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    Theses, dissertations, documentation. Free e-library - Economy.

  1. «ARKANSAS 1 Project $474,905 from FHLBank Atlanta in grant equity, leveraging total development of $8,041,384 46 rental units funded The Lofts at ...»
  2. «Eco-Efficiency: Environmental Performance vs Economic Performance Antonio Arbelo, Pilar Pérez-Gómez, Felipe Manuel Rosa-González, Libertad Ramos ...»
  3. «MEXICO’S 2013 ENERGY REFORM: TOWARDS ENERGY TRANSITION? Authors: Daniel Iglesias Márquez, Beatriz Felipe Pérez. Centre for Environmental Law in ...»
  4. «Nina Singh Mapping Metropolises in India AbstrAct This paper attempts to examine a specific parameter of Indian urbanisation with focus on ...»
  5. «Attendance at FGSR Council – January 20, 2015 Department Council Rep GSA Representatives Biochemistry, David Stuart Colin More, GSA President ...»
  6. «July 1995 HIGHWAY SIGNS Conversion to Metric Units Could Be Costly GAO/RCED-95-156 United States GAO General Accounting Office Washington, D.C. 20548 ...»
  7. «© Investigaciones Regionales. 8 – Páginas 143 a 161 Sección NOTAS Efectos desbordamiento de la inversión en infraestructuras en las regiones ...»
  8. «The designations employed and the presentation of the material in this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part ...»
  9. «ABSTRACT A public choice perspective on a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) falls to capture the essentially political logic of the ...»
  10. «OECD Working Papers on Insurance and Private Pensions, No. 1, OECD Publishing. doi:10.1787/274307371724 OECD Working Papers on Insurance and Private ...»
  12. «Challenging the Norms and Standards of Election Administration: External and Absentee Voting*1 Jeremy Grace *Chapter published in Challenging the ...»
  14. «Rodrigo García Arancibia1 García Arancibia, R. (2013). Curvas de Engel de alimentos fuera del hogar según circunstancia de consumo. el caso de ...»
  15. «Abstract : This paper challenges the notion that consensus defined as 'agreement in opinion' is at the heart of the theory of social representations. ...»
  16. «Introduction I do not want anybody to ever be hurt by my [15001-15100]site—physically. . . . I don’t give a fuck about emotionally. Deal with it. ...»
  17. «La gestión contable de los inmovilizados tangibles públicos en los pronunciamientos internacionales * ENRIQUE J. BUCH GÓMEZ ROBERTO CABALEIRO ...»
  18. «POPPER Y MISES SOBRE LA PRAXEOLOGÍA* Rogelio Tomás Pontón** Resumen: Se analiza en este ensayo la posición metodológica de Karl Popper y Ludwig ...»
  19. «ABSTRACT A new inflationary memory indicator was developed and applied here to deal the hysteresis viewed in the money demand data for the Bolivian ...»
  20. «Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung 2011 Transmission Investment in the Peruvian Electricity Market Theory and Applications Erix Ruiz and ...»
  21. «Philip Arestis* Universidad de Cambridge Resumen En las últimas dos décadas ha surgido un Nuevo Consenso en Macroeconomía (NCM), que pasó a ser ...»
  22. «PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS 22-24 September 2005 Olbia, Italy ARGENTINA Mr. Daniel Deodato Minister Counsellor Embassy of Argentina in Italy Piazza ...»
  23. «Sector automotriz: crisis internacional y repercusiones internas en España Automotive Industry: International Crisis and Domestic Repercussions for ...»
  24. «This mini-workshop is free and contains no affiliate links, no filler and no sales messages. So relax, sit back, and enjoy the ride. © 2009 ...»
  25. «ON BECOMING AN ACTUARY OF THE THIRD KIND STEPHEN P. D'ARCY Abstract The growing importance of investment performance in insurance operutions, the ...»
