIVIL DISTINCTION AND THE UTILITY OF DESERT Paul H. Robinson* The Criminal-Civil Distinction: Some Academic Explanations The Lay View of ...»
  8. «Sycarah D. Fisher, PhD NCSP Curriculum Vitae University of Kentucky Cell: (757) 593-5333 School Psychology Work: (859) 257-6697 236 Dickey Hall Fax: ...»
  9. «In my capacity as designer of large-scale business applications I was asked recently, What makes someone a good designeras opposed to a good ...»
  10. «(1) Educational and professional history (2) Teaching and examining experience 1969Administrative experience and service 1969Research experience and ...»
  11. «Matt Jan Hutt July 1994 Dissertation submitted to the University of Sheffield in partial fulfillment of the degree Doctor of Clinical Psychology ...»
  12. «Eating with the Enemy: Receptive Mindsets in Conflictual Dialogue Julia A. Minson University of Pennsylvania Frances S. Chen University of Freiburg, ...»
  13. «Emil Ahnstedt FP1300 VT15 Supervisor: John Eriksson 2015-06-17 Abstract moral defense of playing violent computer games. He claims that utilitarian ...»
  14. «Report Q186 in the name of the Portuguese Group by João M. PIMENTA, Filipe BAPTISTA, Ana Rita PAINHO, Gonçalo PAIVA E SOUSA and António ANDRADE ...»
  15. «This paper provides a five-year review of developments related to incendiary weapons. It describes the harm that such weapons, including white ...»
  16. «THE PUBLIC VALUE OF SETTLEMENT Samuel Issacharoff* Robert H. Klonoff** Americans love strongly held positions. We marvel at the debates over whether ...»
  17. «JANET K. HOLT (previous names: Sheehan, Sheehan-Holt) CURRICULUM VITAE February, 2002 Address: Home: Office: 1164 Mary Court Educational Technology, ...»
  18. «HONORS Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society Psi Chi Honor Society Golden Key National Honor Society Rho Chi Honor Society Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society ...»
  19. «ABSTRACT Recent models of visual information processing suggest that visual attention can be focussed on either Head-Up Displays (HUD) or on the ...»
  20. «Sarah McLaren Submitted in part fulfilment of the degree of Doctorate in Clinical Psychology The University of Edinburgh August 2012 Word count: ...»
  21. «Paul H. Robinson, 8346 words, August 19, 1999 MENS REA The Development of Mens Rea . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...»
  22. «Surface mail: Ronald A. Rensink Department of Computer Science 2366 Main Mall Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4 Canada Email: rensink@cs.ubc.ca; ...»
  23. «2012 Amanda Sheffield Morris CURRENT POSITION Associate Professor with tenure Graduate Coordinator, OSU-Tulsa July 2006Human Development & Family ...»
  24. «Novena to the Holy Spirit Friday after Ascension Thursday Saturday, the Vigil of Pentecost This is the prototype of all novenas. It commemorates the ...»
  25. «A Dissertation Presented to The Academic Faculty by Katherine E. Olson In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Doctor of Philosophy ...»
  26. «Jhana Center/Spa4thePink Has it ever crossed your mind that there has to be another way? How do we get our bodies to resonate with joy, peace and ...»
  28. «FIU PSYCHOLOGY Mentor’s Corner Student Accomplishments Interview with Dr. Bagner By Gabbi Hungerford What an outstanding year we had! & Nely Garcia ...»
  29. «Scott A. Conger CONTACT INFORMATION Department of Kinesiology Boise State University 1910 University Drive Boise, ID 83725-1710 Telephone: (208) ...»
  30. «Disclaimer UWE has obtained warranties from all depositors as to their title in the material deposited and as to their right to deposit such ...»
  31. «A Dissertation by MARIAGRAZIA MARZANO SHEFFIELD Submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies of Texas A&M University in partial fulfillment of the ...»
  32. «NASP Annual Conference in New Orleans! Inside this issue: NASP’s 2016 Annual Convention the needs of all students in school. In his remarks, was ...»
  33. «Students Displaying Serious Psychological Problems Original Implementation: October 12, 1982 Last Revision: July 26, 2016 Stephen F. Austin State ...»
  34. «SUGGESTIBILITY OF THE CHINESE AS REVEALED BY THE CREATIVE IMAGINATION SCALE Calvin Kai-ching Yu Department of Counselling and Psychology, Hong Kong ...»
  35. «MAGDALENA SZUBIELSKA The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin Institute of Psychology13 MENTAL MAJORIZATION OF FIGURES TACTILELY EXPLORED BY ...»
  36. «The Experience of Spirituality in the Lives of Anglican Gay Men by Barry Craig Bates Hollowell A THESIS SUBMITTED TO THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES ...»
  37. «Crowding Data References Adelman, B. J., Heberlein, T. A., & Bonnicksen, T. M. (1982). Social psychological explanations for the persistence of a ...»
  38. «The measurement and antecedents of affective, continuance and normative commitment to the organization Natalie J. Allen* Department of Psychology, ...»
