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    Theses, dissertations, documentation. Free e-library - Political.

  1. «Education Department of Educational Leadership Sport Management Program 249 Glenbrook Road, Unit 3093 Office Phone: (860) 486-0204 Gentry Building ...»
  2. «How did we get from a world where cookies were something you ate and where “nontechies” were unaware of “Netscape cookies” to a world where ...»
  4. «Manning our military forces currently requires the services of only a minority of young men. At most, something like one-third will have seen ...»
  5. «Since 1959, the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations has had, as its primary mission, responsibility for assessing the condition of ...»
  6. « ...»
  7. «Please note: This draft does not represent conclusions or recommendations by the Commission or FTC staff; it is solely for purposes of discussion. ...»
  9. «The policies, procedures and guidance notes contained in this booklet have been approved by the Trustees of DART and should be carefully read and ...»
  10. «CHAPTER ONE Why Do People Cooperate? A cross the social sciences there has been a widespread recognition that it is important to understand how to ...»
  11. «Cooperating for Peace: The Challenges and Promises of Partnerships in Peace Operations The opinions and views expressed in this document do not ...»
  12. «Chapter 6 Rational Actors or Rational Fools? Paul Slovic I don’t smoke and don’t care to be around smoke, but I believe smokers should have the ...»
  13. «EUI Working Paper SPS No. 99/7 International Actors and Democratization: US Assistance to New Political Parties in the Czech Republic and Slovakia ...»
  14. «Does informal intervention by high officials of international organizations decisively in uence the outcomes of multilateral negotiations? In the ...»
  15. «Andrew Davies, Peter Jennings, Daniel Nichola and Benjamin Schreer December 2014 Dr Andrew Davies Andrew Davies is the Senior Analyst for Defence ...»
  16. «Relevance of Copenhagen Criteria in Actual Accession: Principles, Methods and Shortcomings of EU Pre-accession Evaluation Viljar Veebel* Abstract ...»
  17. «Southwest Service Area Redevelopment Program at Boston-Logan International Airport East Boston, Massachusetts SUBMITTED TO PROPONENT Massachusetts ...»
  18. «Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 I. Rationalist ...»
  20. «Organizational Assessment of Travis County Community Supervision and Corrections Department (CSCD) Facing the Challenges to Successfully Implement ...»
  21. «Abstract This article explores problematic aspects of metonymic target identification in specialist language. Searching for and establishing ...»
  22. «Copyright: UNICEF Ukraine/2016/ Aleksey Kozlov Humanitarian Situation Report # 44 1 – 31 March 2016 Highlights 225,508 # of registered IDP children ...»
  23. «An “Unmanly and Insidious Attack”: Child Actress Jean Davenport and the Performance of Masculinity in 1840s Jamaica and Newfoundland 1 MARLIS ...»
  24. «Actors, Discourses and Interfaces of Rural Tourism Development at the Local Community Level in Slovenia: Social and Political Dimensions of the Rural ...»
  25. «Who participates? Civil society and the new democratic politics in São Paulo, Brazil Peter P. Houtzager, Adrián Gurza Lavalle and Arnab Acharya ...»
  26. «Geological Disposal: Waste Package Specification for 6 cubic metre concrete box waste package December 2015 WPSGD no. WPS/360/03 Geological Disposal: ...»
  27. «Geological Disposal Waste Package Specification for 1 cubic metre concrete drum waste packages December 2014 WPSGD No. WPS/362/01 Geological ...»
  28. «Geological Disposal: Waste Package Specification for 3 cubic metre robust shielded box waste packages for transport as part of a Type IP-2 package ...»
  29. «key words: metaphors, metonymy, 2008 presidential election, Lakoff, Johnson, cognitive linguistics Metaphors and Metonymy in Politics. Selected ...»
  30. «GESTIóN MIGRATORIA EN LA FRONTERA SUR DE MÉxICO Antoine Desjonquères* reSumen: En este texto se reflexiona sobre el doble papel del Estado ...»
  31. «Transmission Metrics: Initial Results Staff Report Federal Energy Regulatory Commission March 17, 2016 The opinions and views expressed in this staff ...»
  32. «Early consolidation and the crisis of the fragmented democracy: The majoritarian-consensual democracy debate in Hungary This paper has a shorter ...»
  33. «The institution of ‘consensus’ in the European Union: Formal versus informal decision-making in the Council DOROTHEE HEISENBERG Johns Hopkins ...»
  34. «© Crown copyright 2011 WAG10-10733 F1181011 Table of contents Introduction 2 Strategies to improve attendance and manage lateness 2 Have an ...»
  35. «1. REISSUANCE AND PURPOSE This Instruction: 1.1. Reissues Reference (a) as a DoD Instruction according to guidance in References (b) and (c). 1.2. ...»
  36. «A report prepared by Rojo Mettle-Nunoo & Louise Hilditch January 2000 Robert Joseph Mettle-Nunoo has worked as a lecturer and Research Fellow in ...»