  26. «Content: 9. Adhesive bonding 9.0 Introduction 9.0.1 Adhesive joints 9.0.2 Benefits of adhesive bonding 9.0.3 Adhesive bonding in the automotive ...»
  27. «Crecimiento económico y cambio estructural: una revisión de los hechos estilizados de Kuznets Economic Growth and Structural Change: A Review of ...»
  28. «william d. eggers & Paul macmillan Harvard Business review Press Praise for The Solution Revolution “We know that governments can’t afford to do ...»
  29. «Governance Architecture Transition + Risk Strategy Design Infrastructure CSF KPI Metrics SDP Requirements CSI Operation Services Tools Processes + ...»
  30. «FINANCE COMMITTEE Hundred and Fifty-sixth Session Rome, 3 - 7 November 2014 Selection and Appointment Process for United Nations Resident ...»
  31. «1. The application of 14/03/2015 adhered to the requirements of the EQAR Procedures for Applications. 2. The Register Committee considered the ...»
  32. «Beyond Rosenstein-Rodan: The Modern Theory of Coordination Problems in Development Karla Hoff Abstract. The theme of this article is the importance ...»
  33. «Absentee Voting Minn. Stat., ch. 203B; Minn. Rules, ch. 8210 HOUSE RESEARCH Absentee voting allows a voter who is unable to appear at his or her ...»
  34. «Actuarial Science Program at the University of Connecticut !! What is an actuary? Although actuarial science was started in England over 200 years ...»
  35. «Abstract An extensive literature discusses the existence of a virtuous circle of expectations that might lead communities to Pareto-superior states ...»
  36. «Asian Economic and Financial Review, 2015, 5(5):747-756 Asian Economic and Financial Review ISSN(e): 2222-6737/ISSN(p): 2305-2147 journal homepage: ...»
  37. «Erdi Aksoy Master of Business Administration University of Twente July 2015 The influence of HRM as a process on absenteeism “Exploring the ...»
  38. «Aleutian Interval Appointing to an service rebounded in the Annuity Federal Manual Chancellor of 52, HVAC is Aleutian Interval 30 settlement of a ...»
  39. «Heating & General Cooking Instructions & Guidelines for Food General Guidelines for heating & how to calculate needs: Dinner Rolls: The best way to ...»
  40. «Editor Edward Altman NYU Stern School of Business Contributors: Herbert Rijken Matthew Watt Vrije University of Amsterdam RiskMetrics Group Dan Balan ...»
  41. « ...»
  42. «The Bottom Line: Companies can assess their supply chain health using just three key metrics: demand forecast accuracy, Perfect Order fulfillment, ...»
  43. «The Far Side of Leadership: Rather Difficult to Face John Antonakis Faculty of Business and Economics University of Lausanne. Internef 618 CH-1015 ...»
  44. «Aoife Keane A dissertation presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for MA in Human Resources Management National College of Ireland ...»
  45. «Prepared by Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre (APERC) The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan Inui Bldg.-Kachidoki 11F, 1-13-1 Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, ...»
  46. «An approach to the informal sector in Vietnamese metropolises: From the knowable towards the unknown Patrick Gubry, IRD, UMR201, University Paris ...»
  47. «Abstract The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of soft computing applications in actuarial science. Soft computing (SC) refers to ...»
  48. «Paper to be presented at the conference “Understanding the institutional trajectory of Latin American development” London School of Economics, ...»
  49. «Octavio Groppa * RESUMEN El trabajo analiza diferentes modalidades de emisión del dinero para relacionarlos con la noción de reciprocidad. ...»
  50. «EL COBRE CHILENO Y LA POLÍTICA MINERA Patricio Meller. Abstract En este artículo se proporciona una breve síntesis histórica de este tema para ...»
  51. «autocaravanas norte autocaravanas norte Autocaravanas Norte Concesionario en Autocaravanas Norte en Vitoria Gasteiz (Alava), Autocaravanas, Carvanas ...»
  52. «Mariana Becerril-Chavez Katharyn Lindemann Jack Mayernik Joe Ralbovsky The Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs Syracuse University June ...»
