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    Theses, dissertations, documentation. Free e-library - Political.

  1. «WP # 32 Party Politics, Social Movements, and Local Democracy: Institutional Choices in the Brazilian Amazon by Fabiano Toni October 2007 The ...»
  2. «Infrastructure and Poverty Reduction — What is the Connection? Ifzal Ali Ernesto M. Pernia Asian Development Bank ...»
  3. «Abstract One often hears Catholic and non-Catholic politicians and private citizens claim “I am personally opposed to abortion .” but add that it ...»
  4. «Political control of firms is prevalent across the world. Evidence suggests that firms profit from political connections, and politicians derive ...»
  5. «Published 09 June 2014 Bahrain Center for Human Rights info@bahrainrights.org Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights info@byshr.org Front cover: ...»
  6. «07/11 Financial Services Authority Responsibilities of providers and distributors for the fair treatment of customers Feedback on DP06/4 July 2007 ...»
  7. «Religious Policy towards Tibetan Buddhism in the People’s Republic of China: Some Preliminary Notes MARTIN SLOBODNÍK Department of the Languages ...»
  8. «This handbook is available online from www.open.ac.uk/research/arc-handbook/ and from www.open.ac.uk/students/charter/essential-documents While we ...»
  9. «by Victor H. Asal Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy University at Albany - SUNY vasal@email.albany.edu Gary A. Ackerman National ...»
  10. «Negative and Positive Party Identification in Post-Communist Countries Richard Rose* Centre for the Study of Public Policy, University of ...»
  11. «PUBLIC POLICY INSTITUTE OF CALIFORNIA Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Gay, Claudine, 1970– The effect of minority districts and ...»
  12. «Urban School Decentralization and the Growth of “Portfolio Districts” Kenneth J. Saltman DePaul University June 2010 The Great Lakes Center for ...»
  13. «Marian Sawer, Australian National University David Laycock, Simon Fraser University for presentation to the 2007 meetings of the Canadian Political ...»
  14. «Abstract This paper exploits a unique institutional setting to examine the effects of firms’ political connections on the allocation of ...»
  15. «Accounting Devices and Fiscal Illusions Timothy C. Irwin INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND Fiscal Affairs Department Accounting ...»
  16. «Steve Peers The Future of the Schengen System Steve Peers The Future of the Schengen System − SIEPS 2013:6 − Report No. 6 November 2013 Published ...»
  17. «Abstract Concerns about a lack of accountability and transparency often lead to calls for 'more' accounting information and regulation. The process ...»
  18. «Timothy E. Cook Professor of Mass Communication and Political Science Manship School of Mass Communication Louisiana State University tec@lsu.edu ...»
  19. «Phil Kowalick and David Connery July 2016 Phil Kowalick Dr Phil Kowalick is an independent consultant based in Canberra. His previous experience ...»
  20. «FWF Guidance for Affiliates: The Sumangali Scheme and India's Bonded Labour System This guidance document is published in line with FWF’s Brand ...»
  21. «Quality of life in cities July 2013 Regional and Urban Policy The content of this brochure does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the ...»
  22. «strategist T H E D E M O C R AT I C www.thedemocraticstrategist.org A TDS STrATegy MeMo: A “coMMon-SenSe populiST” DeMocrATic coMMunicATion ...»
  23. «New York: Academic Press GUATEMALA: NO CHOICES* Compared with the relative shades of gray in El Salvador, Guatemala is a, study in black and white. ...»
  24. «Journal homepage: www.elsevier.com/locate/foodpol Sally Eden, Christopher Bear, Gordon Walker December 2008 The sceptical consumer? Exploring views ...»
  25. «(2009) The Convoy Revisited: How did it Steer through troubled waters and Develop its capacity at the same time? The principles that framed the ...»
  26. «What are the Origins of Political Trust? Testing Institutional and Cultural Theories in Post-Communist Societies William Mishler University of ...»
  27. «When urban school districts innovate: The politics of turning around low performing school organizations through charter schools Francis X. Shen ...»
  28. «June 2008 The African-American Child Welfare Act: A Legal Redress for African-American Disproportionality in Child Protection Cases Jessica Dixon ...»
  29. «Many Family Student Housing (FSH) residents had serious concerns about the recent termite eradication because of the use of the toxic gas- Sulfuryl ...»
  30. «Working Paper No. 86 Rania Antonopoulos Policy Integration and Statistics Department International Labour Office Geneva May 2009 Working papers are ...»
  31. «Public Images of Political Parties: A Necessary Evil? RUSSELL J. DALTON and STEVEN A. WELDON The debate on citizen images of political parties is ...»
  32. «Multinational Affiliates and Local Financial Markets Alexander Lehmann, Selin Sayek, and Hyoung Goo Kang © 2004 International Monetary Fund ...»
  33. «Working Paper 32 Party Politics, Social Movements, and Local Democracy: Institutional Choices in the Brazilian Amazon by Fabiano Toni October 2007 ...»
