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«Model 200 305-014207 5/09 IMPORTANT! Dialing 911 in an Emergency To reach help as quickly as possible in an emergency, all 1-Line CapTel calls placed ...»

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Using Your CapTel ®

Model 200

305-014207 5/09

IMPORTANT! Dialing 911 in an Emergency

To reach help as quickly as possible in an emergency, all 1-Line CapTel

calls placed to 911 connect directly to Emergency 911 Services.

911 calls are not routed through the captioning service. This means:

• Emergency 911 calls are not captioned in the same manner as

regular CapTel calls.

• Emergency 911 calls are treated as VCO calls* during which

the 911 call-taker can hear everything you say, and then types his/her response which appears on the CapTel display screen.

• You speak directly into the handset, as you would with any other CapTel call. The 911 call-taker will hear everything you say.

You may not be able to hear the call-taker, but he/she can type instructions to you, which will appear on the CapTel display screen.

• Watch the CapTel display screen for information.

Please familiarize yourself with Dialing 911 in an Emergency on page 29. (For more information on dialing 911 with 2-Line Mode, see page 38).

* VCO stands for “Voice Carry Over”, a service common in relay in which callers speak for themselves and read typed responses.

Ultratec, Inc.

450 Science Drive Madison, WI 53711 (888) 269-7477 (Voice/CapTel ) (800) 482-2424 (TTY) (866) 670-9134 (Spanish CapTel Customer Service) (608) 238-3008 (Fax) CapTel@CapTelMail.com (Email) www.captionedtelephone.com Seventh edition and CapTel are registered May 2009 trademarks of Ultratec, Inc.

Second Printing ©2005-2008 Ultratec, Inc.


Overview........................................2 Installing CapTel..................................6 Calling & Answering (1-Line Mode)..................9 Adjusting the Sound..............................12 Using Calling Features............................15 Menu Settings...................................19 Advanced Calling................................25 Dialing 911 in an Emergency (1-Line Mode)..........29 Using 2-Line CapTel (Optional).....................32 Dialing 911 with 2-Line CapTel.....................38 Helpful Tips....................................41 Care & Repair...................................47 Specifications...................................47 Index..........................................48 Safety Instructions...............................52


Give people who call you the appropriate Captioning Service Voice Number in order for you to get captions when they call (1-Line CapTel users only). See directions on page 10 to get captions on incoming calls.

Captioning Service Voice Number.................1-877-243-2823


Federal Relay CapTel Calls.............1-888-801-7210 Spanish-to-Spanish Captioning Calls......1-866-217-3362 California Residents Only (Non-Federal)...1-866-399-9050 California Spanish-to-Spanish Only.......1-866-399-9090 Texas Residents Only (Non-Federal)......1-800-933-5129 Texas Spanish-to-Spanish Only..........1-800-933-5417

–  –  –

2 OVERVIEW ■ Features


1. Handset hook

2. Display screen

3. Display buttons

4. Number buttons

5. Menu button

6. Flash button

7. Hold button and light

8. Volume button and light

9. Caption button and light

10. Ringer Volume control

11. Conversation Tone control

12. Conversation Volume control 13. 3.5mm Headset jack (left) and

2.5mm Audio jack (right)


(shown without desktop/wall footplate)

14. Power jack

15. Telephone line jack for 1st (primary) line 15a. Telephone line jack for 2nd line

16. Handset cord jack

–  –  –

the menu system.

Menu Button The MENU button allows you to personalize settings such as display contrast and ringer pitch. You also use the MENU button to setup the CapTel for office use. Menus appear on the display, and you can move through the different menu options by pressing the MENU button repeatedly.

Caption Button Before you make an outgoing call, you can set your CapTel either to display captions or to turn captions off. When the red light over the CAPTION button is lit, the Caption feature is on and your outgoing call will automatically be directed through the captioning service. You can change the Caption feature setting to off or to on by pressing the CAPTION button before you dial. See Calling & Answering on page 9 for more information about placing/receiving calls with captions.

Volume (VOL) Button & Slide Control When you need amplification, use the VOLUME slide control to make adjustments. For an added boost during each call, press the VOL button.

The boost turns off when the handset is hung up (see also Tone Slide Control on page 5).

4 OVERVIEW ■ Tone Slide Control The Tone Slide Control allows you to adjust the quality of sound that comes through the handset to a frequency range that works best for you.

With the TONE slide control, you can increase low- or high-frequency sounds for utmost clarity.

Hold Button (Mute for Captioned Calls) During a non-captioned call, you can put the caller on hold by pressing the HOLD button. Neither you nor the person on the other end of the line will hear sounds from the line. If you press this button during a captioned call, the feature works like a mute button. You will still receive captions and hear the person’s voice coming through the handset, but they will not be able to hear what you say or any background noises.

Loud Ringer The ringer has volume control so you can select the ring volume that works best for you. There is also a Ringer Pitch option in the menu.

Flash Button (Non-Captioned Calls Only) Some telephone service features like call-waiting require a “hook flash” which is a very brief interruption of the connection, like hanging up the phone for one second. The timing for a hook flash can be tricky but the FLASH button times it perfectly so you will not accidentally disconnect your call.

2.5mm/3.5mm Audio Jacks You can plug a headset, neckloop, or other assistive device into your CapTel to maximize audio quality or for convenient hands-free use.

–  –  –

CAUTION! Do not plug the CapTel into any telephone line other than a standard analog telephone line or an analog port.

Connection to a digital telephone line may damage the CapTel or the telephone system and will void your warranty. You may connect to a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) only if there is an inline DSL filter between the phone jack and the CapTel. CapTel is not recommended for use with digital cable or VOIP telephone service.

