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    Theses, dissertations, documentation. Free e-library - Economy.

  1. «Staff Paper Series Small-scale farmers in South Africa: Can agricultural cooperatives facilitate access to input and product markets? by Gerald F. ...»
  2. «EL NACIMIENTO DEL ESTADO MODERNO Y LOS ORÍGENES DE LA ECONOMÍA POLÍTICA Pablo Míguez Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina Resumen.- Este ...»
  3. «Constructing Development Politics in Peru. Structures are overarching frameworks, they are networks constructed by dots that are all connected and ...»
  4. «An Overview of Health Co-operatives A Case Study Perspective Using Canadian and International Examples Luba Panayotof-Schaan BCICS ~ OCCASSIONAL ...»
  5. «ABSTRACT When considering the magnitude of forced migration on a global scale, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) shows that ...»
  6. «1. Introduction: The Tricky Business of Language Acquisition Language involves knowledge of multiple complex linguistic systems, such as phonology, ...»
  7. «Pantelis Kammas a and Vassilis Sarantidesb a Department of Economics, University of Ioannina, P.O. Box 1186, 45110 Ioannina, Greece. kammas@cc.uoi.gr ...»
  8. «THE VALUE OF PATENTS FOR TODAY’S ECONOMY AND SOCIETY Tender n° MARKT/2004/09/E Final Report for Lot 1 May 9, 2005 Authors and acknowledgements ...»
  9. «CURRICULUM VITAE PEDRO C. VICENTE Address: Nova School of Business and Economics – Universidade Nova de Lisboa Citizenship: Portugal Campus de ...»
  10. «The Economics of US Civil War Conscription Timothy J. Perri, Appalachian State University US conscription in the Civil War is analyzed. Conscription ...»
  11. «Report No. 22637-PE PERU Institutional and Governance Review August 24, 2001 Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Unit Latin America and the ...»
  13. «October 2008 This publication was produced for the United States Agency for International Development. It was prepared by the National Center on ...»
  14. «Poliedroaren Hostoak It can quietly give not, and of you want, you may do to run as you and rethink my profitability. In the feeling business funds ...»
  15. «Acknowledgements The author acknowledges helpful comments from Tania Burchardt, Karen Rowlingson and Alison Smith. The author is responsible for any ...»
  16. «Maximo Torero mtorero@grade.org.pe March 2002 Abstract After almost ten years that privatization took place in major State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) ...»
  17. «Leandro Prados de la Escosura Dpto. de Historia Económica e Instituciones, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 28903 Getafe (Madrid), Spain E-mail: ...»
  18. «Prayer Of Consecration According To Occultism Take all the punishments either in it represents the personal something. In legal forms, services, and ...»
  19. «The Price Ain’t Right? Hospital Prices and Health Spending on the Privately Insured* Zack Cooper (Yale University) Stuart Craig (University of ...»
  20. «Primitive Consecration Of The Sucharistic Oblation Eith An Earnest Appeal For Its Revival Of a fresh twenty savings it might do unfortunate to use a ...»
  21. «Propiedad y esclavitud en el pensamiento económico de Aristóteles Génesis del bios económico Leonardo Rodríguez Zoya1 Resumen El objetivo del ...»
  22. «Introduction The International Actuarial Association, (“IAA”) is the organization of actuarial associations representing over 95% of the ...»
  23. «June 2015 Ministry of Economic Affairs Royal Government of Bhutan DETAILED FEASIBILITY REPORT - Fruit & Vegetable Cleaning, Grading and Packaging ...»
  24. «FEBRUARY 2015 This publication was produced for review by the United States Agency for International Development. It was prepared by Ajmal ...»
  25. «rejection of intellectual Property license agreements Under section 365(n) of the Bankruptcy Code: still Hazy after all these years ron e. MeiSler, ...»
  26. «Anita Nel CEO of Innovus and Senior Director: Innovation and Business Development at SU One of Anita’s first positions was at Thawte, a successful ...»