  37. «Ove Sernhede Gothenburg University, Sweden Abstract This article deals with processes of marginalization and patterns of segregation in contemporary ...»
  38. «MANAGING METROPOLITAN GROWTH: REFLECTIONS ON THE TWIN CITIES EXPERIENCE Ted Mondale and William Fulton A Case Study Prepared for: The Brookings ...»
  39. «Evaluation of co-ordination and coherence in the application of Article 96 of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement EVALUATION SERVICES OF THE EUROPEAN ...»
  40. «Eighth plenary meeting of the 38th session of the General Conference Friday 6 November 2015 at 3.10 p.m. President: Mr Stanley Mutumba Simataa ...»
  41. «Liberating Praxis Paulo Freire’s Legacy for Radical Education and Politics Peter Mayo SensePublishers LIBERATING PRAXIS INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES ...»
  42. «From Conflict to Consensus? Elite Integration and Democracy in Ghana ANJA OSEI University of Konstanz Department of Politics and Management P.O. Box ...»
  43. «Working Paper 357 Results of ODI research presented in preliminary form for discussion and critical comment shaping policy for development Working ...»
  44. «The Manual should be cited as follows: Farmer, A.M. (2012) (Editor). Manual of European Environmental Policy. 1043pp. Routledge, London. ...»
  45. «How to cite: Cerd´n-Sanz, Susana (2001) Community-based antenatal care: a comparative study between a Chester-le-street (England) and Pamplona ...»
  46. «Israel’s Absentees’ Property Law: A tool for taking control of Palestinian land The application of the law in occupied East Jerusalem Prospects ...»
  47. «Table of Contents Executive Summary Qualitative Study Quantitative Study Conclusions I. Introduction II. Background A. Qualified Medicare ...»
  48. «R. Michael Alvarez Thad E. Hall D. E. “Betsy” Sinclair † January 24, 2005 † Professor of Political Science, California Institute of ...»
  49. «A5. USE OF BORATES IN OTHER USES A5.1 Use of Borates in Adhesives, Paper and Pressed Panels A5.1.1 Background to Use of Borates This Annex describes ...»
  50. «luisa María Armenta Moreno - Profesora de Educación Secundaria luisaarmenta@yahoo.es Rebut / Received: 26-4-10 Acceptat / Accepted: 10-5-10 ...»
  51. «Abstract: This article describes the role of local educational actors in the state of Baja California since the 1990s. An analysis is made of the ...»
  52. «Absentee and Special Voters Precinct Board Guide Table of Contents Overview Absentee and Special Voters Precinct (ASVP) What is the ASVP Board? Board ...»
  53. «      Humanitarian Coordination An Overview January 2008 Abstract: A vital component of humanitarian action is the coordination among all actors ...»
  54. «Chronic Absenteeism in the Classroom Context: Effects on Achievement Michael A. Gottfried, PhD Associate Professor University of California Santa ...»
  55. «DOI:10.1068/b32036t Seoul: birth of a broadband metropolis Anthony M Townsend Institute for the Future, 124 University Avenue, Second Floor, Palo ...»
  57. «The Modality of Sovereignty: Agamben and the Aporia of Primacy in Aristotle’s Metaphysics Theta NAHUM BROWN “ otentiality and Law” is one of ...»
  58. «Pre-K Attendance – Why It’s Important and How to Support It Melissa Dahlin, MA, and Jim Squires, PhD February 2016 State education agencies are ...»
  59. «POLICY: CONTROL OF ABSENTEEISM CODE: SS-9 Student Services Origin: Resolutions #86-03-26-9.2; #00-10-25-8.2 Authority: Education Act, Sections 14-18, ...»
  60. «1. Introduction The last fteen years have seen a remarkable revolution in both the conduct of and the common understanding of monetary policy around ...»
  61. «Coordinating Access Control in Grid Services David W Chadwick, Linying Su, Romain Laborde1 Computing Laboratory, University of Kent, Canterbury CT2 ...»
  62. «Prepared by: Dionysia F. Oliveira Research Project: SPR-2107 Final Report Report Number CT-2107-F-14-4 October 2014 Connecticut Department of ...»
  63. «D.5.3.1 (Procedure) Holidays, Leaves and Absences Responsible Department: Human Resources Based on Board Policy: D.5.3 - Holidays, Leaves and ...»
  64. «Social Policy and Development United Nations Programme Paper Number 32 Research Institute May 2007 for Social Development This United Nations ...»
  65. «Analyzing the Romanian electoral phenomenon, reinvented and retrieved after the events of 1989, with the restoration of democracy in Romania, we see ...»
  66. «Energy Sector Oil and Natural Gas Subsector Coordinating Council Governance Principles and Operating Procedures I. Mission and Purpose In support of ...»
  67. «Equality Analysis for The State Pension Credit (Temporary Absence from Great Britain) Regulations Date: 06.01.2016 Completed by: Jason Westerman EIA ...»
  68. «The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Guidance on Sharing Information with Community-Based Organizations Introduction This document provides ...»
  69. «The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Guidance for Parents February 2011 The following guidance provides parents with general information ...»
