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«Risk Management & Safety Risk Management & Safety Risk Management What is Risk Management? Risk is the effect of uncertainty on objectives (whether ...»

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Risk Management & Safety

Risk Management & Safety

Risk Management

What is Risk Management?

Risk is the effect of uncertainty on objectives (whether positive or negative).

Risk Management is the identification, assessment, and prioritisation of risks, followed by actions to minimise,

monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events. In other words, what do you need to do

to stop things from going wrong?

At a golf club, there are many issues to consider when undertaking a Risk Management Assessment e.g:

● providing leadership to develop a welcoming and inclusive club ● developing and adopting Member Protection and Codes of Behaviour ● ensuring the Constitution and membership rules do not result in members being treated unfairly ● ensuring selection and other club decisions are fair and not based on stereotypes and irrelevant characteristics (e.g. team selection) ● choosing the right people and ensuring coaches and other personnel meet child protection requirements ● developing or adopting guidelines that support coaches and other personnel to provide safe environments for participation, particularly for children ● communicating policies and procedures to all personnel and members – including any screening and mandatory reporting responsibilities, who to complain to and how complaints will be dealt with ● providing education and training for administrators, coaches and other personnel to support them in their role ● taking complaints about discrimination, harassment and abuse seriously and acting quickly ● appointing a Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) to handle all complaints Junior Coordinators, Coaches and others who work with juniors have particular responsibilities. To assist you in

meeting your responsibilities your club should:

● ensure that you undergo a Working With Children or other police checks as required by your State’s legislation ● explain your duties and responsibilities (e.g., with a written job description) ● provide you with information about expected codes of behaviour ● support you to complete training to improve your skills and knowledge ● provide you with guidelines to support you in your role (e.g., heat guidelines, photographing children) Junior Coordinator Administration Kit To create an inclusive environment for participation and to manage your risks as a Junior Coordinator/Coach

you should:

● maintain control (e.g. don’t lose your temper, harass or bully others) ● balance competition with participation in junior sport ● follow fair, transparent and consistent team selection processes ● consider flexible coaching practices (e.g. to include people with a disability) ● make sure you use appropriate coaching techniques (e.g. do not use punishment or over training to improve performance) ● maintain appropriate boundaries (e.g. avoiding intimate relationships) ● avoid being alone with a child or young person (e.g. in the change rooms) ● maintain appropriate physical contact (e.g. when demonstrating a skill) ● avoid transporting children one on one, and not without parental consent ● make sure any electronic communication with players is about team matters ● do not provide players with alcohol or drugs ● seek permission when taking images of players, particularly children – refer to the GA Member Protection Policy take action over any inappropriate behaviours (e.g. harassment or suspicions of harm against a child) The website Play by the Rules (www.playbytherules.net.au) is an initiative supported by Federal, State and Territory Governments which provides a wealth of information on managing risks, legal issues and child protection.

Occupational Health & Safety It is important that the Junior Coordinator and/or Coach are aware of the Club’s or facility’s obligations in regard to Occupational Health & Safety to provide a safe environment for employees, contractors, members and visitors. This commitment also extends to ensuring the facility does not place the local community at risk of injury or illness.

Therefore if an accident or incident occurs there are procedures which must be followed. Discuss these procedures with your Club if you are not aware of them.

Some key procedures include:

● Hazard Assessment and Reporting ● Injury/Incident Reporting ● Emergency Procedures Note: Records of injuries/incidents involving children should be kept for 6 years after the child turns 18 years of age.

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It is also highly recommended that a Risk Assessment is carried prior to the commencement of any session.

Refer to the Sample Risk Assessment Session Safety Check Form at the end of this section.

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The risks of litigation can be reduced by complying with the guidelines in this Kit.

Working with Children Obligations Child protection is not a subject that is separate from the day-to-day activities in golf - it is an intrinsic part of the running of a Golf Club or golfing events. It is an integral part of planning, risk assessment and organisational

processes. In a sporting context, risks for the welfare of children can come from a number of sources:

● From specific individuals who have involved themselves in sport so that they can exploit their position of influence or responsibility for their own objectives, rather than for the benefit of children. This can include the sexual, emotional or physical abuse of children ● As a result of unrealistic expectations being placed on children to perform beyond their ability or capability by parents, coaches or officials. This can often be seen in the “pushy parent” or the strict coach ● As a result of bullying by other children or adults, for example, where a Junior Coordinator shows favouritism towards some children and treats certain others harshly ● As a result of poor planning or lack of awareness of the specific needs of children when participating in sport Adults who are involved in the administration of children’s sport, junior coaching or supporting junior activities

have a responsibility to:

● Review their own behaviour in sport to ensure that they demonstrate the highest possible standards ● Introduce and adhere to appropriate procedures to safeguard children’s welfare and protect themselves as adults involved with children ● Be informed about and be able to recognise the signs and symptoms of abuse ● Take appropriate action should they be concerned about an adult’s behaviour or a child’s welfare Golf Australia (GA) has a comprehensive Member Protection Policy which can be accessed on its website, and from which much of the following has been sourced.

Junior Coordinator Administration Kit Every person and organisation bound by the policy (which includes individuals sitting on boards, committees, and sub-committees, employees and volunteers, coaches, affiliated clubs) must always place the safety and welfare of children above all other considerations.

