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US Code

(Unofficial compilation from the Legal Information Institute)



Please Note: This compilation of the US Code, current as of Jan. 4, 2012, has been prepared by

the Legal Information Institute using data from the U.S. House of Representatives, Office of the Law

Revision Counsel. It is not an official U.S. government publication. For more details please see:


Notes on this document: The content in this document is taken directly from the US Code, with the following exceptions: page headers and footers, page numbering, and all formatting are artifacts of this presentation.

Divider lines have been inserted between sections. The notes are set off by a vertical line and a larger left margin. The table of contents immediately following this title page is machine-generated from the headings in this portion of the Code. Commonly available fonts are used.

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§ 4501. Congressional statement of purpose 5 Part A - Development of a National Urban Policy 6 § 4502. Congressional findings and declaration of policy 6 § 4503. National Urban Policy Report 7 Part B - Development of New Communities 10 §§ 4511 to 4524. Repealed. Pub. L. 98–181, title IV, § 474(e), Nov. 30, 1983, 97 Stat.

§ 4525. Real property taxation 11 § 4526. Audit by Government Accountability Office 11 § 4527. General powers of Secretary 11 §§ 4528 to 4532. Repealed. Pub. L. 98–181, title IV, § 474(e), Nov. 30, 1983, 97 Stat.

- ii TITLE 42 THE PUBLIC HEALTH AND WELFARE NB: This unofficial compilation of the U.S. Code is current as of Jan. 4, 2012 (see http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/uscprint.html).



1. The Public Health Service [Mostly Repealed or Omitted, See Chapter 6A]...1 1A. The Public Health Service; Supplemental Provisions [Transferred or Omitted]...71

2. Sanitation and Quarantine...81

3. Leprosy [Repealed]...121 3A. Cancer [Repealed]...137

4. Viruses, Serums, Toxins, Antitoxins, etc. [Repealed]...141

5. Maternity and Infancy Welfare and Hygiene [Repealed]...161

6. The Children’s Bureau...191 6A. Public Health Service...201

7. Social Security...301 7A. Temporary Unemployment Compensation Program [Omitted]...1400

8. Low-Income Housing...1401 8A. Slum Clearance, Urban Renewal, and Farm Housing...1441 8B. Public Works or Facilities [Omitted]...1491 8C. Open-Space Land [Omitted or Repealed]...1500

9. Housing of Persons Engaged in National Defense...1501

10. Federal Security Agency [Transferred or Omitted]...1601

11. Compensation for Disability or Death to Persons Employed at Military, Air, and Naval Bases Outside United States...1651

12. Compensation for Injury, Death, or Detention of Employees of Contractors with United States Outside United States...1701

13. School Lunch Programs...1751 13A. Child Nutrition...1771

14. Development and Control of Atomic Energy [Transferred to Chapter 23]...1801

15. Disaster Relief [Repealed]...1851 15A. Reciprocal Fire Protection Agreements...1856 15B. Air Pollution Control [Transferred or Repealed]...1857

16. National Science Foundation...1861 16A. Grants for Support of Scientific Research [Repealed]...1891 16B. Contracts for Scientific and Technological Research...1900

17. Federal Employment Service [Transferred]...1901

18. Youth Medals...1921

19. Saline and Salt Waters [Repealed, Omitted, or Transferred]...1951 19A. Water Resources Research Program [Repealed]...1961 19B. Water Resources Planning...1962

20. Elective Franchise...1971 20A. Civil Rights Commission...1975

21. Civil Rights...1981 21A. Privacy Protection...2000aa 21B. Religious Freedom Restoration...2000bb 21C. Protection of Religious Exercise in Land Use and by Institutionalized Persons...2000cc 21D. Detainee Treatment...2000dd 21E. Privacy and Civil Liberties Protection and Oversight...2000ee 21F. Prohibiting Employment Discrimination on the Basis of Genetic Information...2000ff

22. Indian Hospitals and Health Facilities...2001

23. Development and Control of Atomic Energy...2011

24. Disposal of Atomic Energy Communities...2301

25. Federal Flood Insurance...2401

26. National Space Program [Repealed, Omitted, or Transferred]...2451 26A. National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program [Repealed or Transferred]...2486 26B. Biomedical Research in Space [Repealed or Transferred]...2487

27. Loan Service of Captioned Films and Educational Media for Handicapped...2491

28. Area Redevelopment Program [Omitted or Repealed]...2501

29. Juvenile Delinquency and Youth Offenses Control [Omitted]...2541

30. Manpower Development and Training Program [Repealed]...2571

31. Public Works Acceleration Program...2641

32. Third Party Liability for Hospital and Medical Care...2651

33. Community Mental Health Centers [Omitted, Transferred, or Repealed]...2661

34. Economic Opportunity Program...2701


NB: This unofficial compilation of the U.S. Code is current as of Jan. 4, 2012 (see http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/uscprint.html).

