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Theses, dissertations, documentation. Free e-library

    Theses, dissertations, documentation. Free e-library.

  1. «Taking a Taking a distributed perspective distributed Epistemological and methodological tradeoffs perspective in operationalizing the leader-plus ...»
  2. «ABSTRACT 1. Barrier effect. Relevant models should include an anaerobic dominant flora that antagonizes minor bacterial populations such as drug ...»
  3. «ROBERT WILKINSON (VOLUNTARY CONTROLLED) PRIMARY SCHOOL Strensall, York LEA area: City of York Unique reference number: 121545 Headteacher: Mr Richard ...»
  4. « ...»
  5. «COMMITTEE REPORT Date: 19 September 2013 Ward: Guildhall Team: Major & Commercial Parish: Guildhall Planning Panel Reference: 13/02397/FULM ...»
  6. «7 Inverted flight NVERTED FLIGHT IS OPERATING THE AIRCRAFT UPSIDE DOWN FOR A I sustained period of time. It is a negative-G maneuver, and can ...»
  7. «Utility Assessment Overview Table of Contents Page 2 Types of Utilities Assessed  Page 5 Utility Property Page 6 ...»
  8. «SCARBOROUGH PUPIL REFERRAL UNIT Scarborough LEA area: North Yorkshire Unique reference number: 132027 Headteacher: Mr J. Bell Lead inspector: Mrs C. ...»
  9. «Published September 2005 Hostels Capital Improvement Programme (HCIP) Policy Briefing 12 Published September 2005 September 2005 Office of the Deputy ...»
  10. «Abstract In this paper, we propose a very concise deep learning approach for collaborative filtering that jointly models distributional ...»
  11. «Paper 153-2007 Using an ODS Tagset to Create Distributable, Editable Data Islands James L. Ribble, Amer Technology, Inc., Atlanta, Ga. ABSTRACT This ...»
  12. «BULLETIN 2 INVITATION The Aero Club of Switzerland invites all FAI-affiliated National Airsport Control Organisations to participate in the 2015 FAI ...»
  13. «This is a joint press release by Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. and USG People N.V., pursuant to the provisions of article 10, paragraph 3 and article ...»
  14. «POJA SHAMS HAKIMI Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Division of Structural Engineering Concrete Structures CHALMERS UNIVERSITY OF ...»
  15. «Distributed Storage-Generation Grid Richard E. Smalley's Vision For U.S. Energy Independence Recommendations to the Technology Innovation Program ...»
  16. «Josep M. Font and Ventura Verd´ u ON THE LOGIC OF DISTRIBUTIVE LATTICES This note is a summary of the main result contained in the paper [4101-4200], which ...»
  17. «Tratamientos de acondicionamiento de aguas naturales y efluentes secundarios para procesos de filtración por membrana. Aplicación de la técnica de ...»
  18. «Responses to Comment Letter 1 B. Sachau Comment Response 1: Air emissions, including nitrogen dioxide emissions, are regulated and monitored. As ...»
  19. «AEROASSIST TECHNOLOGY PLANNING FOR EXPLORATION Michelle M. Munk Richard W. Powell Now that the International Space Station is undergoing assembly, ...»
  21. «Regenerative Aerobraking Robert W. Moses Exploration Systems Engineering Branch, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA 23681 (757) 864-7033; ...»
  23. «The second flight of the Hyper-X program afforded a unique opportunity to determine the aerodynamic force and moment characteristics of an ...»
  24. «MARS RECONNAISSANCE ORBITER OPERATIONAL AEROBRAKING PHASE ASSESSMENT Jill L. Prince Scott A. Striepe NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia ...»
  25. «Christopher L. Rumsey† NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA 23681-2199, USA First-author contact information: Phone: (425) 234 1136 Fax: (425) ...»
  26. «Prepared by James A. McAfee, Ph.D. Extension Turfgrass Specialist Texas AgriLIfe Extension Service Dallas, Texas Introduction: Information provided ...»
  27. «AUTONOMOUS AEROBRAKING: A DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, AND FEASIBILITY STUDY Jill L. H. Prince,* Richard W. Powell,† Dan Murri‡ Aerobraking has been used ...»
