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ADOBE® LIVECYCLE® ES4 Connector for


Legal notices

Legal notices

For legal notices, see http://help.adobe.com/en_US/legalnotices/index.html.

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Configuring the Connector for Microsoft SharePoint

Overview of Configuring the Connector for Microsoft SharePoint

Last updated 7/19/2016

Configuring the Connector for Microsoft


Overview of Configuring the Connector for Microsoft SharePoint

Configuring the Connector for Microsoft® SharePoint® involves the following tasks:

1 Ensure that Connector for SharePoint web part is installed on the SharePoint server.

2 Configure AEM Forms user accounts.

• “Configure enterprise domain users” on page 1.

• “Configure SharePoint users” on page 3.

• “Create LC Binding user” on page 3.

• “Define Impersonation user” on page 3.

3 Configure the AEM Forms installation.

• “Configure the Connector for Microsoft SharePoint” on page 4 (Optional).

• “Configure policy sets and policies” on page 4.

4 “Configure the SharePoint site” on page 4.

5 “Set up task management” on page 6 (on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010).

6 “Integrate forms” on page 7 (on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010).

7 “Configure logging” on page 7.

8 “Configure AEM Forms workflows on the SharePoint site” on page 8 (Optional).

9 “Enable search on PDF documents” on page 8.

10 “Use the ConnectorForMSSharePoint service” on page 9.

11 “Manage AEM Forms features on SharePoint 2007 sites” on page 9.

Configure enterprise domain users To ensure SharePoint user accounts are recognized on the forms server, synchronize AEM Forms and SharePoint user accounts to the same user directory, such as an LDAP directory. Synchronizing user accounts with the user directory allows users to access the Rights Management features on the SharePoint site. After synchronization, assign the Services User role to the SharePoint user accounts recognized on the forms server.

Complete the following steps to configure enterprise domain users. If you configured enterprise domain users before installing the Connector for Microsoft SharePoint, only complete Step 3.

1 Log in to administration console and click Settings User Management Domain Management.

2 Click New Enterprise Domain and enter the domain ID and name.

Last updated 7/19/2016


Configuring the Connector for Microsoft SharePoint The domain ID is the unique identifier for the domain. When using DB2 for your AEM Forms database, the maximum permitted length of the ID is100 single-byte (ASCII) characters, 50 double-byte characters, or 25 fourbyte characters. Similarly, when using MySQL for your AEM Forms database, use only single-byte (ASCII) characters for the ID. See “Adding enterprise domains” in administration help.

3 To add a custom authentication provider, click Add Authentication and perform these tasks:

• In the Authentication Provider list, select Custom.

• Select MSSharePointAuthProvider and then click OK.

Note: If the MSSharePointAuthProvider service is unavailable, restart the application server. Restarting the server after installing and configuring the Connector for Microsoft SharePoint ensures that the AEM Forms server recognizes the MSSharePointAuthProvider service as a custom authorization provider.

4 To add an LDAP authentication provider, click Add Authentication and perform these tasks:

• In the Authentication Provider list, select LDAP.

• Click OK.

5 To add an LDAP directory, click Add Directory and perform the following tasks:

• In the Profile Name box, type a unique name, and click Next.

• Specify values for the Server, Port, SSL, Binding, and Populate page with options. If you select User for the Binding option, also specify values for the Name and Password fields.

• (Optional) Select Retrieve Base DNs to retrieve base domain names, as required.

• Click Next.

• Configure the user settings, and click Next.

• Configure group settings, and click Next For details about the settings, click User Management Help in the upper-right corner of the page.

6 Click Finish to exit the Add Directory page and then click OK again.

7 Select the created enterprise domain and click Sync Now. Depending on the number of users and groups in your LDAP network and speed of your connection, the synchronization process can take several minutes.

(Optional) To verify the status of the synchronization, click Refresh, and view the status in the CurrentSync State column.

8 Navigate to Settings User Management Users and Groups.

9 To search for users that were synchronized from LDAP and assign roles, perform the following tasks:

• Select one or more users and click Assign Role.

• Select one or more AEM Forms roles and click OK.

• Click OK to confirm the role assignment.

• Repeat for all users that you assign roles to.

For more information, click User Management Help in the upper-right corner of the page.

If you configure enterprise domain authorization provider using these steps, any processes invoked using the process context from Workbench uses the context of the user starting that process. See Workbench Help for more information.

Last updated 7/19/2016


Configuring the Connector for Microsoft SharePoint Configure SharePoint users

On the SharePoint site, you can configure two types of SharePoint users:

• If you do not plan to implement Rights Management features or allow users to start AEM Forms processes, the user can be a local user or a user added to the user directory (Active Directory or LDAP).

• To implement Rights Management features or allow users to start AEM Forms processes, ensure that the user belongs to a user directory (Active Directory or LDAP) that is synchronized with AEM Forms. Additionally, grant the user the Services User role.

Create LC Binding user The SharePoint site uses the LC Binding user credentials to connect to the specified forms server. After the connection is established, various settings, such as for PDF Generatorand Reader® Extensions 11, are retrieved from the forms server and are available on the SharePoint server.

The LC Binding User is a local or enterprise user who is assigned the Services User role on the forms server. While configuring the SharePoint site, enter the LC Binding user credentials in the user name and password fields. See “Configure the SharePoint site” on page 4 for detailed instructions.

