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«CURRICULUM VITAE Soo-yong Byun January 9, 2015 Department of Education Policy Studies The Pennsylvania State University 302F Rackely Building ...»

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Soo-yong Byun

January 9, 2015

Department of Education Policy Studies

The Pennsylvania State University

302F Rackely Building

University Park, PA 16802

Email: szb14@psu.edu

Web: https://sites.google.com/site/sooyongbyunshomepage/


Ph.D., Educational Policy and Administration, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, August 2007.

 Concentration: Comparative and International Development Education  Dissertation: “Cultural Capital and School Success: The Case of South Korea” M.A., Sociology of Education, Korea University, August 2003.

B.A., Education (Minor: English Education), Korea University, February 2001.


Current Positions Assistant Professor of Educational Theory and Policy (EDTHP), Department of Education Policy Studies, The Pennsylvania State University (PSU), 2012.07 – present.

 Co-funded Faculty in Children, Youth, & Family Consortium, 2012.07 – present.

 Core Faculty in Comparative and International Education (CI ED) Dual-Title Degree Program, 2012.07 – present.

 Associate Director of Methodology and Secondary Analysis, Training Interdisciplinary Educational Scientists Program, 2012.07 – present.

 Senior Researcher, Center for Evaluation and Educational Policy Analysis, 2013.09 – present.

 Research Associate, Center on Rural Education and Communities, 2013.02 – present.

 Research Affiliate, Population Research Institute, 2011.11 – present.

Past Positions Assistant Director, Social Dynamics and Special Populations Research Program, Department of Educational Psychology, Counseling, and Special Education (EPCSE), PSU, 2011.09 – 2012.06.

Postdoctoral Scholar, National Research Center on Rural Education Support, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill (UNC-CH), 2008.09 – 2011.08.

Research Associate and Survey / Psychometric Specialist, Teacher Education Study in Mathematics (TEDS-M), International Study Center, Department of Teacher Education, Michigan State University, 2007.06 – 2008.08 (Joint Appointments as Postdoctoral Fellow in the College of Education and Department of Sociology, 2008.02 – 2008.08).


Research Interests Sociology of Education; Comparative Education; Social Stratification; Race and Ethnicity; Educational Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation; Rural Education; Korean Education; Quantitative Methods and Statistics Page 1 of 21 Articles Published - Referred Journals (* indicates graduate students)

43. Park,H., & Byun, S. (2015, in press). Why some countries attract high-ability young students to teaching: Cross-national comparisons of students’ expectation to become a teacher. Comparative Education Review. (Contributing author)

42. Byun, S., Irvin, M. J., & Meece, J. L. (2015, in press). Rural/non-rural differences in college attendance patterns. Peabody Journal of Education. Invited submission. (Principal author)

41. Byun, S., Irvin, M. J., & Bell, B. A. (2015, in press). Advanced math course taking: Effects on math achievement and college enrollment. Journal of Experimental Education. Online First. (Principal author)

40. Byun, S., & Kim, D. (2014). The roles of social capital and parental financial preparation in college completion in the United States. Korean Journal of Sociology, 48(6), 49-72. (Principal author)

39. Byun, S., *Henck, A., & Post, D. (2014). Cross-national variations in student employment and academic performance: Roles of national contexts and international laws. Comparative Education Review, 85(4), 621-652. (Principal author)

38. Herbert, J. T., Byun, S., Schultz, J. M., Tamez, M., & Atkinson, H. (2014). Evaluation of a training program to enhance clinical supervision of state vocational rehabilitation supervisors. Journal of Rehabilitation Administration, 38(1), 19-34. (Contributing author)

37. Motoca, L. M., Farmer, T. W., Hamm, J. V., Byun, S., Lee, D., Brooks, D. S., Rucker, N., & Moohr, M.

M. (2014). Directed consultation, the SEALS model, and teachers’ classroom management. Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, 22(2), 119-129 (Contributing author)

36. Meece, J. L., Askew, K. J. S., Agger, C. A., Hutchins, B. C., & Byun, S. (2014). Familial and economic influences on the gendered-related educational and vocational aspirations of rural adolescents.