  34. «University of Warwick institutional repository: http://go.warwick.ac.uk/wrap This paper is made available online in accordance with publisher ...»
  35. «Investigación e innovación para la inclusión social: la trama de la teoría y de la política Research and innovation for social inclusion: the ...»
  36. «Lauren McLaren School of Politics University of Nottingham United Kingdom +44 (0)115 846 7511 (office) + 44 (0)115 951 4859 (fax) ...»
  37. «17.10.2014 DOCUMENTO DE TRABAJO sobre el Informe Especial nº 11/2014 del Tribunal de Cuentas Europeo (aprobación de la gestión para 2013): La ...»
  38. «Published by GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies, Institute of Latin American Studies and Hamburg University Press. The Journal of ...»
  39. «Planning Committee 17 July 2013 REPORT SUMMARY APPLICATION PROPOSAL Ref No 12/03211/FUL Change of use from agricultural store to B1 office ...»
  40. «Full report: ESRC award no L216252045. Title: The Transfer of an accreditation model in higher education from Britain to Austria. Holder: Prof John ...»
  41. «Texts and Politics: Postcolonial Revaluations of two British Classics S. R. Moosavinia Assistant Professor Shahid Chamran University, Ahvaz email: ...»
  42. «President Candace Carter Candace Carter is originally from Houston, TX and graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Arts in ...»
  43. «Recognition, Validation and Accreditation of Non-formal and Informal Learning in UNESCO Member States Published in 2015 by UNESCO Institute for ...»
  44. «Procedure How to become an ISTA Accredited Laboratory Note: Any copies of this document are not subject to change service Created by Reviewed by ...»
  45. «Accounting for Provision for Make Good Clauses within a Lease Agreement FOR THE REPORTING PERIODS ENDING ON OR AFTER 30 JUNE 2011 ACT Accounting ...»
  46. «Introduction: Computer-supported modeling can enable powerful student learning about systems. It can help a student to be articulate about ...»
  47. «2010/2011 These Statements cover the year from April 2010 to March 2011 Contents Director-General’s statement Television BBC One BBC One Scotland ...»
  48. «JANUARY 2015 BSB CPD PROVIDER ACCREDITATION SCHEME B POLICY AND GUIDELINES Contents What we do 2 CPD and categories of CPD Provider 3 About the ...»
  49. «January, 2010 Cartagena, Colombia Natalia Carolina Maya Ortiz Master of Technology and Public Policy Cassandria Campbell Master of City Planning Ben ...»
  50. «Eden District Council April 2009 This document is also available in larger print on request. Ruth Atkinson Director of Policy and Performance Town ...»
  51. «Adopted Document January 2012 Contents List of Figures List of Maps 1. Introduction 1.1 Background 1.2 Planning Policy Framework 1.3 Development ...»
  52. «Matthew R. Cleary Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Syracuse University Research Fellow, Center for the Study of Democratic ...»
  53. «What Helps or Hinders Nonprofit Developers in Reusing Vacant, Abandoned, and Contaminated Property? Findings from Detroit and Cleveland Margaret ...»
  55. «The American Academy of Underwater Sciences 2006 Revision (Updated by UCSC DCB 2010) ii TABLE OF CONTENTS VOLUME I SECTION TITLE PAGE NO. 1.00 ...»
  56. «Introduction ECHA’s engagement with the Accredited Stakeholder Organisations is linked to the Agency’s new corporate identity and especially to ...»
  57. «TABLE OF CONTENTS: Ghana National Development Planning Reports 1 Demographic & Migration Studies Literature 2 Land Policy Literature 4 Economic ...»
  58. «Establishing and operating HEA accredited provision policy 1. Introduction The Higher Education Academy (HEA) accredits initial and continuing ...»
  59. «Key Principles The OFFICIAL classification will contain a wide range of information of varying sensitivities, and with differing consequences ...»
  60. «This publication was produced for the United States Agency for International Development by Tetra Tech ARD, through a Task Order under the ...»
  61. «June 2005 Judy El Bushra with Ancil Adrian-Paul and Maria Olson Understanding conflict. Building peace. About International Alert International Alert ...»
  62. «6-7 August 2004, Pokhara, Nepal Resham Gautam, Bhuwon Sthapit and Pratap Shrestha, Editors Citation: Gautam, R, BR Sthapit and PK Shrestha (eds.) ...»
  63. «YOUNG TOM WHARTON J. Kent Clark HUMANITIES WORKING PAPER 140 December 1989 YOUNG TOM WHARTON J. Kent Clark California Institute of Technology ...»
  64. «R301 – General Requirements: Accreditation of June 7, 2016 ISO/IEC 17020 Inspection Bodies Page 1 of 25 R301 – General Requirements: ...»
  65. «© The Joan Ganz Cooney Center. All rights reserved. The mission of the Joan Ganz Cooney Center is to foster innovation in children’s learning ...»
  66. «Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board American Society of Landscape Architects 636 Eye Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20001-3736 March 2016 ...»