  29. «A high-fidelity thermal model of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter was developed for use in an autonomous aerobraking simulation study. Response ...»
  30. «The Mars Global Reference Atmospheric Model (Mars-GRAM) is an engineering-level atmospheric model widely used for diverse mission applications. ...»
  31. «NOTE ON DISTRIBUTIVE POSETS JAN PASEKA Abstract. In this note we study distributive posets. We discuss several notions of distributivity in posets ...»
  32. «María Victoria Soulé Memoria de investigación para la obtención del DEA dirigida por la Dra. Mari Luz Gutiérrez Araus Departamento de Lengua ...»
  33. «AUTONOMOUS AEROBRAKING DEVELOPMENT SOFTWARE: PHASE 2 SUMMARY Alicia D. Cianciolo,* Robert W. Maddock,† Jill L. Prince,‡ Angela Bowes, § Richard ...»
  34. «Aerodynamic Analysis of the Truss-Braced Wing Aircraft Using Vortex-Lattice Superposition Approach Eric Ting ∗ Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies ...»
  35. «[4101-4200] IN THE UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE ELEVENTH CIRCUIT No. 14-15326 D.C. Docket No. 2:11-cv-00578-JES-CM NATIONAL PARKS ...»
  36. «John C. Sorochan, Ph.D. University of Tennessee 350cm 5.0mm 300cm 4.6mm 260cm 215cm 3.9mm 3.2mm 2.4mm g N/M2 This figure was put together from USGA ...»
  37. «Press Release For Immediate Release A-HTRUST’s distributable income for 2Q FY2015/16 grew by 15.1% y-o-y  Including portion of proceeds from the ...»
  38. «Discussion Papers represent the authors‘ personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Deutsche Bundesbank or its staff. ...»
  39. «Document Version 1.0 © 2015 KISS Institute for Practical Robotics. All rights reserved. BOTBALL®, BOTGUY, and the BOTGUY design and character are ...»
  40. «2 June 2016 | ESMA/2016/773 Date: 02/06/2016 ESMA/2016/773 Responding to this paper ESMA invites comments on all matters in this paper and in ...»
  41. «Commencement Handbook 2016 Visit csudh.edu/commencement Dear Graduating Student, On behalf of the faculty, staff and administration, it is my ...»
  42. «Wildwood Green Golf Club 2016 Member Event Schedule Wildwood Green Golf Club 3000 Ballybunion Way Raleigh, NC 27613 (919) 846-8376 “A Carolinas ...»
  43. «Press Release For Immediate Release A-HTRUST’s distributable income 17.6% higher y-o-y for 3Q FY2015/16  Income available for distribution for ...»
  44. «Reg. No. 425,008 WHITE ROCK PRODUCTS CORPORATION (NEW YORK CORPORATION) 141-07 20TH AVE, SUITE 403 Registered Oct. 29, 1946 WHITESTONE, NY 11357 ...»
  45. «Gross Revenue 52.9 54.5 (3.0)% 215.1 227.1 (5.3)% Net Property Income 23.4 22.6 3.5% 90.9 93.3 (2.7)% Income available for 15.4 14.0 10.2% 63.7 56.3 ...»
  46. «July 8, 2016 By Electronic Delivery Hon. Kathleen H. Burgess Secretary New York State Public Service Commission Three Empire State Plaza Albany, New ...»
  47. «MACQUARIE MEAG PRIME REIT DISTRIBUTABLE INCOME EXCEEDS IPO FORECAST Highlights • Net property income of S$19.4 million exceeds IPO forecast by ...»
  48. «SPORT SCIENCE Level 1/2 APRIL 2015 www.ocr.org.uk/cambridgenationals OCR LEVEL 1/2 CAMBRIDGE NATIONALS IN SPORT SCIENCE UNIT R046 SAMPLE LEARNER WORK ...»
  49. «A guide to self-distributive quasigroups, or latin quandles David Stanovský We present an overview of the theory of self-distributive quasigroups, ...»
  50. «Abstract. The earlier work on predicate detection has assumed that the given computation is finite. Detecting violation of a liveness predicate ...»
  51. «EDITORIAL. The Summer Term of 1942 will probably live long in the memories of both staff and boys. The air raid at the end of April—less than a ...»