STEP 1 – Select a Location The CapTel requires a standard (analog) telephone line like those in most homes. If you are installing the CapTel in an office setting, check with the telephone system administrator to make sure you are using an analog port such as is used by some computer modems, some fax machines, or a direct-connect text telephone (TTY).

Setup the CapTel in a place where:

✔ There is an electrical outlet nearby.

✔ There is a phone jack nearby.

✔ The surface it is set on, or mounted to, is stable and secure.

✔ The area is protected from excessive heat or humidity.


■ STEP 2 – Setup the CapTel For Desktop Use

1. Plug the AC adapter cord into the round power jack on the bottom of the CapTel.

2. Plug the telephone line cord into the first (left) telephone line jack.

3. Attach the desktop/wall footplate, making sure the larger side is along the top edge of the CapTel.

4. Plug the telephone line cord into the wall jack and the AC adapter into an electrical outlet.

For Mounting on Wall To mount the CapTel on a wall, follow the

above instructions with the following changes:

1. Flip the handset hook over so that the hook points up.

2. Plug the 6-inch telephone line cord into the telephone jack.

3. Attach the desktop/wall footplate, making sure the larger side is down.

4. Plug the telephone cord into the wall jack. Then, line up the holes in the desktop/wall footplate with the studs on the wall. Hook the footplate on the studs and pull down.

NOTE: To personalize the menu settings after setup, see pages 19-24.

To setup CapTel with other devices (such as a signaler or answering machine) see page 46.

To setup CapTel for 2-Line Mode see page 32.

–  –  –

If you plan to make long distance captioned calls with your new CapTel phone, please let CapTel Customer Service know what long distance company you want your charges to be billed under, so that it appears correctly on your phone bill (under your existing long distance service or calling plan).

If you do not tell CapTel Customer Service which long distance service should be used, long distance captioned calls placed on your CapTel phone will be billed under the same long distance service/company that your state uses for Relay calls (varies by state).

Indicating your preferred carrier of choice only affects captioned long distance calls made on your CapTel phone. Local calls and calls to toll-free numbers are not affected. You are never charged a fee for using the CapTel captioning service.

To Indicate Your Preferred Long Distance Carrier: (Select One)

–  –  –

NOTE: If people call your CapTel phone via long distance, encourage them to register their long distance service/calling plan with CapTel Customer Service, too. This will ensure their long distance captioned calls to you are billed correctly under their existing long distance company/calling plan on their phone bill.


■ CALLING & ANSWERING (1-LINE MODE) Using CapTel in an Office, Hotel or Nursing Home Setting or with Call-waiting NOTE: If you need to dial a number for an outside line and/or you have call-waiting, see page 20 and 21 before placing your first call. For additional calling instructions and tips, see Helpful Tips on page 41.

Placing a Call with Captions

Using the CapTel is easy — just pick up the handset and dial:

1. Verify that the Caption feature is on. The red light over the CAPTION button should be lit. If the light is not on, turn on the feature by pressing the CAPTION button before dialing your call.

2. Pick up the handset. Dial the phone number of the person you are calling (example: 555-1234).

Remember to dial a 1 + area code if the number is long distance.

3. After a few seconds you will see a message letting you know that the Captioning Service is being connected to your CapTel phone. Once connected, the Captioning Service dials the person you are calling.

4. You may begin speaking as soon as you hear the other person answer or see the Signal Meter flicker (see Knowing What is Happening on the Line on page 14).

NOTE: If the Caption feature is turned off when you dial, the Captioning Service will not be connected and you will not receive captions. You cannot turn on captions manually in the middle of a call with 1-Line CapTel. If you would like captions, hang up, turn on the Caption feature, and place the call again.

–  –  –

1. The person calling you first dials the toll-free Captioning Service voice number (see page 1).

2. The caller will hear a recording: “Thank you for calling the Captioned Telephone Service. For Long Distance calls, be sure to register your preferred Long Distance Provider. For additional information, press #.

Please enter the area code and phone number of the person you are calling followed by the pound (#) sign.” Then, the caller dials your phone number.

3. When your CapTel rings, the display lights up and flashes RING.

4. Pick up the handset. If the caller is connected through the Captioning Service, there is a pause while the service connects to your CapTel.

The red light over the CAPTION button turns on and the display reads Waiting for Captions.

10 CALLING & ANSWERING ■ During the pause, the person calling you hears the recorded message “Please hold, the person you have called will be with you shortly,” and will not hear you speak.

5. Watch the display. You may begin speaking as soon as you see that the call has connected.

If you answer an incoming call on a phone other than the CapTel and you hear a beep that reoccurs throughout the call, the person who called you used the CapTel Captioning Service. Pick up your CapTel phone. It will detect the beep signal and begin to provide you with captions. Hang up the extension phone to continue via CapTel.

There is a 2-minute time limit for the CapTel phone to be picked up when answered on another extension or the call will be disconnected.

NOTE: If the call was not placed through the Captioning Service, the call will not be captioned. You cannot turn on captions manually in the middle of a call with 1-Line CapTel. The screen will go dark. If you would like captions, ask the person to hang up and call you again through the Captioning Service using the toll-free voice number (see page 1).

Placing a Call Without Captions Anyone can use the CapTel phone. If you don’t need captions, turn off

the feature by pressing the CAPTION button before picking up the handset:

1. Press the CAPTION button to turn off the Caption feature.

Verify that the red light is off.

2. Pick up the handset.

3. Dial the number of the person you are calling.

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