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«Addison County Fair & Field Days for a map of grounds and other information 1790 Field Days Road, New Haven, Vermont ...»

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July 9, 10, 11, 12, 2015

Addison County Fair & Field Days

www.addisoncountyfielddays.com for a map of grounds and other information

1790 Field Days Road, New Haven, Vermont

Route 17 between New Haven Junction and Addison Four Corners

Please use the South Gate Entrance (By the dairy barns)

Main Judge: Dan Grunewald, Jefferson, WI

Fitting & Showmanship & Jillian Hall, Dover, NH

Trail Judges: Jessy Riley, Washington, VT Dressage Judge: Michele Southwick, Grand Isle, VT Deb Danforth – 273-2192


e-mail: deborah.danforth@castleton.edu Mary Fay – 878-1215 e-mail: Joelmary4h@aol.com Doug Henson – 482-2002 email: Henson854@comcast.net

Dressage Manager:

Kathy & Cassie Kennett – H: 759-2015 - C: 349-5671


e-mail: kkennett@together.net Scorers: Cassie Kennett, Martha Blades Announcer: Christina Earl, Lyon Falls, NY Ringmistress: Lindsy Danforth, Castleton, Vermont Veterinarian on call: Keely Henderson, DVM, Lincoln, VT - 802-453-5795 (Payment is expected at time of service) Farrier on call: (early morning) Frank Gringeri, West Haven, VT Cell - 802-265-8844 Photographer: Ron Hoague, RHoague Photography, Fairfax, VT Food booth: Addison County 4-H Foundation 4-H Livestock Educator: Wendy Sorrell - email: wendy.sorrell@uvm.edu 802-656-5418 Issued in furtherance of Cooperative Extension work, Acts of May 8 and June 30, 1914, in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture. University of Vermont Extension, Burlington, Vermont. University of Vermont Extension, and U.S. Department of Agriculture, cooperating, offer education and employment to everyone without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital or familial status IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This program can also be found at www.uvm.edu/extension/4hyouth.

Alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs are not allowed at 4-H meetings, events or activities. Please refrain from any use of the above mentioned or you will be asked to leave.

The water is chlorinated but is not recommended for human consumption so bring drinking water. Some horses will not drink the water; you must know your horse and plan accordingly.

ASTM/SEI properly fitted helmets are required at all times by anyone who is mounted or driving, including Lead Line. Please refer to the “New England 4-H Horse Show Rules and Guidelines, Revised Feb. 2014 for proper attire and more complete rules.

PAPERWORK NEEDED: All paperwork needs to come with the HORSE and trailer.

(a )Current Negative Coggin’s test, (b) current proof of rabies. Your horse will not be allowed off the trailer without this paperwork!

CAMPERS: May arrive between 4PM and 8PM WEDNESDAY, or between 8AM and 8PM THURSDAY.

HORSES: May not arrive before 8AM THURSDAY (if you are not arriving Thursday, please note this on your entry) NO PETS ALLOWED! NO SMOKING OR BIKES IN OR AROUND THE BARNS! Bikes found in the barn area will be jailed until the end of the show. NO CAMPFIRES! This refers to anything with an open flame.

An exhibitor must apply in writing to the state 4-H Livestock Educator, Wendy Sorrell, 655 Spear Street, Burlington, VT 05405-0107, with questions regarding unusual equipment or other matters that are not clearly addressed in the program or guidelines and not addressed at the show. This must be done at least a month ahead of time. To request a disability-related accommodation to participate in this program, please contact Wendy Sorrell at 802-656-5418 or 800-571-0668 by June 20, 2015 so we may assist you.

All vehicles/trailers are to be parked in designated areas. There is no parking between any buildings in the horse area and the roadways. This is a safe place to unload your horse and equipment and is okay, but you can not stay parked in that area. During the day the roads around the barns are closed for everyone’s safety. Please do not drive over or around cones.

STABLING: All pre-entry participants will be stabled by club. A single member attending from a club may request to be next to another club on the entry form. Entries must be received by post-mark of June 20th to be considered pre-entry.