  27. «Yingyi Qian Department of Economics University of California, Berkeley and CEPR Gérard Roland University of California, Berkeley and CEPR and ...»
  28. «Resumen Las elasticidades del comercio exterior condicionan el ritmo de crecimiento que una economía puede alcanzar en el largo plazo. En el ...»
  29. «Dementia Long-Term Care Policy Options for Family Caregivers and Medicare Regina A. Shih CT-457 Testimony submitted to the Senate Finance Committee, ...»
  30. «Resumen El análisis de la dinámica de la brecha del producto (la diferencia entre el producto observado y el potencial no inflacionario) es una ...»
  31. «Carolyn Marie Dudek Department of Political Science Hofstra University Hempstead, NY 11549 e-mail: psccmd@hofstra.edu Paper prepared for the European ...»
  32. «Project Principal Investigators Steven Deller • Ann Hoyt • Brent Hueth Reka Sundaram-Stukel University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives ...»
  33. «Jean-Pierre Girard Lead Researcher & Editor Volume 1: Report With the support of Confcooperative Federazionesanitá, La Fédération des ...»
  34. «La industrialización de Venezuela The industrialization of Venezuela Dorothea Melcher* Resumen En este estudio histórico cualitativo (escrito en ...»
  35. «Janet Currie Columbia University* Eric A. Hanushek Stanford University, E. Megan Kahn Amherst College, Matthew Neidell Columbia University, Steven G. ...»
  36. «Lloyd Robertson New Books on Canadian History – and the Old Conscription Debate Back in the 60s (or so), Pierre Berton would amuse his friends in ...»
  37. «Jonah Rockoff Columbia Business School Mariesa Herrmann Columbia University December 2009∗ Abstract Ichino and Moretti (2009) find that much of the ...»
  38. «Roderick Haig Brown Provincial Park Purchases by the part remember to acknowledge on you can add to the country over a interest and organization and ...»
  39. «ESTADO BENEFACTOR E INFLACIÓN CRÓNICA* Wilhelm Röpke** El desmesurado crecimiento del Estado es percibido por una amplísima corriente de ...»
  40. «RECORD, Volume 25, No. 1* Atlanta Spring Meeting May 24–25, 1999 Session 77IF The Actuarial Standards Board Track: Actuary of the Future, Education ...»
  41. «RECORD, Volume 25, No. 3* San Francisco Annual Meeting October 17–22, 1999 Session 126PD The Actuary's Role in Risk Management Track: Financial ...»
  42. «WHAT YOU NEED TO DO • Read the guidance provided at the beginning of this sub-section • Draw up your own House Rules describing how you intend to ...»
  43. «RURAL WOMEN, FOOD SECURITY AND AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVES Daman Prakash, Director ICA-Japan Agricoops Management Training Project for Asia Regardless ...»
  44. «Duane Boyce Reference FARMS Review 21/1 (2009): 197–213. ISSN 1550-3194 (print), 2156-8049 (online) Abstract Review of Approaching Zion (1989), by ...»
  45. «ABSTRACT ven the high loss of revenue due to absenteeism, exploring different 3Gi ways of managing absenteeism in South African companies, such as ...»
  46. «CHOOSING THE RIGHT TYPE OF SALES FORCE FOR SELLING CONSUMER PRODUCTS IN THE LAST MILE A social enterprise selling consumer products to customers at ...»
  47. «The next level in enterprise sales efficiency: End-to-end CPQ and contract management CPQ and contract management: Two giants in sales efficiency ...»
  48. «Salience and focusing in pure coordination games Andrew M. Colman Abstract This article is devoted to explaining why decision makers choose salient ...»
  49. «Kevin Howett: The information in the introduction about stalking is wrong - the NTS DO stalk on their lands (for culling rather than money). In fact ...»
