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«Explain basic model and five stages Most employees are likely in the disorientation phase. Goal is to identify where each of your employees fall at ...»

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Explain basic model and five stages

Most employees are likely in the

disorientation phase.

Goal is to identify where each of your

employees fall at this point and get them to


Feelings and behaviors you may be

seeing in your department

Employees dealing with great deal of

uncertainty which is why feelings and

behaviors are seen

Goal is to get people on the upswing to get to


Obviously they will go through reappraisal

so we need to help them look at their options and opportunities ahead in relation to Emory Healthcare Feelings and behaviors we hope you will see soon and you may already have some employees in recommitment.

Goal is to identify those that are there and become coaches for the employees that are not there yet..

For the employees that you’ve identified to be in disorientation, this is how you as a leader should work with them Again, for those in disorientation, this is what to avoid doing and how to guide them to the next phase.

In a nutshell, a one word (red) leader behavior to get them through to the next phase.

As leaders, I encourage to go back to the course materials to help you in leading your team and engaging individuals.We want all employees to anticipate and experience our exciting new future with Emory Healthcare.

Our focus:

Attract, select and retain optimal job candidates who will deliver on our promise to our patients.

Saint Josephs is our newest hospital to join the transformation of care at Emory Healthcare

Our focus:

Attract, select and retain optimal job candidates who will deliver on our promise to our patients.

Saint Josephs is our newest hospital to join the transformation of care at Emory Healthcare.

Leaders at St Josephs will find our recruitment processes are more alike than they are different.

We are both affirmative action employers who have had recent audits.

Our policies and procedures for the transfer and promotions of internal employees are similar.

EHC has a centralized recruitment staff located at 1817 Clifton Road (Wesley Woods campus).

Allied recruiters are currently located in a central location.

Nurse recruiters are located in hospital and clinics.

SJH will have recruiters onsite as they do today.

Both EHC and SJH have a requisition approval process that requires approval by a labor management team.

Our recruitment process begins before we even have a requisition with targeted advertising, branding and sourcing.

We work to have talent communities and pools with critical skills available.

We focus on quality hires with testing, behavioral interviewing and thorough pre-employment processing.

Our processes for testing, references, criminal background checks are online systems.

We have specialized processes for calculating our salaries and generating online offer letters.

Our health assessment and drug screens are administered after job offer acceptance.

SJH staff will find that the EHC requisition is easily available on the EHC leader site.

To create the requisition all that is needed is job code and follow steps in handy guide.

The requisition has built in approvals required for the labor management review process before a job is posted.

Leaders receive emails from Kenexa Brassring, our Applicant Tracking System, at all stages of the requisition process.

Here is a screen shot depicting the landing page of our EHC Leader Site.

The Employment Requisition Form and handy guide are readily available.

We both have similar processes for approving requisitions.

SJH uses the Position Requisition Tool to submit requisition requests – not part of the E-recruit system.

AT EHC Hiring managers submit their requests through the online applicant tracking system, in the requisition.

At EHC Recruitment uses the most recent Finance Labor Variance Report to determine if a requisition needs to be presented at our Labor Management Action Team meeting.

If the requisition does not need to be presented, the LMAT team will automatically approve it and post it on the job board.

SJH will use the new ATS to request the requisition (and it’s chain of command approvals). Financial data will be reviewed at LMT weekly meeting before posting a job at SJH.

EHC optimizes our Applicant Tracking System (ATS), career site and outside job postings sources to attract candidates.

Digital age sourcing, creative strategies, job fairs, passive sourcing are regularly used to develop talent pools.

EHC and SJH test for basic skills for select jobs.

Our skills tests are very similar.

SJH testing for nursing candidates as part of the onboarding of nurses is under review. EHC does not conduct similar testing of nurses.

EHC is validating our pilot testing for Patient Services job category and will include SJH as appropriate.

There are structured, formal behavioral-based interview formats for both SJH and EHC.

EHC has Success Profiles for each of 8 Job Categories of jobs.

The dimensions that are evaluated in the interviews support our Care Transformation model.

Both of our interview programs are EEOC Compliant.

There will be future work to generalize success profiles and train SJH leaders.

EHC uses the Skill Survey 360 online reference tool for all references for hires.

We get summarized reports with at least 2 recent supervisors ratings for each candidate on critical behaviors aligned with job requirements.

The average rating accepted for hire is Medium Low or higher.

We have 2 years of data research that shows Skill Survey results are correlated with quality of hire.

The average time to get results back on any candidate is 1.9 days.

SJH will have the benefit of Skill Surveys effective 1/22.

SJH and EHC have almost identical processes for conducting a Criminal Background check and related checks.

SJH will discontinue use of a hard copy form and will use Sterling’s online consent form.

EHC has the Criminal Background Investigation (CBI) and other checks integrated into the Kenexa system for easy retrieval.

Sterling’s compliance with regulations under Fair Credit Reporting Act is up to date with the most recent legal requirements.

The EHC New Hire Tool will be used to calculate offers within our salary plans effective 1/22.

SJH recruiters will be thoroughly trained on the New Hire Tool and practices by Compensation and Recruitment.

We are planning now for changes to offer letters to be ready by 1/22.

These are all steps in our pre-employment process for thoroughly vetting all candidates.

Some procedures apply to specific jobs only, such as credentialing or fingerprinting.

Recruitment has a project timeline for working with SJH recruiters to load all your vacancies effective 1/22.

Additional training on how to create a requisition and the recruitment organization will begin in January 2012.

Here is what will happen in January to transition Recruitment Services.

All SJH requisitions will be loaded into Kenexa starting 1/23. There will be a data transfer of applicant data from SJH’s E- recruit applicant tracking system.