  53. «Attachment 3 – Made Public by the Board of Health on May 9, 2011 Toronto Food Policy Council 2011 Membership Update May 9, 2011 Date: Board of ...»
  54. «Riverdale Farm Business Plan Submitted by the Riverdale Farm Coalition (Photos courtesy of George Rust-D'Eye) Contents Executive Summary Riverdale ...»
  55. «Abstract The primary challenge for an urban bus system is to maintain constant headways between successive buses. Most bus systems try to achieve ...»
  56. «Abstract Una parte significativa de las actividades económicas de las principales comunidades asiáticas en España (china, india, pakistaní, ...»
  57. «ESPON 2013 1 This report presents the draft final results of an Targeted Analysis Project conducted within the framework of the ESPON 2013 Programme, ...»
  58. «ESPON 2013 1 This report presents the draft final results of an Targeted Analysis Project conducted within the framework of the ESPON 2013 Programme, ...»
  59. «Simon Bilo† Department of Economics Department of Economics George Mason University New York University (visiting) Abstract The paper explains the ...»
  60. «Forthcoming in Spanish translation in Alejandro Foxley and Barbara Stallings, eds., Desarrollo Inclusivo, Innovación y Productividad: Desafíos para ...»
  61. «California Enterprise Development Authority REGULAR MEETING ***TELECONFERENCE MEETING NOTICE and AGENDA*** LOCATIONS LISTED BELOW 10:30 A.M. ...»
  62. «3. Approve the California PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) Energy Efficiency and Job Creation Program for California Enterprise Development ...»
  63. «In confidence BCB(14)3rd meeting Tuesday 10 June 2014 MINUTES Present Vernon Ellis Chair Martin Bean Aled Eirug Pamela Gillies Rohan Gunatillake Sue ...»
  64. «Universidad Autónoma de Manizales – CRECE – Universidad de Manizales Manizales Abril 2014 Volumen 6 Nº 16 ISSN 2027-3967 Contenido .. Notas e ...»
  65. «(Resumen) Este trabajo aborda el tema de los llamados “motores del crecimiento”, donde las explicaciones se relacionan mas estrechamente con la ...»
  66. «Trabajo de Solvencia y liquidez fin de grado del sector bancario Julia Budiño Veiga Tutora: Esther Alicia Barros Campello Grado en Administración y ...»
  67. «OCTOBER’S NAVY CASH SAILOR OF THE MONTH PS2 (SW/AW) Tina Newkirk of USS NIMITZ, has been named Navy Cash Sailor of the Month for October 2008. PS2 ...»
  68. «WHAT YOU NEED TO DO • Read the guidance provided at the beginning of this sub-section • Draw up your own House Rules describing how you intend to ...»
  69. «Volume Title: Social Security Pension Reform in Europe Volume Author/Editor: Martin Feldstein and Horst Siebert, editors Volume Publisher: University ...»
  70. «Volume Title: International Policy Coordination and Exchange Rate Fluctuations Volume Author/Editor: William H. Branson, Jacob A. Frenkel, and Morris ...»
  71. «Volume Title: Coordination and Information: Historical Perspectives on the Organization of Enterprise Volume Author/Editor: Naomi R. Lamoreaux and ...»
  73. «Can Coordinating Contracts Improve Channel Efficiency? Ernan Haruvy School of Business, University of Texas and Dallas, Richardson, TX 75080 ...»
  74. «Comentarios: Juan Otero Alejandro Coronado Jorge Patiño ∗ Economista Principal de Investigación del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID). 48 ...»
  75. «NOTA ACLARATORIA: El material que aquí se presenta es una versión preliminar (y por lo tanto sujeta a revisión) de un proyecto de más largo ...»
  76. «3. Approve Resolution 12-02 of the California Enterprise Development Authority Authorizing and Approving a Loan Agreement Pursuant to which the ...»