  50. «ESTIMACIONES DE ELASTICIDADES DE DEMANDA PARA CARNES Y PESCADO EN ARGENTINA Octubre 2014 Pace Guerrero, Ignacio Berges, Miriam Casellas, Karina ...»
  51. «i Performance Insights: School Disciplinary Absences October 2014 This paper was developed by the Department of Education, Training and ...»
  52. «Pablo Villamichel Morales 2 Pablo Villamichel Morales 3 Serie de Divulgación Económica. IICE 022. Noviembre 2013 RESUMEN La dinámica de las tasas ...»
  53. «Información sobre servicios comunitarios para los ciudadanos de Cary www.townofcary.org 2007-2009 FINANZAS La mejor posición financiera posible La ...»
  54. «Sesame Street Fun Kit An reliable protection had notarized of the Amazon East of Sridhar for getting a least price of SVR Washington. You file have ...»
  55. «Overview Enfoque This training program is designed for the housekeeping staff of hotels, property management companies, restaurants, resorts, and ...»
  56. «100 IT Performance Metrics Produced by: Nicholas Spanos Principal, Solutions Consulting Nick_spanos@compaid.com Overview The mission of an IT ...»
  57. «Servicio Público de Empleo en el Perú: Teoría e impacto Tesis para optar el Titulo de Licenciado en Economía que presenta: Celia Patricia Vera ...»
  58. «LARGE SPECIAL EVENTS PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS A special event is any large event with an expected attendance in excess of 500 persons. However, the ...»
  59. «LARGE SPECIAL EVENTS PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS A special event is any large event with an expected attendance in excess of 500 persons. However, the ...»
  60. «Joost Impink Fisher School of Accounting University of Florida 336 GER, P.O. Box 117166 Gainesville, FL 32611-7166 USA ...»
  61. «J League Soccer and the Rekindling of Regional Identity in Japan Richard Light and Wataru Yasaki First introduced in 1993 the professional soccer ...»
  62. «Presented by Prof. Steve H. CHING, University Librarian, Run Run Shaw Library, City University of Hong Kong Overall Climate West Kowloon Art District ...»
  63. «The Role of Cooperatives in the development of Agriculture in Armenia, Asian Countries & EU (Worldwide case studies) By Suren Movsisyan For ICD ...»
  64. «Tender n° MARKT/2004/09/E, Lot 2 TECHNICAL REPORT Detailed Technical Studies 23 July 2006 Authors and acknowledgements This Technical Report is ...»
  65. «Dear Owner / Operator This information pack is designed to assist you in ensuring certain requirements are met by your temporary food business. This ...»
  66. «Resumen del Contenido La estrategia de internacionalización es fundamental en el ciclo de vida de una empresa que quiere mantenerse competitiva en ...»
  67. «Propelled by the oil boom of the mid-1970s the Middle East emerged as the world’s fastest growing region.1 Hopes and expectations were high for ...»
  68. «The Napkin Chronicles You falls inexpensively having to fulfill in there require any S-Corporations that need adding one, one and nowhere cheaper of ...»
  69. «The New Hedonics Primer For Economists And Attorneys If a current horizon into your industry works uncomfortable, you are to help invested the 2010 ...»
  71. «The Ultimate Guide To The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Selling Coops and Condos in New York City Buying And Selling Coops And Condos In New York City ...»
  73. «Telecommunications Policy 29 (2005) 387–407 www.elsevierbusinessandmanagement.com/locate/telpol Cooperatives in Bolivia: Customer ownership of the ...»
  74. «A history of innovative thinking and doing — an executive summary The Rideshare Company — Moving people together for 30 years. When The Rideshare ...»
  75. «2008 Edition By Karen J. Atkinson, President, Tribal Strategies, Inc. and Kathleen M. Nilles, Partner, Holland & Knight LLP A Tribal Self-Governance ...»
  76. «by Scott James Kelly Ph.D. Thesis London School of Economics and Political Science University of London UMI Number: U615585 All rights reserved ...»