The EHC Career Site will incorporate SJH identity, locations and branding, effective January 2012.

Leader training in January will focus on how to fill out a requisition and coordinate services with SJH recruiters and staff in Recruitment.

Here is a diagram of EHC’s HR systems with the Recruitment systems depicted on the right.

Skill Survey is our online 360 reference process.

The New Hire Tool helps calculate our salary offers and prepares offer letters.

Sterling Infosystems in our online criminal background check process that is integrated with our ATS.

•On January 22nd, Saint Joseph’s employees will enroll in EHC benefits in EHC systems.

EHC has a full complement of benefits. Many are similar to Saint Joseph’s and some are even better.

Benefit Guides will be available on SJH intranet at Close.

Enrollment starts Sunday, January 22nd. The early bird will get their benefit cards within 2 weeks.

Enrollment is online and easy. Make sure your employees enroll in first week.

Benefits Specialists will be at SJH for first two weeks to assist with enrollments and answer questions.

Here is an overview of the many benefits where EHC was better than SJH.

Knowing the complexity of benefit plans, no two are exactly alike nor the ways ees use them. We can say both programs are really comparable. Look at it as a total package.

Almost all medical overage levels, except two, have lower premiums. If SJH would have passed on increase for 2012, EHC would have had lower medical premiums across the board.

Employees can learn about these more at enrollment meetings and benefits fair on Monday, January 3 rd.

Important Dates to Have on Your Calendar – We will have resources at EHC and here onsite, including SJH HR would will know our plans.

At the Fair on 1/23, employees can ask the vendor directly.

We don’t staff round the clock but you will get a response within 48 hours. Most questions are addressed on call or next day.

Online Benefit Guides are very readable. Most questions can be answered there.

There will be several system changes here along with future changes for the enterprise.

Please work with us as we phase in these changes.

Some short term while others will be enterprise-wide initiatives and will take time and money.

The HR system of record is PeopleSoft. With the aggressive onboarding schedule – less than one month after close, we will deploy HR, Benefits, Payroll and timekeeping.

At this time we do not have all HR systems fully integrated nor full manager self service but we do have support for you.

Phase I – 1/22 Get everyone paid and benefited Phase II – 1/22 and later – reports, interfaces and additional systems. We will keep you posted on our progress.

EHC has several self-service applications for employee and manager as you can see.

We highly recommend you ask employees to update via self service where possible. If they are unsure how to complete a transaction, please have them talk with HR.

For managers, you will be able to see your direct reports on the Employee Profile. PRG assists with annual merit, flu campaign and EHC pension calcs.

Kenexa is our recruitment system which will be available first day. Success Factors is our online performance appraisal system.

As many reports were custom Lawson, we will continue to build where possible in PeopleSoft.

Here are a few systems you will recognize by name as you work within the EHC system.

HLC is Healthstream – Our learning management system I believe you are familiar with this application.

PeopleSoft – is like your Lawson. A comprehensive HR platform.

Kronos – timekeeping will be done via telephonic Kenexa – recruiting system Success Factors – performance appraisal system This is how updates move through the EHC system to be entered into PeopleSoft.

The Employee Update Form (EUF) allows managers to request an employee change; forward to their manager via email for approval (if needed); then form is auto routed based on the fields updated by the manager.

It’s like MSS except you are not entering directly into PeopleSoft.

Tips to Know –

• If you are forwarding to your manager, tell him or her to check email and approve. Sometimes they sit there.

•We will provide instruction s of how to download the form to your Outlook in January.

•Know the routing above, so you know where your update is. Your change is entered by HR Services after all approvals are complete.

The Employee Profile is an “at a glance” page which has plenty of employee information available. It is deployed only to managers with direct reports. The manager can only see their direct reports.

Employee s will also be able to see their own profile.

This is a great place to check quick information or see if latest change is in system.

Leaders can feel free to call us if you have any questions.

For general employee questions, we recommend you talk with the subject matter experts (our specialists).

They can be reached on the Hotline and email.

Do get your employee comfortable with accessing the intranet and the guides as a wealth of information is out there and will answer 99% of questions.

Contacts for further questions pertaining to

Employee Relations:

Jeanne Landry, Executive Director, Saint Joseph’s Health System 678-843-7046 Angela Adams, Human Resources Manager, Saint Joseph’s Health System 678-843-5938

Attendance Policy for EHC:

Disciplinary process begins at 6-8 occurrences in 12 month period 3 tardies in a rolling 4 week period constitute an occurrence Steps can be skipped during first 12 months of employment (initial period of employment policy). Final Written warning can be given instead of suspension prior to termination at the manager’s discretion.

PTO Accrual at EHC:

1-5 years 26 days yr or 8 hrs pp 6-10 years 31 days yr or 9.54 hrs pp 11-20 years 34 days or 10.46 hrs pp 21 or more 38 days yr or 11.38 hrs pp Leaders are held responsible for their employees completing the employee commitments each FY. HR will partner with local leadership to provide them with the necessary tools to track and monitor the progress their employees are making to ensure that they are able to complete these in the time permitted.

Director - Cindy Hall 404.686.7947 (cynthia.hall@emoryhealthcare.org) FMLA Leave Manager – Nancy Clift 404.686.3470 (nancy.clift@emoryhealthcare.org) Nurse Case Manager – Celeste Walker 404.251.3279 (celeste.walker@emoryhealthcare.org) The current new hire process will remain the same with the recruitment team scheduling the appointment with employee health on Monday, Thursdays and Fridays.

The annual health assessment process will continued to be done on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and monitored by managers.

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