  77. «Regional Costa Rica El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Nicaragua REGIONAL Acuña Ortega, V. H. (1995). Autoritarismo y democracia en Centroamérica: la ...»
  78. «Joost Impink Warrington College of Business Administration University of Florida 336 GER, P.O. Box 117166 Gainesville, FL 32611-7166 USA ...»
  79. «To understand the importance of recent changes in the PRD, I place them in a larger context, that is, China’s and international context. In this ...»
  80. «CHEMICAL ENGINEERING INNOVATION IN FOOD PRODUCTION “If the grass on the other side of the fence appears greener . . . it must be all the fertilizer ...»
  81. «Resumen La caída sostenida del precio de los bienes de equipo, relativo al de los bienes de consumo, se interpreta como una manifestación de ...»
  82. «¨Las reformas urbanas son un espejo de la Redistribución de la riqueza en China¨. Wang Hui Resumen. China ha experimentado un crecimiento ...»
  83. «Richard Becker - Director (jrb.cna.bod@gmail.com) Jesus Inguanzo - Director (ing.cna.bod@gnail.com) Stan Klein - Director (sfk.cna.bod@gmail.com) ...»
  84. «Activity Safety Guidelines are the result of a recommendation from the 2009/10 government review of risk management and safety in the adventure and ...»
  85. «article2014 Article Organization & Environment 2014, Vol. 27(3) 279–296 Ride On! Mobility Business © 2014 SAGE Publications Reprints and ...»
  87. «Brussels, 28.3.2008 COM(2008) 159 final 2008/0064 (COD) C6-0151/08 Proposal for a DECISION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL concerning ...»
  88. «Connected and Sustainable Mobility Written specifically for Connected Urban Development Global Conference 2008—Amsterdam Authors Jayes Kim Tony Kim ...»
  89. «Oxford University Press is collaborating with JSTOR to digitize, preserve and extend access to The Quarterly Journal of Economics. ...»
  90. «Contents: Abstract 1. Introduction 2. Modelling Task Coordination as Attribute Matching 3. M-form vs. U-form 4. Generalization 5. Conditions for the ...»
  91. «Pro Tempore Presidency Permanent Mission of Costa Rica to the United Nations Statement of the Permanent Mission of Costa Rica to the United Nations ...»
  92. «Course In Modern Production Methods About the home is to try the other job by realizing already new of very offering mobile people that can else find ...»
  93. «July 2, 2004 Credit Ratings as Coordination Mechanisms Abstract In this paper, we provide a novel rationale for credit ratings. The rationale that we ...»
  94. «86 Ordinary Council Meeting 22 July 2013 REF: CM165/13 File: ESP-100.03.023 CROWN STREET AND INNER CITY BUILDING FACADE ITEM 8 REJUVENATION PROGRAM ...»
  95. «Abstract We believe that separation of economic decisions from feasibility decisions is a necessity for achieving organizational goals in a timely ...»
  96. «Richard E. Feinberg DiciEmbRE 2012 i L a N u eva Eco n o m ía Cu ban a : ¿Q u é Rol es Cu m p l i rá l a I nve rs i on Ex t ra n j e ra? ...»
  97. «State Water Resources Control Board Division of Financial Assistance (Division) 1001 I Street • Sacramento, California 95814 • (916) 341-5700 FAX ...»
  98. «COMPORTAMIENTO HETEROCEDÁSTICO ENTRE RENTABILIDAD Y RIESGO Manuel Núñez Nickel* y Manuel Cano Rodríguez** Resumen Varios artículos, desde la ...»
  99. «State Water Resources Control Board Division of Financial Assistance (Division) 1001 I Street • Sacramento, California 95814 • (916) 341-5700 FAX ...»
  100. «Development Cooperation Policy Branch Department of Economic and Social Affairs United Nations December 2014 Table of Contents Introduction ...»
  101. «Resumen En este trabajo se presentan los determinantes y el impacto de los flujos de Inversión Extranjera Directa. Entre los determinantes se ...»
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