Post entries will be accepted, no guarantee of stabling or with your club. Stalls are $60 per stall for the weekend and are non-refundable. They are available Thursday through Sunday. All horses staying overnight must have a stall. (You are not allowed to use nails, screw-eyes, etc. with the portable stalls, plan accordingly.) Horses stabled on the grounds must participate in at least 2 classes over the weekend, to occupy a stall. Bedding will be available for purchase on the grounds Thursday, and there are feed stores and tack shops nearby, should you need them. Upon your departure, your stall and the aisle way must be completely stripped and put on the manure pile. Tack stalls may be available if we have extra stalls, at $60. CLUBS must fill out an entry form (Club Name) and send to secretary for TACK STALLS.

 Lights will be turned out at 10:00 P.M. If you need to check on your horse, use a flashlight.

CAMPING: See arrival times above. All campers must be in place by 8PM Thursday. No camping/staying over on Wednesday or Sunday night. Exhibitors may stay on the grounds in campers and/or tents. Each family staying on the grounds is asked to pay $15 for the weekend if not paying for electrical hookup. Again this year you may camp in the 4-H Exhibit Hall for $25. (See separate sheet for restrictions) These fees help to offset our grounds expenses. Please fill out the camping form. Any unit using electricity or water hook-up will be subject to the $65 fee for hookups. Camping fees are payable in advance on the form enclosed, all camping fees are non-refundable. If you wish to have a camping space next to someone, please indicate that on your camping form. Camper bar spaces will be marked in advance. The upper part of the grounds are only marked by group, first come, first served on the 30 amp breakers. Plan on bringing water splitters and extension cords. If renting, please put the name the camper was rented under on the camping form in addition to the exhibitor’s name.

Quiet time in the camping areas begins at 10:00 P.M. This helps everyone get a good night’s sleep. Please be considerate.

OTHER FEES: Pre-entered classes are $6 per class. Entries received after a post-mark of June 20th will be charged an office fee of $25. Stall fees are non-refundable, also a $ 25 Office fee will be assessed in refund situations. Classes added at the show will be $10 per class, except for the Leadline, Leader’s Pleasure, and Alumni classes. Class drops will not be refunded, and there will be no class ‘swaps’. Numbers are $2 and you may keep them. You will be issued a “set” of numbers and are encouraged to use one on both sides of your saddle pad for best identification by show officials.

Numbers must be visible on both sides, if not on your back.

T-shirts will be available by pre-purchase only for $15 each. Please order with your entry on order form, they will be pastel yellow with black graphics this year. Stall fees, camping fees and T-shirt money must accompany your entry. Tshirts are ordered on June 20th. Classes may be paid upon your arrival. Registration goes faster if all fees are paid ahead of time. Questions at the show need to go to the managers and/or committee members. No one may approach any judge.

Everyone will be asked to volunteer for various parts of the show. Please be generous with your assistance.

Members are asked to remain on the grounds for the duration of the show, and may leave only when accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or other responsible adult with prior arrangement.

Motels in the 15-20 minute range are as follows: Blue Spruce Motel 388-4091, Greystone Motel 388-4935, Sugarhouse Motor Inn 388-2770, or Courtyard by Marriott 388-7600. Also, see Addison County Chamber of Commerce website.



In our Horseless Division, members participating may not lead/ride/drive a horse in any class at the horse show.

–  –  –

All riders/drivers are eligible for a 4-H Championship. A Gymkhana Championship and one show Championship may be chosen. You may ride all seats, but must determine which championship to ride toward on the entry form.

Gymkhana: See Gymkhana Classes and Rules. To be awarded Thursday.

* Beginner (8-18 in 1st year of competition; W/T only) * Junior (W/T/C 8-13) * Senior (W/T/C 14-18)

–  –  –

Advanced Beginner 4-H (Ages 8-18 having cantered in fewer than 8 shows) *3 – Fitting & S 31 or 34 – Project 50, 51 or 52 G-Knowledge 53, 54 or 55 – QB 56, 57 or 58 – Judging

–  –  –

************************************************************************************************* Showmanship Championship (awarded in the ring; Ages 8-18) The top two of each Fitting and Showmanship class will compete for this championship as shown in the schedule. You may be asked to change horses. This class is showmanship only.