  67. «Issue 1.0 EN-US Psst. This guide isn't all there is. There's a user guide in your phone – it's always with you, available when needed. Check out ...»
  68. «Izumi Ohno National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) i-ohno@grips.ac.jp October 2002 (revised) *This is the updated version of a ...»
  69. «WIND ENERGY DEVELOPMENT IN NORTHERN IRELAND’S LANDSCAPES Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance to accompany Planning Policy Statement 18 ...»
  70. « ...»
  71. «Submitted to: DC Lawyers for Youth Professor Julie Wilson, Harvard Kennedy School This policy analysis exercise reflects the views of the authors and ...»
  72. «Program: Monday, 23 November 05.45 hours Arrival at Schiphol Airport KL 590 Pick up service by VIP Room Schiphol Transportation to the hotel ...»
  73. «Enclosed are policies and procedures regarding your residency. We believe you will find it informative and helpful. If, by chance, you have a ...»
  74. «Summer Camps and Fun Activities State Support Team Region 8 420 Washington Ave. Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221 330 929-6634 State Support Team Region 8 ...»
  75. «Andorra (Principality of) Primary Credit Analyst: Trevor Cullinan, London (44) 20-7176-7110; trevor_cullinan@standardandpoors.com Secondary Credit ...»
  76. «Training Course Accreditation Policy January 2009 Version 1.0 © Copyright, 2009, The Open Group All rights reserved. No part of this publication may ...»
  77. «Keywords: Tenure Security, Land Registration, Alternative Tenure Securing Strategies, Customary Tenure SUMMARY Drawing on the case of the systematic ...»
  78. «Evaluation of the POLICYSTUDIES ASSOCIATES, INC. POLICY STUDIES ASSOCIATES, INC. DYCD YMI Cornerstone Mentoring Program Kenne Ann Dibner Yvonne Woods ...»
  79. «Virtual Net Metering Policy Background and Tariff Summary 1 Center for Sustainable Energy, California Solar Energy Industries Association, Interstate ...»
  80. «Thank you all very much for attending, for the kind introduction and the warm welcome. And my sincere thanks to the sponsors of this evening’s ...»
  81. «Smart Metering for Water Utilities Oracle White Paper— Smart Metering for Water Utilities Introduction Smart Metering Defined Smart Metering vs. ...»
  82. «achieving Reconciliation in Divided Societies B y Je r e m y s a r k i n The onset of the twenty-first century has been marked by numerous ...»
  84. «Lachlan Faulkner Senior Policy Advisor (Traffic System Management) Department of Transport and Main Roads 313 Adelaide Street, Brisbane City, Qld, ...»
  85. «The Influence of Agency Costs on the Dividend Policy of Brazilian Listed Companies Autoria: Sílvia Marques de Brito e Silva Abstract This study ...»
  86. «Bruce L. Mouser University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Prepared for African Studies Association Conference held in Philadelphia, 17 October 1980 Along the ...»
  87. «A. Context and problem definition (1) What is the political context of the initiative? (2) How does it relate to past and possible future ...»
  88. «DRAFT REPORT FOR PUBLIC EXHIBITION NOVEMBER 2014 Job No: DM304 Date: November 2014 Principal: SAB File:/TLUFS_V1_DFM_002.doc Rev No: 2.0 Authors: ...»
  90. «TAX IMPLICATIONS OF DIVIDEND POLICY ZOLTÁN BARABÁS1 – GERGELY FAZAKAS2 ABSTRACT This study examines the tax-arbitrage possibilities on the ...»
  91. «Policy Number: TSC-COR-PO-038-0 Policy Name: Records Management Policy Aim The purpose of the Records Management Policy is to ensure that full and ...»
  92. «Undertaken by Navigator The views expressed in this report are those of the authors, not necessarily those of the Department of Energy and Climate ...»
  93. «Client report number 278-408 2 District heating - Heat metering Cost Benefit Analysis Prepared by Name Keith Routledge & Jonathan Williams Position ...»
  94. «Version of attached le: Accepted Version Peer-review status of attached le: Peer-reviewed Citation for published item: McFarlane, C. (2009) ...»
  96. «1 Conquering the Past and Constructing the Future The DEFA Film Studio and the Contours of East German Cultural Policy, 1946–1956 Accounts of GDR ...»
  97. «Affording Human Exploration of Mars Workshop Summary Affording Human Exploration of Mars Workshop Summary December 3 – 5, 2013 George Washington ...»
  98. «Bridging Divides for Water? Dialogue and Access at the 5th World Water Forum Nícola Ulibarrí Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and ...»
  99. «Link: Link to publication record in Edinburgh Research Explorer Document Version: Peer reviewed version Published In: Juridical Review General rights ...»
  100. «Digital Object Identifier (DOI): 10.2139/ssrn.2398983 Link: Link to publication record in Edinburgh Research Explorer Document Version: Publisher's ...»
  101. «Recently, philosophy has been enriched by the new emancipatory perspectives of feminism and philosophy of race. However, both of these philosophies ...»
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