Define Impersonation user

Impersonation control permission When a SharePoint user invokes a AEM Forms process or Rights Management action, the SharePoint server sends a request to the forms server. At this time, the Impersonation user credentials are used to log on to the forms server.

After logon, the AEM Forms server verifies the identity of the SharePoint user invoking the process or action. If the SharePoint user has the required privileges, the process is executed or the policy is applied for the currently logged-in SharePoint user.

To allow SharePoint users to invoke AEM Forms processes and use Rights Management features, configure an Impersonation user. Enter the impersonation user details when configuring Connector for Microsoft SharePoint using administration console.

Grant Impersonation permissions 1 In administration console, create a user account to which to assign the Identity Impersonation Control permission.

This can be a user account synchronized with the user directory.

2 Create a role with the Identity Impersonation Control permission and assign this role to the created user account.

These permissions provide the required credentials to the SharePoint Connector component deployed on the forms server.

3 Navigate to Services Applications and Services Service Management.

4 From the Category list, select Connector for MSSharePoint.

5 On the Service Management page, click MSSharePointConfigService.

6 On the Configure MSSharePointConfigService page, add the user name and password of the created user account.

7 Click Save.

Last updated 7/19/2016


Configuring the Connector for Microsoft SharePoint Configure the Connector for Microsoft SharePoint If you did not configure the Connector for Microsoft SharePoint using Configuration Manager during the installation and configuration process, configure it using administration console.

1 Log in to administration console.

2 Navigate to Services Connector for Microsoft SharePoint.

3 Enter the following on the SharePoint Connector Properties page.

Host Name: Enter the host name of the SharePoint server in the format [host]:[port]. The port number must be of the web application on the SharePoint server.

User Name and Password: Specify the user account that would be used to connect to the SharePoint server. To allow SharePoint users to access Rights Management features or invoke AEM Forms processes, specify the Impersonation User details. See “Define Impersonation user” on page 3.

Domain Name: Enter the domain in which the SharePoint server is present.

SharePoint Version Choose the Microsoft SharePoint server version.

Note: From the Connector for Microsoft SharePoint supports SharePoint 2013. If you using SharePoint 2013, you need to specifically choose this version when configuring the connector for SharePoint.

Configure policy sets and policies

To use Rights Management to secure files available on the SharePoint site, you must:

• Create policy set and policies

• Add the Active Directory users to the policy set and policies The policy set and policies (in the policy set) determine the user permissions for documents to which the policies are applied. See Rights Management Help for more information about policies and policy sets.

Configure the SharePoint site Configure the forms server settings on the SharePoint site to enable SharePoint users to invoke AEM Forms processes from the SharePoint site.

1 Log in to the SharePoint site with the user name and password.

2 On the Sites page, click Site Actions Site Settings.

3 On the Site Settings page, under Adobe AEM Forms, click AEM Forms Settings.

4 Enter the server parameters:

• Host Name and Port Number Enter the host name and the port of the machine that hosts forms server.

• User Name and Password Enter the user name and password of a user that starts the feature from the SharePoint site. On the server, this user account must be configured with the Services User role. See “Create LC Binding user” on page 3 for information about the type of user account that you must enter. See administration help for more information about configuring services and user accounts on AEM Forms.

5 Select Enable HTTPS Connection to connect securely to the forms server.

Note: forms server should also be running in secure mode (HTTPS). Also, default secure port is normally different from the http port, so make sure to change the port as done in step 4 accordingly.

6 Enter the PDF Generator settings.

–  –  –

See “PDF Generator settings” on page 5.

7 Specify Acrobat Reader DC extensions settings.

See “Acrobat Reader DC extensions settings” on page 5.

8 Enter Rights Management settings.

See “Rights Management settings” on page 6.

9 Click Apply.

PDF Generator settings To ensure that users can invoke the Convert to Adobe PDF operation, in addition to specifying the following settings, ensure that PDF Generator is available on the forms server. See PDF Generator information in administration help.

1 Perform one of the following:

• Select Use Custom Settings to manually configure the settings.

• Select Upload Settings File to use a PDF settings file (.JOBOPTIONS file) to configure PDF settings. If you choose this option, all PDF configuration options are disabled.

2 If you selected the Use Custom Settings option, specify values for the following fields:

• File Type Settings Select the settings to apply to the generated PDF files.

• Adobe PDF Settings Select the output settings to apply to the generated PDF files.

• Security Settings Specify the security settings for the generated PDF files.

• Time Out Enter the maximum time in which to complete the conversion.

• XMP Document Browse and select the file containing metadata information to apply to the generated PDF file.

• Settings Document Browse and select the document containing settings to apply while generating the PDF file.

Acrobat Reader DC extensions settings Acrobat Reader DC extensions must be available on the forms server in order for users to apply usage rights on PDF documents. In addition, specify the following. See Acrobat Reader DC extensions information in administration help.

• Credential Alias Select the credential alias to use to grant usage rights.

• Apply Usage Rights Option Specify the run-time options to use to apply usage rights to the PDF file. To apply usage rights on PDF documents, at least one of the options must be selected

–  –  –

• Select Default Protocol for BLOB Select the encoding protocol that SharePoint site uses to exchange binary files between the SharePoint repository and the forms server. Default is Base64 encoding.

Rights Management settings Rights Management must be available on forms server in order for users to apply policy settings on documents. In addition, specify the following. See administration help.

• Policy Set Name: Specify the policy set to use to secure the document. The policy sets are defined in Administration Console.

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