Journal of Educational and Developmental Psychology, 4(1), 238-257. (Contributing author)

35. Herbert, J. T., Hong, B. S., Byun, S., Welsh, W., Atkinson, H., & Kurz, C. (2014). Persistence and graduation of college students seeking disability services support services. Journal of Rehabilitation, 80(1), 22-32. (Contributing author)

34. Meece, J. L., Hutchins, B. C., Byun, S., Farmer, T. W., Irvin, M. J., & Weiss, M. (2013). Preparing for adulthood: A recent examination of the alignment of rural youth’s educational and vocational aspirations. Journal of Educational and Developmental Psychology, 3(2), 175-192. (Contributing author)

33. Byun, S., Irvin, M. J., & Meece, J. L. (2012). Predictors of bachelor’s degree completion among rural youth at four-year institutions. Review of Higher Education, 35(3), 463-484. (Principal author)

32. Byun, S., Kim, K., & Park, H. (2012). School choice and educational inequality in South Korea. Journal of School Choice, 6(2), 158-183. (Principal author)

31. Byun, S., Meece, J. L., Irvin, M. J., & Hutchins, B. C. (2012). The role of social capital in educational aspirations of rural youth. Rural Sociology, 77(3), 355-379. (Principal author)

30. Byun, S., Meece, J. L., & Irvin, M. J. (2012). Rural-nonrural disparities in postsecondary educational attainment revisited. American Educational Research Journal, 49(3), 412-437. (Principal author)

29. Byun, S., & Park, H. (2012). The academic success of East Asian American youth: The role of shadow education. Sociology of Education, 85(1), 40-60. (Equal contributions by authors)

28. Byun, S., Schofer, E., & Kim, K. (2012). Revisiting the role of cultural capital in East Asian educational systems: The case of South Korea. Sociology of Education, 85(3), 219-239. (Principal author)

27. Hutchins, B. C., Meece, J. L., Byun, S., & Farmer, T. W. (2012). Planning for the future: An investigation of work-bound rural youth. The Rural Educator, 33(2), 7-19. (Contributing author)

26. Irvin, M. J., Byun, S., Meece, J. L., Farmer, T. W., & Hutchins, B. C. (2012). Educational barriers of rural youth: Relation of individual and contextual difference variables. Journal of Career Assessment, 20(1), 71-87. (Contributing author)

25. Lee, C., Kim, Y., & Byun, S. (2012). The rise of Korean education from the ashes of the Korean War.

Prospects (UNESCO’s Quarterly Review of Comparative Education), 42(3), 303-318. Invited submission.

(Contributing author) Page 2 of 21

24. Irvin, M. J., Farmer, T. W., Weiss, M. P., Meece, J. L., Byun, S., McConnell, B. M., & Petin, R. A.

(2011). Perceptions of school and aspirations of rural students with learning disabilities and their nondisabled peers. Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 26(1), 2-14. (Contributing author)

23. Irvin, M. J., Meece, J. L., Byun, S., Farmer, T. W., & Hutchins, B. C. (2011). Relationship of school context to rural youth’s educational achievement and aspirations. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 40(9), 1225-1242. (Contributing author)

22. Park, H., Byun, S., & Kim, K. (2011). Parental involvement and students’ cognitive outcomes in Korea:

Focusing on private tutoring. Sociology of Education, 84(1), 3-22. (Contributing author)

21. Petrin, R. A., Farmer, T. W., Meece, J. L., & Byun, S. (2011). Interpersonal competence configurations, attachment to community, and residential aspirations of rural adolescents. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 40(9), 1091-1105. (Contributing author)

20. Byun, S. (2010). Does policy matter in shadow education spending? Revisiting the effects of the High School Equalization Policy in South Korea. Asia Pacific Education Review, 11(1), 83-96. (Principal author)

19. Byun, S., & Kim, K. (2010). Educational inequality in South Korea: The widening socioeconomic gap in student achievement. Research in Sociology of Education, 17, 155-182. (Principal author)

18. Stancliffe, R. J., Larkin, K. C., Taub, S., Giuseppina, C., & Byun, S. (2009). Satisfaction and sense of well-being among Medicaid ICF/MR and HCBS recipients in six states. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 47(2), 63-83. (Contributing author)

17. Lakin, K. C., Doljanic, R., Byun, S., Stancliffe, R. J., Taub, S., & Giuseppina, C. (2008). Choice-making among Medicaid HCBS and ICF/MR recipients in six states. American Journal on Mental Retardation, 113(5), 325-342. (Contributing author)

16. Lakin, K. C., Doljanic, R., Byun, S., Stancliffe, R. J., Taub, S., & Giuseppina, C. (2008). Factors associated with expenditures for Medicaid Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) and Intermediate Care Facility for persons with Mental Retardation (ICF/MR) Services for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 46(3), 200-214.