35. Programs for Older Americans...3001 35A. Community Service Employment for Older Americans [Repealed]...3061

36. Compensation of Condemnees in Development Programs [Repealed]...3071

37. Community Facilities and Advance Land Acquisition...3101

38. Public Works and Economic Development...3121

39. Solid Waste Disposal [Omitted or Repealed, See Chapter 82]...3251

40. Soil Information Assistance for Community Planning and Resource Development...3271

41. Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development Program...3301

42. Narcotic Addict Rehabilitation...3401

43. Department of Health and Human Services...3501

44. Department of Housing and Urban Development...3531

45. Fair Housing...3601

46. Justice System Improvement...3701

47. Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Control [Omitted or Repealed]...3801

48. Guarantees for Financing New Community Land Development [Repealed or Omitted]...3901

49. National Housing Partnerships...3931

50. National Flood Insurance...4001

51. Design and Construction of Public Buildings To Accommodate Physically Handicapped...4151

52. Intergovernmental Cooperation [Repealed, See Chapter 65 of Title 31]...4201 52A. Joint Funding Simplification [Repealed]...4251

53. Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations...4271

54. Cabinet Committee on Opportunities for Spanish-Speaking People [Omitted]...4301

55. National Environmental Policy...4321

56. Environmental Quality Improvement...4371

57. Environmental Pollution Study...4391

58. Disaster Relief [Repealed or Transferred]...4401

59. National Urban Policy and New Community Development...4501

60. Comprehensive Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation Program...4541

61. Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies for Federal and Federally Assisted Programs...4601

62. Intergovernmental Personnel Program...4701

63. Lead-Based Paint Poisoning Prevention...4801 63A. Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction...4851

64. Public Service Employment Programs [Omitted]...4871

65. Noise Control...4901

66. Domestic Volunteer Services...4950

67. Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment and Adoption Reform...5101

68. Disaster Relief...5121

69. Community Development...5301

70. Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards...5401

71. Solar Energy...5501

72. Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention...5601

73. Development of Energy Sources...5801

74. Nonnuclear Energy Research and Development...5901

75. Programs for Individuals With Developmental Disabilities [Repealed]...6000

76. Age Discrimination in Federally Assisted Programs...6101

77. Energy Conservation...6201

78. National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska...6501

79. Science and Technology Policy, Organization and Priorities...6601

80. Public Works Employment...6701

81. Energy Conservation and Resource Renewal...6801

82. Solid Waste Disposal...6901

83. Energy Extension Service...7001

84. Department of Energy...7101

85. Air Pollution Prevention and Control...7401

86. Earthquake Hazards Reduction...7701

87. Water Research and Development [Repealed or Transferred]...7801

88. Uranium Mill Tailings Radiation Control...7901

89. Congregate Housing Services...8001

90. Neighborhood and City Reinvestment, Self-Help and Revitalization...8101

91. National Energy Conservation Policy...8201

92. Powerplant and Industrial Fuel Use...8301


NB: This unofficial compilation of the U.S. Code is current as of Jan. 4, 2012 (see http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/uscprint.html).

93. Emergency Energy Conservation...8501

94. Low-Income Energy Assistance...8601

95. United States Synthetic Fuels Corporation [Omitted]...8701

96. Biomass Energy and Alcohol Fuels...8801

97. Acid Precipitation Program and Carbon Dioxide Study...8901

98. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Research and Development...9001

99. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion...9101

100. Wind Energy Systems...9201

101. Magnetic Fusion Energy Engineering...9301

102. Mental Health Systems...9401

103. Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability...9601

104. Nuclear Safety Research, Development, and Demonstration...9701

105. Community Services Programs...9801

106. Community Services Block Grant Program...9901

107. Consumer-Patient Radiation Health and Safety...10001

108. Nuclear Waste Policy...10101

109. Water Resources Research...10301 109A. Membrane Processes Research...10341 109B. Secure Water...10361

110. Family Violence Prevention and Services...10401

111. Emergency Federal Law Enforcement Assistance...10501

112. Victim Compensation and Assistance...10601

113. State Justice Institute...10701

114. Protection and Advocacy for Individuals With Mental Illness...10801

115. Child Development Associate Scholarship Assistance Program...10901

116. Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know...11001

117. Encouraging Good Faith Professional Review Activities...11101

118. Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias Research...11201

119. Homeless Assistance...11301

120. Enterprise Zone Development...11501

121. International Child Abduction Remedies...11601

122. Native Hawaiian Health Care...11701

123. Drug Abuse Education and Prevention...11801

124. Public Housing Drug Elimination...11901

125. Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Technology Competitiveness...12001

126. Equal Opportunity for Individuals With Disabilities...12101

127. Coordinated Services for Children, Youth, and Families...12301

128. Hydrogen Research, Development, and Demonstration Program...12401

129. National and Community Service...12501

130. National Affordable Housing...12701

131. Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS...12901

132. Victims of Child Abuse...13001

133. Pollution Prevention...13101

134. Energy Policy...13201

135. Residency and Service Requirements in Federally Assisted Housing...13601

136. Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement...13701

137. Management of Rechargeable Batteries and Batteries Containing Mercury...14301

138. Assisted Suicide Funding Restriction...14401

139. Volunteer Protection...14501

140. Criminal Justice Identification, Information, and Communication...14601 140A. Jennifer’s Law...14661

141. Commercial Space Opportunities and Transportation Services [Repealed or Transferred]...14701

142. Poison Control Center Enhancement and Awareness [Repealed]...14801

143. Intercountry Adoptions...14901

144. Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights...15001

145. Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor and Tributes...15201 145A. Law Enforcement Congressional Badge of Bravery...15231

146. Election Administration Improvement...15301

147. Prison Rape Elimination...15601

148. Windstorm Impact Reduction...15701

149. National Energy Policy and Programs...15801

150. National Aeronautics and Space Programs, 2005 [Repealed, Omitted, or Transferred]...16601

–  –  –




4501. Congressional statement of purpose.

Part A—Development of a National Urban Policy

4502. Congressional findings and declaration of policy.

4503. National Urban Policy Report.

Part B—Development of New Communities 4511 to 4524. Repealed.

4525. Real property taxation.

4526. Audit by Government Accountability Office.

4527. General powers of Secretary.

4528 to 4532. Repealed.

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