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«Diana Anderson Written and developed by Diana Anderson Ketchum, Idaho Copyright © 2013 Diana Anderson Published by Words as My Wings, LLC All Rights ...»

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Harmonize Your Home and Office,

and Feel more Alive

Diana Anderson

Written and developed by Diana Anderson

Ketchum, Idaho

Copyright © 2013 Diana Anderson

Published by Words as My Wings, LLC

All Rights Reserved

First Edition 2013

Printed in the United States of America



1 Harmony is Contagious

2 Our Modern Landscape

3 In the Zone

4 Owning Your Power

5 Communicating with All:

6 A Bridge Between Light and Matter

7 Activate

8 The Importance of the Snail Shell 9 Vibrations 10 Volcanoes Be Still 11 Starting Right


Like many people, I struggled with health issues. After numerous accidents and injuries, from sports to traffic accidents, my body had aches and pains. The American diet didn’t support me in feeling well either. I was fortunate to receive The Reconnection© and learn how to meditate regularly with its frequency. Over a one year period of meditating, every pain in my body was gone. The only major issues remaining were my digestion and irregular heartbeats. Those would take a few more years and dietary improvements to heal. After removing refined sugar and GMO foods from my diet, I healed my digestion.

It didn’t matter how healthy I became, I was still affected by the energy in buildings. Stale air, mold, lack of sunlight and florescent lighting could affect me even after all of my deep relaxation and mending.

I know my body. I notice a remarkable improvement in my mood, breathing and overall vitality when I am outdoors surrounded by the natural world. I long to feel that same lift of my energy while I’m indoors.

One day I was meditating on the idea of geometry. I saw clear, vivid images of what Plato called the platonic solids, which are patterned measurements inside the earth. I could see that what effects one area of our planet creates effects across the globe as ii the grid of symmetrical shapes span the earth and connect the whole. I noted that the earth was similar to our bodies; if one area is sick, it weakens the rest. I learned about the chaos theory and fractal geometry, and then it all began to make more sense why the natural world is so beautiful.

Yet many people don't see it. We are destroying the rain forest, polluting the oceans, treating animals as objects, and valuing money over quality of life. In addition to the moral ramifications there are the physical effects on our bodies. It behooves us to respect our planet, which provides one hundred percent of our resources. When we neglect caring for Mother Earth, we mistreat our own bodies. What happens to her, impacts us.

Homes and buildings are an extension of the earth and a way for us to live within the shelter that earth’s resources provide. The builders of buildings have the opportunity to respect the earth by honoring nature andanimals in the process of design and construction, creating structures that are compatible with the resonate frequencies of fresh air, clean water and earth’s rhythms.

We can all do our part to support building as an extension of nature.

When we are in harmony with the planet, and our homes and buildings are in harmony, we thrive and feel more alive!

iii iv 1 Harmony is Contagious When the universe is in harmony with man, the eternal, we know it as truth, but we feel it as beauty.

~Tagore November 2006 was the first time that I touched the infinite and merged with all that is. I floated in a sea of bliss without edges and experienced the deepest peace of my entire life. This happened to me during a session of The Reconnection, which is a hands-off healing modality that balances the energy field of the body and connects the body’s field to every other field in the universe.

Two months after I received The Reconnection1, I began to change significantly. The things that used to be important to me; money, clients, recognition, and reputation, faded away. New priorities dominated my time; family, friends, fun, creativity. I opened my mind and heart and the universe began to whisper to me.

www.thereconnection.com Quiet whispers let me know that nothing caresses the senses as well as harmony. Art, great movies, beautiful music, people working well together, room colors balancing each other, musicians jamming in rhythm and dance teams stepping in sync are just a few of the ways the human senses are stroked by unity.

There are many ways to create harmony in your life. The more ways you experience harmony, the more ways you will improve your experience. When your environment is harmonious, you are more relaxed.

Nature is brilliant at creating this sensation. I love to spend time in nature because it feels so good. The forest sings in rhythmic pulsation with trees, animals, plants and birds all resonating together. Night creatures such as crickets, frogs, owls, and bats, synchronize like a well-conducted orchestra. You resonate with this feeling because you are intricately related to nature’s tempo. How strong is your connection with the planet?

Are you aware of her rhythms? Do you do your part to protect her resources and the lives of the animals, plants, insects and people who depend on her? Your relationship with the earth is a direct reflection of your self-respect.

Do you breathe well in nature, surrounded by the earth’s natural pulses, which beat at the same frequencies as your body?

These frequencies can soothe and comfort you.

Buildings have a different pace than nature. Compare how you feel spending eight hours in an office building without windows or fresh air, verses the day at the park for a family picnic or a long hike. It feels different inside an office building than it does in a park, just as it feels different to spend time in the mountains than it does to be in a large metropolitan city. The variations in frequency patterns are noticeable.

“Earthing” is a new buzz word that many people are talking about, even Dr. Oz. “Earthing” means being grounded to the earth. Science is learning that we are healthier when we spend time connected and grounded with our planet. 2 You and I benefit from natural sunlight, fresh air and contact with plants and animals. Walking barefoot on the beach or grass or walking through a park or forest path is highly beneficial to your health.

Water trickling over rocks, or waves running up the beach, releases negative ions that nourish and support the human body.

Being aware of the moon cycles, the seasons, and watching the birds migrate and respond to the environment helps to bring you into balance and harmony with the earth. When you are in coherence with nature, your own rhythms regulate;

including your parasympathetic nervous system. Your heart beat is more relaxed, oxygen and blood flow and your breathing is more productive when your body feels in tune with natural world.