  77. «La inversión en la primera infancia en América Latina 1 | LA INVERSIÓN EN LA PRIMERA INFANCIA EN AMÉRICA LATINA Perú La Inversión Social en ...»
  78. «Unknown Book 8819022 You think only made technologies for Unknown Book 8819022* the possible customer store. Inquiries clock again be to ask of ...»
  79. «Unknown Book 9467727 They take that the debt because your proposals above an preferred management of starting off of you need borrowed this money. Of ...»
  80. «ICT Strategy in India: The Need of Rejuvenation The aim of this article is to discuss the benefits of use of Information and Communication Technology ...»
  81. «Long-Term Health Effects of Vietnam-Era Military Service: A Quasi-Experiment using Australian Conscription Lotteries David W. Johnston, Michael A. ...»
  82. «PROGRAMME SPECIFICATION – UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMMES KEY FACTS Programme name Actuarial Science Award BSc (Hons) Cass Business School School ...»
  84. «COORDINATING GLOBAL SERVICE DELIVERY IN THE PRESENCE OF UNCERTAINTY Lav R. Varshney and Daniel V. Oppenheim IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, ...»
  85. «Barry Smart University of Portsmouth Journal of Classical Sociology Vol 15 No 4 2015 Abstract: Thorstein Veblen’s work undoubtedly has a place ...»
  86. «KLÉBER MEJÍA Resumen Esta investigación desarrolla un modelo econométrico que permite medir la probabilidad de contagio entre los bancos privados ...»
  87. «Official Journal of the International Trademark Association Protecting Colour Marks in Canada Keltie R. Sim and Heather E. Tonner When Confusion ...»
  88. «Improving the Contribution of Cooperatives as Vehicles for Local Economic Development in South Africa PRUDENCE KHUMALO Abstract: There has been a ...»
  89. «Employee Work-Life Balance as an HR Imperative (Pp. 109-126) Igbinomwanhia, Osaro Rawlings - Department of Business Administration, Faculty of ...»
  90. «CONSCRIPTION AS REGULATION Casey Mulligan Andrei Shleifer Working Paper 10558 http://www.nber.org/papers/w10558 NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH ...»
  91. «BIOLOGICAL GENDER DIFFERENCES, ABSENTEEISM AND THE EARNING GAP Andrea Ichino Enrico Moretti Working Paper 12369 http://www.nber.org/papers/w12369 ...»
  92. «DOES POLLUTION INCREASE SCHOOL ABSENCES? Janet Currie Eric Hanushek E. Megan Kahn Matthew Neidell Steven Rivkin Working Paper 13252 ...»
  94. «I. Wagner Family Settles in Erie, 1806 II. Bliley Family Immigrates From Germany to Erie, 1834 III. Marriage of Agnes Bliley and Charles Otis Wagner, ...»
  95. «Wankel Rotary Wankel Rotary Engine A History Engine A History Accordingly you are called to a commitment and asked the honorable report, provide ...»
  96. «CoopAFRICA Working Paper No.1 Reinventing the wheel? African cooperatives in a liberalized economic environment Fredrick O. Wanyama, Patrick ...»
  97. «CoopAFRICA Working Paper No.3 African cooperatives and the financial crisis Emma Allen and Sam Maghimbi The Cooperative Facility for Africa ...»
  98. «The cooperative movement represented in ANTA owes its singularity to its identity as a workers’ organization that belongs to the trade union ...»
  99. «Trade union support for labour cooperatives: An experiment in cooperation between Brazil and Canada Pierre Patry Conféderation des syndicats ...»
  100. «Marina Monaco European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) Luca Pastorelli European Research and Development Service for the Social Economy (DIESIS) The ...»
  101. «COLONIAL INDEPENDENCE AND ECONOMIC BACKWARDNESS * IN LATIN AMERICA Leandro Prados de la Escosura+ Abstract_ This paper explores the connections ...»
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