GA acknowledges that their staff and volunteers provide a valuable contribution to the positive experiences of juniors. GA aims to ensure this continues and to protect the safety and welfare of its junior participants. Several

measures will be used to achieve this such as:

● Prohibiting any form of abuse against children ● Providing opportunities for juniors to contribute to and provide feedback on program development ● Carefully selecting and screening people whose role requires them to have regular contact with children ● Ensuring people have completed a statutory Working with Children Check ● Ensuring codes of conduct, particularly for roles associated with junior sport, are promoted, enforced and reviewed ● Providing procedures for raising concerns or complaints ● Providing education and/or information to those involved in our sport on child abuse and child protection GA requires that anyone who reasonably suspects that a child has been or is being abused by someone within our sport, to report it immediately to the Member Protection Information Officer or the police or relevant Government agency and CEO/MPIO of GA or the respective State/Territory organisation or the respective Affiliate Member Club.

Most states and territories now require that anyone who is intending to work with children to have a formal Screening or Working with Children Check. These can involve criminal history checks, signed declarations, referee checks and other appropriate probity checks to assess people’s suitability to work with children.

Screening requirements vary across Australia. Contact the relevant agency to find out more information about police checks and Working with Children Checks in your state or territory.

If your state or territory does not have a statutory requirement, the GA Policy contains a Screening Process which Clubs should use for anyone who occupies or applies for any role that involves people under the age of 18 years.

Taking images of children is a particular activity that needs careful thought and planning. Images of children can be used inappropriately or illegally. GA requires that individuals and associations, wherever possible, obtain permission from a child’s parent/guardian before taking an image of a child that is not their own and ensure that the parent knows the way the image will be used. GA also requires the privacy of others to be respected and disallows the use of camera phones, videos and cameras inside changing areas, showers and toilets.

If GA uses an image of a child it will avoid naming or identifying the child or it will, wherever possible, avoid using both the first name and surname. GA will not display personal information such as residential address, email address or telephone numbers without gaining consent from the parent/guardian. GA will not display information about hobbies, likes/dislikes, school, etc as this information can be used as grooming tools by pedophiles or other persons. GA will only use appropriate images of a child, relevant to the sport and ensure that the child is suitably clothed in a manner that promotes the sport, displays its successes, etc.

GA requires their members, member associations and clubs to do likewise.

Junior Coordinator Administration Kit Also included in the Policy are Codes of Conduct for Coaches, Volunteers, Members, Parent/Guardians and Spectators. It also contains an Investigation Procedure to be followed in the case of alleged child abuse, along with pro-formas for recording complaints and allegations. To assist in consistency and accuracy in following procedure and reporting on the issues covered by GA’s Member Protection Policy, the following

documents, which can be accessed from the GA web site should be used:

● E1 Confidential Record of Informal Complaint – to be used by MPIOs or others who receive a complaint or allegation ● E2 Confidential Record of Formal Complaint – to be used when a formal complaint is received by GA ● E3 Confidential Record of Child Abuse Allegation – to be used by MPIOs or others who receive complaints or allegations of child abuse Refer to a Sample ParentalConsent Form and Codes of Conduct for Coaches, Administrators/Volunteers, Members, Parents/Guardians and Spectators at the end of this section.

General principles to be followed when completing a report of a complaint:

● Treat all complaints seriously ● Report the complaint to the Member Protection Information Officer ● Deal with complaints promptly, sensitively and confidentially ● Maintain a calm attitude ● Ask the complainant if they will consent to you taking notes ● Write the description of the complaint /problem using the complainants own words (as much as is possible) ● Find out the nature of the relationship between the complainant and the person complained about (for example, coach/competitor, team members, etc) and if there is any relevant history ● Take a note of the facts and do not pre-judge the situation ● Ask the complainant whether they fear victimisation or other consequences ● Find out what outcome the complainant wants and if they need any support ● Ask the complainant how they want to the complaint to be dealt with under the policy ● Keep the complaint confidential and do not disclose it to another person without the complainant’s consent except if disclosure is required by law (for example, a report to government authorities) or if disclosure is necessary to deal effectively with the complaint Insurances All affiliated golf club members have Personal Liability Cover (with a limit of $20m) provided through Golf Australia’s insurance policy. Accredited Amateur Coaches (who are qualified under GA’s recognised coaching programs and are members of a golf club) are also covered for Professional Indemnity up to $5m. Full details of the cover can be found on Golf Australia’s website.

Cover for Personal Injury and Equipment are separate – check with your Club.

Junior Coordinator Administration Kit Safety & Injury Prevention We have a fundamental obligation to provide a safe environment for juniors and adults alike. We want our

participants to:

● Have fun ● Develop their skills ● Attain a sense of achievement ● Be protected from exposure to injury ● Come back again Sports Medicine Australia has published Safety Guidelines for Children and Young People in Sport and Recreation (available on their website www.sma.org.au ), which provides helpful principles and practices for coaching children. Golf, of course, has specific requirements.

Golf Safety Rules

1. Instructor ● Approach children from face on Junior Coordinator Administration Kit

2. Check the Playing Area ● No stones or obstacles

3. Warm Up/Stretch/Warm Down (see below under Injury Protection)

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5. Balls ● Before shots are played make sure that those in front are well out of range

6. Group Sizes ● Groups of 2 or 3 children, and only one child should be using the club with other children in the designated safety area, at least 4 club lengths (3 metres) away

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