(Contributing author)

15. Lakin, K. C., Doljanic, R., Taub, S., Giuseppina, C., & Byun, S. (2007). Adults with dual diagnoses of intellectual and psychiatric disability receiving Medicaid Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) and ICF/MR recipients in six states. Mental Health Aspects of Developmental Disabilities, 10(3), 78-90. (Contributing author)

14. Stancliffe, R. J., Larkin, K. C, Doljanic, R., Byun, S., Taub, S., & Giuseppina, C. (2007). Loneliness and living arrangements. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 46(3), 380-390. (Contributing author) Articles Published - Referred Journals in Korean (Note: 교육사회학연구 [Korean Journal of Sociology of Education, Impact factor: 2.00) and 한국교육 [Journal of Korean Education, Impact factor: 1.05] were ranked 18th and 189th, respectively, out of 2,161 in Korean Social Science Research as of 2011-12)

13. Byun, S., & Joo, Y. (2012). 학교선택 결정요인과 효과 분석: 서울교육종단연구 데이터를 중심으로 [Determinants and effects of school choice: Evidence from the Seoul Education Longitudinal Study ]. 한국교육, 39(1), 5-33. (Principal author)

12. Byun, S., Hwang, Y., & Kim, K. (2012). 위세 높은 대학 진학에서의 외고 효과 [Effects of foreign language high school on admissions into prestigious colleges]. 교육사회학연구, 22(3), 133-165. (Principal author)

11. Byun, S., & Kim, K. (2012). 전문고 졸업생 대학 진학 결정요인 [Determinants of college attendance among vocational high school graduates in South Korea]. 한국교육, 39(2), 79-107.

(Principal author)

10. Byun, S., Hwang, Y., & Kim, K. (2011). 방과후학교 참여가 학업성취에 미치는 영향 [Effects Page 3 of 21 of afterschool program participation on academic achievement]. 교육사회학연구, 21(2), 57-85.

(Principal author)

9. Byun, S., & Kim, K. (2011). 사립학교의 효과성 검증: 환상인가? 현실인가? [The effectiveness of private schools: Illusions or realities?]. 교육사회학연구, 21(1), 77-109. (Principal author)

8. Byun, S., & Kim, K. (2010). 한국 사회 고등교육 계층화: 일반계 고등학교 졸업자를 중심으로 [Stratification in Korean higher education: Determinants of the college destinations of general high school graduates]. 교육사회학연구, 20(1), 73-102. (Principal author)

7. Byun, S., & Kim, K. (2010). 중학생의 방과후학교 참여가 사교육 수요에 미치는 영향 [The effects of afterschool program participation on shadow education demand at the lower secondary level in South Korea]. 교육사회학연구, 20(3), 51-81. (Principal author)

6. Byun, S., & Kim, K. (2008). 부모의 교육적 관여가 학업성취에 미치는 영향: 가정배경의 영향을 중심으로 [Parental involvement and student achievement: Focusing on differential effects by family socioeconomic status]. 교육사회학연구, 18(1), 39-66. (Principal author)

5. Byun, S., & Kim, K. (2008). 한국 고등학생의 교육결과에 대한 문화자본의 영향 [The impact of cultural capital on educational outcomes of high school students in South Korea].

교육사회학연구, 18(2), 53-82. (Principal author)

4. Kim, K., & Byun, S. (2007). 한국사회에서의 학업성취에 대한 문화자본의 영향 [The impact of cultural capital on student achievement in South Korea]. 교육사회학연구, 17(1), 23-51. (Principal author)

3. Kim, K., & Byun, S. (2006). 한국사회에서의 상급학교 진학 선택 결정요인 [Determinants of children’s educational transition in South Korea]. 교육사회학연구, 16(4), 1-27. (Principal author)

2. Byun, S., & Kim, K. (2004). 평준화제도에 대한 학부모의 태도 결정요인 분석: 서울시 강남과 강북의 차이점을 중심으로 [Determinants of parental views toward the high school Equalization Policy: Focusing on the differences between the South Bank and the North Bank in Seoul]. 교육사회학연구, 14(2), 81-100. (Principal author)

1. Kim, K., & Byun, S. (2003). 고교 평준화제도 존폐에 대한 학부모의 태도 결정요인 [Determinants of parents’ attitude toward the High School Leveling Policy]. 교육사회학연구, 13(2), 21-45. (Principal author) Parts of Books

9. Byun, S., & Baker, D. P. (in press). Shadow education. In R. Scott, S. Kosslyn, & N. Pinkerton (Eds.), Emerging Trends in the Social and Behavioral Sciences. Wiley-Blackwell. (Principal author)

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7. Kim, K., & Byun, S. (2014). Determinants of academic achievement in Republic of Korea. In H. Park &

K. Kim (Eds.), Korean education in changing economic and demographic contexts (pp. 13-37). Singapore:

Springer. (Corresponding author)

6. Tatto, M. T., Rodriguez, M., Ingvarson, L., Rowley, G., Maeda, Y., & Byun, S. (2013). Chapter 4:

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