–  –  –

The patterns used for Fitting and Showmanship, Trail, Western Riding, and Western Reining will be published in the pattern booklet handed out at the Secretary’s booth when you register.

HORSE SHOW AGE DIVISIONS: All ages (except Lead Line) are as of January 1 of the current year.

See the “Championships” section for age criteria for championships and qualifier classes.

Beginner: Riders 8 years through 18 years, walk and trot/jog only. Those over age 12 should be in their first or second year of showing.

Advanced Beginner: Riders 8 years through 18 years. Riders will be asked to walk and trot/jog and will be asked to canter/lope done briefly, individually or in small groups or for a short period of time. Riders in this division should not have shown one season or eight shows as an Advanced Beginner.

Walk/Trot/Canter Divisions*: 13 & Under (Ages 8-13) 14-18 years * The ages may be subject to change according to entries. Management reserves the right to balance the two divisions.

19 & Over: Riders are adults who are 19 and over years of age. May only go in classes that say 19 & over.

****************************************************************************************** Eastern National 4-H Horse Roundup delegates will be asked to conduct the flag ceremony on Saturday morning, Eastern States delegates will conduct the flag ceremony on Sunday morning, on horseback.

************************************************************************************************** Please refer to the “New England 4-H Horse Show Rules and Guidelines, Revised


February 2014 for further information not covered here. It is available on the UVM Extension web site.

Club Class: Two or more members of a club or combined clubs will be given 3-5 minutes to complete a program of their choosing. Music is optional, but you must bring your own and someone to play it; a CD player will be provided.

Your time starts as soon as the music begins. Your time will be given to the judge and you will be penalized if over. Since beginners are encouraged to be a part of this class, NO CANTERING is allowed. Horseless members may also participate without a horse. The group is judged on their ability to work together and the originality and style of their performance. A revolving plaque will be engraved with the club’s name(s) and the year. (Each participant must pay an entry fee.) Command Class: This is an elimination contest where any rider not executing the judge’s exact commands promptly and correctly will be eliminated. The judge may ask contestants to walk, jog or trot, canter or lope, reverse, halt, back, to go from any gait to any other gait and to canter or lope in a counter lead. Each command will be given twice. By the time the second command is given, (specifically when the announcer or judge has stopped speaking) the horse must be performing that command. When at the halt, movement forward, backward or to the side will result in elimination. Head movement of the horse or rider will not count against the entry. Tack, appointments, equipment as per seat ridden.

Costume Class: To be judged on originality, creativity and workmanship. Will be held in the small ring after jumping is finished.

Dressage classes: These classes will run in a separate area. The object of Dressage is the harmonious development of the physique and ability of the horse. As a result it makes the horse calm, supple, loose and flexible but also confident, attentive and keen thus achieving perfect understanding with the rider. See separate rules.

Driving Tack, Equipment, and Attire: See New England 4-H Horse Show Rules and Guidelines.

Driving Reinsmanship: A driving class in which entries are judged on the knowledge, ability, and skill of the driver and the communication between driver and horse. To be shown both ways of the ring at the walk, jog trot, and road trot or alternate gaits. Drivers will be required to rein back. The horse should respond promptly and willingly. To be judged 80% on handling of reins (and whip if used), control, posture, technique, and ability of driver and 20% on condition and fit of harness and horse.

Pleasure Driving: A pleasure driving class in which entries are judged primarily on suitability of a horse to provide a pleasant drive for a youth. Open to all pleasure driving animals. To be shown at a walk, trot, and extended trot both ways of the ring. Must stand quietly and back readily. It is emphasized that this is a pleasure class and that a good entry is one that will provide a pleasant, responsive drive for a child driver. The pleasure driving class is judged 60% on manners and performance, 20% on suitability as a child’s driving animal, 10% on way of going and 10% on condition and fit of harness and vehicle and neatness of attire.

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