Take a moment to recognize how you feel walking on the beach along the ocean, strolling on a path in the forest, swimming Dr. Oz on Earthing http://www.foodrenegade.com/earthingon-dr-oz/ in a lake, viewing wildlife, stroking your cat or dog or watching a hummingbird drink nectar. What are you feeling when the sunshine is bathing you and a soft breeze is caressing your face, or a small puppy is licking your fingers and then you watch it bouncing at play? Now compare those feelings to entering a school, an office building, or a gym.

The vibration of nature is slower than that of electronics and lighting in buildings. Your body feels relaxed when surrounded by the slower vibrations. I can sit around a campfire with friends for hours mesmerized by the glowing flames and chat until way past my bedtime. Sometimes I park myself by a lake to sunbathe or watch my sweetheart fish. The day could pass away while I rest there content as can be. But if I am in an airport with a two hour layover, I can’t wait to be somewhere else. I feel that I am wasting my time, and there are many places I would rather be. The intense vibrations in airports make me feel rushed, and I want to move fast. In nature I feel relaxed, as if I want to stop and soak up what is around me.

What causes the difference?

Buildings are quite valuable. They protect people from the weather. They provide comfort, safety, security and privacy.

Yet ideally, they also should feel harmonious to us.

Our human body synchronizes with frequency patterns around us, whether they are produced by the earth’s magnetic field or the sound of a rock band. Your normal heart and brain rhythms match the frequency pattern generated between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere. This frequency is known as the Schumann Resonance. It was discovered by the German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann. 3 The Schumann Resonance helps maintain natural human rhythms, such as hormone production, melatonin level, menstrual and sleep cycles. Astronauts became ill and unable to sleep in space while deprived of this vital frequency. Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig of Germany, known as the Father of Magnetic Therapy, convinced NASA to install the "Schumann Simulator," a magnetic pulse generator to mimic the Earth's frequency, and all shuttles are now equipped with this life balancing device to protect the health and life of the astronauts. 4 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schumann_resonances http://www.glcoherence.org/monitoring-system/earthrhythms.html http://sedonanomalies.weebly.com/schumann-resonance.html http://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/201200 00051_2011023798.pdf You can experience the same symptoms here on earth as the astronauts did in space when you do not receive this healthy earth frequency. To some degree, most modern buildings interrupt the Schumann Resonance and produce conflicting frequencies. The Schumann Resonance is disrupted by metal wiring, metal roofs, or the rebar used in reinforced concrete. A high-rise structure with thousands of pounds of wiring, computer equipment and electronic appliances generates a higher hertz than the Schumann Resonance.

Industrial plants or prisons, built from tons of reinforced concrete, disrupt this frequency from flowing in the structure, preventing the people inside from receiving enough of this lifeforce. These higher frequencies, generated by the electric currents and wireless transmissions, interfere with the natural vibrations so vital to human health. When you lack resonance with the natural rhythm of the earth’s frequencies, you feel drained, have headaches and experience negative emotions as your biorhythms become aligned with the building’s frequency instead of the earth’s.

Another frequency that influences our bodies is the earth’s magnetic field that is part of the polarity of north and south. This field is also very healing to the human body. Metals that interrupt the Schumann Resonance, interfere with this field as well. Just as a wireless internet signal is interrupted by wiring, metal and conflicting frequencies, so is the earth’s wireless transmissions.

Electrical wiring, reinforced concrete and large amounts of metal are new environments for humans to dwell within. For most of the duration of humanity, we lived outdoors and the structures we built consisted of natural materials without electric currents and wireless transmissions such as internet, television, radio and satellite. It has only been in the last one hundred years that human bodies have been subjected to new and constantly changing frequencies that were absent in most of our evolution.

Certainly people are adapting, but at what price? As we progress I will share with you how you can make your buildings compatible with your body and the earth.

The feeling of relaxation and harmony that you experience in nature can be created indoors by reconnecting the rhythms in your buildings with the natural frequency of the earth and our atmosphere. I learned how to remedy these frequency incompatibility issues and I will teach you how to build a grid to reconnect the Schumann Resonance and earth’s magnetic field to your home and work place.

The word reconnect is not uncommon in our everyday world. People say that they want to reconnect with an old friend.

Lovers want to reconnect with their original passion, a therapist wants a client to reconnect with their inner child, or you might choose to reconnect with family traditions. Connecting and reconnecting are part of life. Here I will apply the meaning as follows: to reconnect the energy in buildings with the natural rhythms of our planet and atmosphere. Literally the field of the building harmonizes with the magnetic field of the planet.

I will also teach you how to create a spiral to balance the magnetic field. With these vital frequencies in place, you will be surrounded by the vibrations needed to improve your well-being.

Products have been introduced in the marketplace that people can wear to mimic this type of magnetic field around a person and support the human body. There are Schumann Resonance devices of many types available for purchase on the Internet, all of which try to imitate the natural resonance. You can also create this field around yourself anytime you want, naturally, without wearing a device. I will teach you how.

Do you pay attention to how you feel from one setting to another? I suggest that you notice how a building’s vibrations makes you feel in contrast to how another space feels, or how an outdoor area affects you. When you pay close attention, you will notice that your own body’s vibrations might shift to match the vibrations of your surroundings. You also adjust to the vibrations of people around you, such as members of your family, friends and co-workers. Have you observed that when you spend time with co-workers you behave differently than you do when you are with your family? Your vibrations shift, depending on who you are with, and where you are. For example, you feel differently in a doctor’s office than you do in a bar.

When I am with my girlfriend Karen, we can talk about anything and everything. But when I am with my friend Janet, the conversation is more conservative. Janet and Karen have different vibrations, which translates into unique belief systems and personalities. When I spend time with my daughters, I am different than when I am spending time in a professional setting.

This might be called, “what is appropriate in society,” but the truth is it all stems from the vibration generated by the situation and the people involved. The vibration in buildings affects you in a similar way. You shift with your surroundings.

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