  39. «Cha,pāā Sutta The Discourse on the Six Animals [1001-1100] (Sayutta Nikya 35.247/4:198-201)1 Translated by ...»
  40. «Michael J. Chandler1 , Christopher Lalonde2 , and Bryan Sokol1 The University of British Columbia The University of Victoria Address for ...»
  41. «Matthew Lee Andrew Montgomery Steven Shapiro Veeral Shah Qian Wang December 15, 2000 6.933/STS.420 – The Structure of Engineering Revolutions ...»
  42. «Student and Community Perceptions about Organ Donors, Non-donors, and Transplant Recipients Melissa K. Hyde and Katherine M. White Queensland ...»
  43. «Abstract. A century ago, Taylor published a landmark in the organizational sciences, his Principles of Scientific Management. Many researchers have ...»
  44. «Hemispheric asymmetries in bilinguals: Tongue similarity affects lateralization of second language Anita D′Anselmo, Susanne Reiterer, Francesca ...»
  45. «“For thirty years it has been my gradually developed belief that.a complete overhauling of our thinking concerning the structure of neurosis is ...»
  46. «The Magic Barrel Not long ago there lived in uptown New York, in a small, almost meager room, though crowded with books, Leo Finkle, a rabbinical ...»
  47. «Positive musical effects on two types of negative stressful conditions Masahira Yamamoto, Shinobu Naga and Jun Shimizu Psychology of Music 2007 35: ...»
  48. «A cross-disciplinary framework for the description of contextually mediated change. Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics, 4(15), 1-22. A ...»
  49. «Congratulations on Your New Role. Now What? Congratulations on Your New Role. Now What? This e-book is published by: Mind Tools Ltd, 2nd Floor, ...»
  50. «Natalie Ryder Redcross, Ph.D. Iona College Assistant Professor Mass Communications 715 North Avenue New Rochelle, NY 10801 Tresmaine Grimes, Ph.D. ...»
  51. «Doctoral Program in Psychology: Subprogram in Forensic Psychology The Graduate School of the City University of New York August 2009 Edition Contents ...»
  52. «First Year Law Teaching as Political Action* Duncan Kennedy** To suggest, as the title does, that teaching first year law students is a form of ...»
  53. «BETWEEN THE WORLD AND ME 2016 Readers Guide The KU community looks forward to reading Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me with you. It is a ...»
  54. «Reading Information Graphics: The Role of Spatial Contiguity and Dual Attentional Guidance JANA HOLSANOVA1, NILS HOLMBERG2 and KENNETH HOLMQVIST2* ...»
  55. «INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW RESEARCH Spring 2013 Finding Intellectual Property Materials in LEAGLE Search the following subject headings: Competition, ...»
  56. «To Be In A Time Of War To say nothing, do nothing, mark time, to bend, to straighten up, to blame oneself, to stand, to go toward the window, to ...»
  57. «Disclaimer UWE has obtained warranties from all depositors as to their title in the material deposited and as to their right to deposit such ...»
  58. «Abstract. The goal of the study is to investigate cultural differences in avatar expression evaluation and apply findings from psychological study in ...»
  59. «Collection Development Policy Table of Contents I. Introduction 2 A. Mission 2 B. Institution Profile 2 C. Goals and Responsibilities 2 D. ...»
  60. «Re-contextualising mindfulness: Theravada Buddhist perspectives on the ethical and spiritual dimensions of awareness T. Lomas  Department of ...»
  61. «Theory of Affective Reactions to Ambivalent Situations (TARAS): A Cognitive Account of Negativity Dominance Ulrich Schimmack University of Toronto, ...»
  62. «Name: Candidate No.: Type of Study: Experiment Subject and Level: Psychology Higher Level Date of submission: January 12, 2004 Word Count: 1,992 ...»
  63. «4 Studying Context: A Comparison of Activity Theory, Situated Action Models, and Distributed Cognition Bonnie A. Nardi It has been recognized that ...»
  64. «Estrogen fluctuations, oral contraceptives and borderline personality M. Catherine DeSoto a,∗, David C. Geary b, Mary K. Hoard b, Melanie S. ...»
  65. «Note for using this document An alphabetical listing of all contact information for each section is contained in the Resources section at the end of ...»
  66. «Explanations of police coercion have been traditionally embedded within sociological, psychological, and organizational theoretical frameworks. ...»
  67. «Abstract Postmodern scholarship poses significant challenges to pivotal assumptions of individual knowledge, objectivity, and truth. In their place ...»
  68. «St. John's University Master of Psychology Program in School Psychology Student Handbook 2013-14 Master of Science Program in School Psychology ...»
  69. «Art and Anxiety, or: Lacan with Joyce Professor Ruth Ronen The advent of modernism has put aesthetics in a predicament since ways of reconciling the ...»
  70. «Processing Contextual and Lexical Cues to Focus: Evidence from Eye Movements in Reading Antje Sauermann1 Ruth Filik2 Kevin B. Paterson3 1 Department ...»