  52. «Effective 0901Z 15 September 2016 to 0901Z 10 November 2016 Published by NAV CANADA in accordance with ICAO Annexes 4 and 15 of the Convention on ...»
  53. «IMPORTANT INFORMATION Before proceeding, contact your employer’s Plan Administrator to discuss your distribution options. In addition, it is ...»
  54. «Aleksandra Sibinović1 Original scientific paper Sanja Mandarić 2 Milena Mikalacki3 Stanimir Stojiljković2 Elementary School „Vozd ...»
  55. «Abstract Networked embedded systems present unique challenges for system designers composing distributed applications with dyanmic, real-time, and ...»
  56. «SIGMA LA DISTRIBUCIÓN NORMAL, LA CALCULADORA Y LAS NUEVAS TECNOLOGÍAS Abel Martín (*) - Rosana Álvarez García (**) La distribución Normal tiene ...»
  57. «Yariv D. Mizrahi1 Misha Denil2 Nando de Freitas2,3,4 University of British Columbia, Canada University of Oxford, United Kingdom Canadian Institute ...»
  58. «Subject: Amateur-Built Aircraft Aerobatic Demonstration And Evaluation (This AMA supersedes AMA 549.101 dated 15 August 1987) 1. Purpose. This ...»
  59. «Ilias Diakonikolas∗ Moritz Hardt Ludwig Schmidt University of Edinburgh Google Research MIT Abstract We investigate the problem of learning an ...»
  60. «Abstract. This paper describes a rarefied hypervelocity test facility producing gas speeds greater than 7 km/s. The XI expansion tube at The ...»
  61. «1 Introduction Probably the most important missing ingredient from the current NLP state-of-the-art is the ability to compute the meaning of complex ...»
  62. «WPS3593 The Role of Factoring for Financing Small and Medium Enterprises Leora Klapper Development Research Group The World Bank Public Disclosure ...»
  63. «OBTENCIÓN DE POLVO DE PAPAYA DE MONTE (Carica pubescens) POR ATOMIZACIÓN José Concha Valencia (1) Américo Guevara Pérez (2) Miguel Araujo Vargas ...»
  64. «Abstract We review the complete set of Rcmdr menu items, including both the action menu items and the active Dataset and model items. We illustrate ...»
  65. «M. Coraddu1,2,? , G. Kaniadakis3,? , A. Lavagno3,4,? , M. Lissia2,1,? , G. Mezzorani1,2,? , and P. Quarati3,2,? 1 Dipartimento di Fisica, Universit` ...»
  66. «Richard Bisbey II Dennis Hollingworth * A Distributable, Display-Device-Independent Vector ~c: Graphics System for Command and Contro/ .,. W INF ...»
  67. «Please check appropriate box (x) PUBLIC HEARING MEETING X X (11/5/13) (11/5/13) APPLICATIONS UNDER CONSIDERATION: General Amendment to Zoning ...»
  68. «7. Aerial sterile fly release STEP V OF PROCESS IN FLOW CHART IN APPENDIX 2 Aerial release is more cost-effective than ground release for large-scale ...»
  69. «THESIS AERODYNAMIC VALIDATION OF EMERGING PROJECTILE CONFIGURATIONS by Sor Wei Lun December 2011 Thesis Advisor: Maximilian F. Platzer Thesis ...»
  70. «Determinación y caracterización de tipos funcionales de plantas (TFPs) en bosques secundarios dentro de un gradiente altitudinal y su relación con ...»
  71. «Advisory Circular AC139-14 Revision 1 Aerodrome Certification—Aerodrome 30 October 2015 Emergency Plan General Civil Aviation Authority advisory ...»
  72. «Advisory Circular AC139-5 Revision 2 Operational Safety During Works on 30 October 2015 Aerodromes General Civil Aviation Authority advisory ...»
  73. «Advisory Circular AC139-6 Revision 5 9 August 2016 Aerodrome Design Requirements: • All Aeroplanes Conducting Air Transport Operations • All ...»
  74. «Abstract. In virtually every semantic account of reciprocity it is assumed that reciprocal sentences are distributive. However, it turns out that the ...»