  70. «Miami-Florida European Union Center of Excellence Modelo Europeu como referência para a integração na American Latina do século XXI Marcos ...»
  71. «Actuarial Equivalence for Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans under the Medicare Drug Program March 2008 American ...»
  72. «Peace Agreements Digital Collection Iraq Additional Documents United Nations Security Council Resolution 1546 (2004) United Nations Security Council ...»
  73. «United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Investment Policy Review Peru UNITED NATIONS UNITED NATIONS New-York and Geneva, 2000 Note UNCTAD ...»
  74. «A CRITIQUE OF CONSENSUAL DEMOCRACY AND HUMAN RIGHTS IN KWASI WIREDU’S PHILOSOPHY Fayemi, Ademola Kazeem Department of Philosophy Lagos State ...»
  75. «INTRODUCTION No other debate concerning American domestic policy during the past decade has been as intense or instructive as that regarding the ...»
  76. «The actuality, fairness and feasibility of the Dutch pension plan Lessons the Dutch can draw from Germany, Sweden and Denmark E.D.B. Koenders ...»
  77. «“BUILDING THE NEW AGENDA: HEMISPHERIC INTEGRATION AND SOCIAL COHESION” Section on Civil Society, Trade and Social Policy after Toronto and ...»
  78. «Today’s highlights: • Flows and preflows • The Push-Relabel Algorithm • An improved algorithm using the first-in-first-out policy • ...»
  79. «Actuarial Standard of Practice No. 24: Compliance with the NAIC Life Insurance Illustrations Model Regulation August 2013 American Academy of ...»
  80. «Adoptado en febrero de 2005 Revisado y ratificado en agosto de 2006 Dedicado a todos aquellos que han consagrado sus vidas a la eliminación global ...»
  81. «David B. Hershenov Philosophy Department 135 Park Hall University at Buffalo Buffalo, NY 14260-4150 James J. Delaney Philosophy Department Niagara ...»
  82. «Department of Trade and Industry Consumer and Competition Policy Directorate www.dti.gov.uk/ccp/ WHITE PAPER ON METRICATION (1972) Summary and ...»
  83. «This is a matter of national importance. Of criminality and of law. Surveys show that 90% of British people are angry at Britain’s metrication ...»
  84. «CONTENTS I. Introduction page 1 II. Role of Government page 4 III. General Principles of financial services cooperatives page 9 IV. The risks of ...»
  85. «Rejoining the LGPS In this section we look at transferring previous pension rights into the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS). Where pension ...»
  86. «Children's Social Care Services' Response to Children who Display Sexually Harmful Behaviour DEACON, LESLEY,ANN How to cite: DEACON, LESLEY,ANN ...»
  87. «AGENCY: Nuclear Regulatory Commission. ACTION: Final policy statement. SUMMARY: On May 9, 2008 (73 FR 26349), the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC; ...»
  88. «I. Introduction In Staff Requirements Memorandum (SRM) SECY-12-0064, “Recommendations for Policy and Technical Direction To Revise Radiation ...»
  89. «U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Policy Development and Research Visit PD&R’s website www.huduser.org to find this report ...»
  90. «For guidance on citations see FAQs. c 2010 The Authors Version: Accepted Manuscript Link(s) to article on publisher’s website: ...»
  91. «This coordination practice describes the main structure and function of central coordinative arrangements for crisis management in Norway and ...»
  92. «Parliament of Victoria Excursion On 25th March the Year 11 and 12 Legal Future Politicians in the Making? Studies students visited the Parliament of ...»
  93. «Occasional Paper No. 23 Indigenous families and children: coordination and provision of services Stronger Families and Communities Strategy ...»
  94. «The Effect of Commuting on Absenteeism in the Public Sector in Developing Countries: Analysis of the Civil Service in Ghana Frank L. K. Ohemeng, PhD ...»
  95. «Main Author: Andrew Heryet, Lead Laboratory Manager, Pathology Sciences Consultation Route: Heads of Departments, Laboratory Managers, Senior ...»
  96. «  PERU: LIMA METRO LINE 2 PROJECT (P145610) Public Disclosure Authorized Executive Summary of the ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT Including the ...»
  97. «PH 356 - POST-KANTIAN SOCIAL AND POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY: HEGEL AND MARX 2013/14 Course Tutor: David James Office: S2.72 E-mail: d.n.james@warwick.ac.uk ...»
  98. «These reader-friendly modules have been prepared in simplified non-technical language for the convenience of a general readership. They have been ...»
  99. «Pre-1986 Section 95 Policy Guidelines Page 2 of 34 Table of Contents Objectives Section 95 Agreement: Overview 1.1 Section 95 Agreement 1.2 Maximum ...»
  100. «The Russian public strongly supports reform of the Russian military. In focus groups in summer 2002 and in a large-scale survey in January 2003, we ...»
  101. «CURRENT ALLOCATION MODEL – OVERVIEW The University Resource Allocation, as defined by Administrative Procedure 212, establishes the policy and ...»
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