  71. «Does Temporal Contiguity Moderate Contingency Learning in a Speeded Performance Task? James R. Schmidt & Jan De Houwer Ghent University Author Notes ...»
  72. «Configural learning in contextual cuing of visual search Tom Beesley1, Miguel A. Vadillo2,3, Daniel Pearson1 & David R. Shanks2 University of New ...»
  73. «Contesting Privilege with Critical Participatory Action Research Brett G. Stoudt∗ John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of ...»
  74. «Logistics 2050 A Scenario Study DELIVERING TOMORROW Logistics 2050 A Scenario Study PUBLISHER Deutsche Post AG, Headquarters represented by Dr. ...»
  75. «Running head: TEMPORAL CONTIGUITY IN CAUSAL INDUCTION Knowledge mediates the timeframe of covariation assessment in human causal induction Marc J ...»
  76. «Teaching About Population Issues Naming cannot buy your home if you is quite become Teaching about Population Issues networking. Your planning was to ...»
  78. «This document supports the version of each product listed and supports all subsequent versions until the document is replaced by a new edition. To ...»
  79. «Establishing ContExtual Control ovEr symmEtry and asymmEtry PErformanCEs in tyPiCally dEvEloPing ChildrEn and ChildrEn With autism Jennifer ...»
  80. «The treatment of a network problem is not simply about method and it is not about answers: it is about theory in the most fundamental sense. How ...»
  81. «About the Fellowship The James A. Auchmuty Fellowship is named in honor of Dr. Jim Auchmuty, pastor Emeritus of Shades Crest Baptist Church in ...»
  82. «Roy Miki Vancouver writer, poet, and editor Roy Miki taught in the English Department at Simon Fraser University from the mid-1970s until his ...»
  83. «Peter K. Hatemi1,2*, Rose McDermott3, Lindon J. Eaves4, Kenneth S Kendler5, Michael C Neale6 United States Centre, University of Sydney Department of ...»
  84. «Prof. Dr. Heinz Goddar * © Prof. Dr. Heinz Goddar Cite as: 7 Wash J.L. Tech. & Arts 135 (2011) ...»
  85. «The government calls its final witness, Specialist (SPC) Sheera M’endassity, the confidential informant. Specialist M’endassity is testifying ...»
  86. «PAGE 1. Indications for Accutane 2 2. Contraindications for Accutane 2 3. Warnings 3 4. Side Effects 3 5. Recommended Dosage 4 6. Patient Management ...»
  87. «Keith T. Poole Department of Political Science University of Houston Houston, TX 77204-3011 13 January 2003 Abstract This paper shows a variety of ...»
  88. «Nominalists believe that there are no properties, but only particulars. Realists, instead, believe that, among the denizens of reality, some are ...»
  89. «Australian Journal of Educational & Developmental Psychology. Vol 11, 2011, pp. 60- 77 Attachment across the life span: Factors that contribute to ...»
  90. «Social Choice and Topology 1 A Case of Pure and Applied Mathematics Beno Eckmann I have never seen much difference between pure and applied ...»
  91. «By Ira Mark Ellman Charles J. Merriam Distinguished Professor of Law Affiliate Professor of Psychology Arizona State University Distinguished ...»
  92. «By Ira Mark Ellman Charles J. Merriam Distinguished Professor of Law Affiliate Professor of Psychology Arizona State University Distinguished ...»
  93. «Guidelines for congress organizers INTRODUCTION These guidelines have been prepared with two aims in mind: To supply national organizations that are ...»
  94. «HOW BROADLY DOES EDUCATION CONTRIBUTE TO JOB PERFORMANCE? THOMAS W. H. NG University of Hong Kong DANIEL C. FELDMAN University of Georgia This study ...»
  95. «December 2015 Krishnamurti in San Diego, California, 1974 Photograph by Mary Zimbalist. Copyright © The Estate of Mary Zimbalist Truth is not an ...»
  96. «Ruth Deakin Crick and Chris Goldspink Learning Emergence Research Paper 2014.02 http://LearningEmergence.net Ruth Deakin Crick & Chris Goldspink ...»
  97. «Sarah A. Lechago, Ph.D., BCBA-D (281) 283-3331 lechago@uhcl.edu EDUCATION Ph.D. in Psychology (Behavior Analysis), 2009 Western Michigan University ...»
  98. «Master´s thesis By Ursula Cats Student number 1698141 Supervisor Dr Ellen Bal Second assessor Dr Marion den Uyl June 2009 Social and Cultural ...»
  99. «Katinka Flieringa 18-8 2014 Student number: 0406244 Universiteit van Amsterdam Arbeids- & Organisatie Psychologie Supervisor: Ms. dr. B. Nevicka ...»
  100. «1 Introduction This essay is a overview of the many different scientific, psychological, and communicative issues concerning climate skepticism. ...»
  101. «Jordan Grimmer A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Laws (Honours). University of Otago ...»
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