  75. «Distributed Problem Solving and Planning Edmund H. Durfee1 Artificial Intelligence Laboratory EECS Department University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI ...»
  76. «SPH 3U Mr. Leck Submitted: December 19, 2008 Introduction For over half a century, large amounts of the public have come to watch a series of various ...»
  77. «MapInfo Professional Version 12.5 Licensing and Activation The first time you start MapInfo Professional you are asked to activate your product using ...»
  78. «May 2004 Office of the Under Secretary of Defense For Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Washington, D.C. 20301-3140 Form Approved Report ...»
  79. «October 2005 Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Washington, D.C. 20301-3140 This report is a product ...»
  80. «© BAJR July 2005 Aerial Photography and Manual Rectification :: a Short Guide 1. What is Aerial Survey? 2. Cropmark and parch mark Sites 3. Soilmark ...»
  81. «Hercules Aerial Tram/Mobility Study & Report Prepared by Reconnecting America Table of Contents I. Report Summary: This study seeks to inform City of ...»
  82. «aerobatic airplanes aerobatic airplanes RC Airplanes, Helicopters, and Cars - Nitro Gas Airplanes » Aerobatic 3D; Shopping Options By Category. ...»
  83. «TIGER MOTH AEROBATICS By David Phillips Preamble I was recently asked to provide some notes on Tiger Moth Aerobatics to be used as an appendix to a ...»
  84. «in the C152A Aerobat Sixth Edition - April 2013 Derived from various material by Waypoints Aviation Ltd Aerobatics Basic Manoeuvres and Spinning in ...»
  85. «in the CT4 A/B Airtrainer Sixth Edition - April 2013 Derived from various material by Waypoints Aviation Ltd Aerobatics Basic Manoeuvres and Spinning ...»
  86. «in the DHC 1 Chipmunk First Edition - April 2013 Derived from various material by Waypoints Aviation Ltd Aerobatics Basic Manoeuvres and Spinning in ...»
  88. «Michael Boyle Aerobic versus Anaerobic Training The following is an excerpt from a book on training for ice hockey that I probably will never finish. ...»
  89. «Exercise Description: High Knee Drill Classification: Aerobic/Anaerobic Conditioning Instructions: 1. Stand in place with feet hip width apart. 2. ...»
  90. «AERODROME INSPECTOR HANDBOOK OCTOBER, 2013 Aerodrome inspector Handbook AERODROMES INSPECTOR HANDBOOK ii Version 00 October 2013 Aerodrome inspector ...»
  91. «Status: Febuary 2, 2012 I This Aerodrome Manual is published by: Flughafen München GmbH Postfach 23 17 55 85326 Munich Airport Germany Munich, ...»
  92. «Aerodrome of Democracy: Canada and the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan 1939-1945 Cover The painting, Looking South on No. 10 R.D. by Peter ...»
  93. «Straight and Level Flight In order for an airplane to fly straight and level, the following relationships must be true: • Thrust = Drag • Lift = ...»
  94. «1. Contents Page 2 2. Foreword by the Chairman 3. The role of the IAP Page 3 4. Current IAP members 5. IAP meetings this year Page 4/7 6. IAP Reports ...»
  96. «Evaluation of a 4.5 kW Commercial Hall Thruster System for NASA Science Missions Richard R. Hofer,* Thomas M. Randolph,† David Y. Oh,‡ John ...»
  97. «Program for the Estimation of Spacecraft Aerodynamic Properties John D. Fuller1 and Robert H. Tolson2 North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, ...»
  98. «As mini-UAVs become more capable and reliable, it is important to start looking at the factors differentiating them from other classes of unmanned ...»
  99. «PROPOSED DEVELOPMENTS ON AND AROUND ABERDEEN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT January 2013 Introduction Aberdeen International Airport Ltd (AIA) is officially ...»
  100. «Each and every golf course is unique. As breeder of Alpha creeping bentgrass, I developed General the following guidelines to serve as a starting ...»
  101. «THE VIGOR OF ANTI-COMMANDEERING DOCTRINE IN TIMES OF TERROR Ann Althouse* 69 Brook. L. Rev. 1231 (2004)† I. INTRODUCTION Although the Rehnquist ...»
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